How to secure mobile devices

Mobile phones are the tiny things and it is common that one can forget them at some place or can even leave them UN attended at some places. But, one can have much information in the mobile phones, especially if the email has been set at the mobile phones. SO one might find many credential information's at one's mobile device. The mobiles are exposed to some significant security threats, since they are mobile so they can be taken everywhere. Hence, one should start thinking about how to make them become secured as well. Following are some ways which can help someone full this condition;

Passcode locks:

The best security which a mobile device can have some of the passcode. It is a lock and when the mobile has to be unlocked; one would have to enter some pass lock. This way, if one forgets the phone somewhere and then someone else comes to pick that up, then they won't be able to gain access to it no matter how much they try. The reason is that there would be some passcode which would protect the data from getting stolen. So, one would be able to access the data only if he knows the passcode. The strength of the passcode entirely depends on the user. User itself can make it become some 4 digits code or can even make it become some phrase he likes. Also, there are some devices which require the finer swipe and hence the password is set up. There is some amazing feature which is by the passcode. That is, that if someone tried to unlock the phone so much and he cannot do that, then he would be charged some penalty after some failed attempts. Let's say, an iOS allows someone to do that for 10 attempts and after that if someone isn't able to put in the right swipe code, then one can configure the phone for the waiting for the 0 failed attempts. If someone gets the attempts failed, then the phone will automatically deflect all the things which are on it, and one might not be able to get access to that phone ever again. Hence, one can be sure that if someone is trying to break into the phone, then everything would be simply erased and the hacker won't get any access to the phone data anymore. The android's security is even tougher. There one would have to give some Gmail account username and the password if someone wants to have access to something. Hence, it becomes an easy thing for the sure to secure the phone and a difficult thing for some hacker because guessing the username and the password can be more difficult than guessing some pattern.

Remote wipes

This one is yet another application which helps one having the wipe ability to get locked or unlocked remotely. This is actually done by the cloud.

Locator applications

One doesn't really like the loosing of the mobile phones; there is some technology which is inside the phone. That amazing technology is known as the GPS. It is built in the most of the mobile devices and it is something so useful that one should know that how this magical thing works. The GPS stands for the Global Positioning System. If someone loses the phone, and the GPS is enabled, then the GPS would help finding out that where the phone location is. There is some integrated map and it can give some idea where the phone can be located. Also, there are many of the locations which can be the Wi-Fi or the triangulation of thee mobile phone providers and the antennas which can also help someone having the idea and it can bring one closer to the phone location. Also, the icon is appeared on some map through which one can easily know that where the phone can be located. One can also use this ability in the home as well. One can open up the browser and can open the front end map; then the sound should be played. Then, the mobile would ring so loud, even if it has been on some mute. Then, it would create some noise and one would be able to know by following the noise that where the phone is and the message would be appears on the screen.

Also one can simple tell that one cannot find the phone hence he wants all of is data to be erased on the phone. Everything which is there on the phone would be nuked and hence everything will go away along with some personal data that one have had on the mobile.

Remote backup applications

An amazing thing that can have is the remote backup application. Someone can also back up the phone from the other computer. The backup here is very important. The reason is that if something is might happen to the computer, one can do one thing, he can back up the data before and can save it so that after theft when he buys some new cell, he can use the same settings on that phone as well. The reason why someone should do that is that the wireless device is moved to all places. If someone tried to know the location of the cell through the GPS, then it may happen that it would keep changing locations because the wireless would move along it too. So basically one can easily say that the using the GPS is useful but not when the hacker and the thief are on some move. Another great thing here is the backup of the data. It is different than the traditional once since this back up is actually done on the cloud. There are many services which can be found by one and they would allow one to back everything up there. Hence one can store it too when one is moving around all the day long. This is like a constant back up. One would not have to manually push some buttons hence giving the order for the backup, instead, one doesn't even have to remember that he has some back there are the cell, and the intelligent system would do it for the user. Hence the backup would always get updated constantly with the latest information that is there. If one can see that there are no wires, then one doesn't have to take it to some computer. One won't even have to back up the files y hand after plugging in to the computer. One would do it remotely while using the wires connection which is being used by one all the times.

There comes some great advantage that is that if someone loses the device, and then makes a decision about buying some new one, then one would easily get it configured on the cloud. It will automatically start the downloading of the information that is present there. It is going to take some of the time and the downloading would be done and everything would become as it was needed. So one can trust the back up and he cloud and can be sure that if something happens to the mobile, one can always back it up. Also, that one can have all the information back on the cell no matter if the data has been erased from there. The backup mostly never is done on the front end. It is mostly done at the back end. When it's all uploaded then it would become so easy for the sure since now he can just simply buy the new phone and he can apply those settings there. Hence by the left he will be able to see the most precious thing that might be the data he has. There are some millions of the devices which are located out there in the work. The hackers know so well that everyone loves outing some confidential information for their own convenience. Also they information which is being exchanged might be so important if it is the cell of some company's important employee or some business man. They have created the malware which can get into the phone and then can extract all of the information they have and can put them to the hands of the hackers. That is the place where the iOS and the Android have some different characteristics which are there to save the windows.

Failed login attempts restrictions

The mobiles phones have the failed attempt restrictions. If one tries to attempt the password and it gets failed again and again, then after every 4-5 they give the time of a few minutes after which it can be accessed again and if it is more, then it becomes locked. In apply I the attempts are more than 10, then the phone is locked and everything is erased automatically.


There are many antiviruses which are available for h cell phones as well, just like for the desktop and the laptop. One can download them either from their original websites or from the app store or googly play and hence the scan can be run to identify the various viruses which can be there in one cell.

Patching/OS updates

The iOS has some very different environment and the applications. They don't allow someone to put up any of the third part software's on the device and download them from anywhere. Hence the environment is much closed one. Al the things can simply be downloaded from apply store and they all are tested and checked applications. Hackers cannot access the apple store and they won't even be able to do that scene the security is too high so one can be very sure while downloading application from there. Same is the case with the Google play. It allowed downloading the third party software but they highly recommend that the Google play store is sued for the downloading of applications since it might become some problem if the virus or the malware comes into the phone. The disadvantage that android has is that is pretty open source. It is advantage when it comes to the amendments but for security reason that is bad. One can browse through any website and can download the application one wants and the device allows running it in to as well. It means that someone who doesn't know might also be downloading the malware and can get it run on the malware. So the finding way into the android is pretty easy for the viruses.

But the great thing is that the OS run on something which is like sandbox. Not all things can get into the real OS. The contacts etc. cannot get accessed unless and until one has the application which can be used for the access to them or the user itself doesn't allow someone to have them. So even if someone has downloaded and have run them on the malware still he can be happy that contacts are going to remain same. Also there is something which is the security problem, then the manufacturer has created the paths and hence one can simply update one's operating system. Like mentioned before, rootkits stay at the files where they can't be detected but updating OS can help same is the case of the mobile phones, the updating can help it a lot. Hence, that is something new feature and one should be able to take advantage of these features which are new. One would just have to update the OS and it is something easy and anyone there can do that. Because once a hacker knows that there is some soft spot, they are going to attack on it and they will take advantage of that as well. Hence there should not be a delay while updating the OS.

So there is one thing which one should be keeping in the mind that the mobiles device can have some very important data as well and it should be taken care of as the one takes care of the desktop computer since if it doesn't happen, then one can be sure his information would go away and it can do some major damage to someone.


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