Exam Retirement Update: What’s Retiring in July 2016?

By | September 28, 2016

microsoft, retired exams, it certificationsIf you plan to take any of Microsoft certification exams, it’s always better to get added evidence it’s out of the retirement list. One should take into account following question: how much longer will this credential exist? The most distinct expression of this question comes from how long the exam will remain available. As Microsoft gets rid of the exam, why lead yourself to exhaustion and buy books, pass trainings, spend time practicing exams? If your efforts are vain, they will bring you nothing but disappointment.

That’s why we write lots of overviews concerning this topic. By the way, Microsoft has recently pushed out a list of its noteworthy retiring exams, making it possible for IT professionals to plan their further schedule of exams and certifications. Here you can see a list of the exams retired:

  • 70-573: TS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application Development
  • 70-576: PRO: Designing and Developing Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Applications
  • 70-667: TS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Configuring
  • 70-668: PRO: Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Administrator
  • 70-432: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Implementation and Maintenance
  • 70-448: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Business Intelligence Development and Maintenance
  • 70-457: Transition Your MCTS on SQL Server 2008 to MCSA: SQL Server 2012, Part 1
  • 70-458: Transition Your MCTS on SQL Server 2008 to MCSA: SQL Server 2012, Part 2
  • 70-511: TS: Windows Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4
  • 70-513: TS: Windows Communication Foundation Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4
  • 70-515: TS: Web Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4
  • 70-516: TS: Accessing Data with Microsoft .NET Framework 4
  • 98-379: Software Testing Fundamentals

Because the last thing anyone wants is to bone up for an exam that disappears before it can be taken, this is great information and well worth tuning into any time you engage in certification selection or planning.

In point of fact, it would be preferable practice for IT companies all over the world to notify candidates in advance if any of certification exams is going to be excluded from the program. It would apparently help IT professionals organize their time more effectively and escape upsetting situations.

As technologies change, Microsoft adds new exams and updates or retires older ones. It’s essential to provide at least 6 months’ notice before the retirement to give candidates a chance to finish earning their it certification.

It is also important to realize that even if an exam that is part of a certification you earned is retired, your certification is valid nevertheless. When an exam you passed is retired, the exam record remains on your transcript. If you’re working toward a certification that includes one of the exams listed for retirement, please be sure to take the exam prior to the retirement date. Allow time for a resitting an examination if you need it.

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