Oracle: Earn a New Certification to Become Oracle Exadata X5 Administrator

By | September 28, 2016

oracle, new exam, it certificationThere are not so many royal roads in our life, and, as the saying goes, “no cross, no crown.” But earning the Oracle Certified Expert, Oracle Exadata X5 Administrator certification will help you break new ground, and you’ll easily become a certified specialist. But this will come true only in case that you demonstrate brilliant knowledge, mastery of your subject and skills in Exadata specific database administration, ASM administration, Network administration, and Linux administration.

Are you fluent in installing an Exadata Database Machine? Do you understand how to administer it? If your answer sounds as “Sure! I do!”, this Oracle certification exam is for you. But if your answer is negative, does it mean you should give up and capitulate? Certainly not. No fear!

All you need is a strong wish for achieving the certification. Prepare for the exam gaining thorough knowledge of Exadata specific concepts and implementation details including Database Machine Architecture, First Time Deployment, Patching, Smart Storage Operations, Storage Indexes, the I/O Resource Manager, Smart Scan, Exadata specific monitoring, Tuning, Backup and Recovery considerations and migration to Exadata. Perhaps you’ll have to work hard, even sweat your guts out, but it’s worth it.

Has this news changed your plans? Are you ready to try your hand at earning a new Oracle certification? Look here for more information.

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