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Android Certifications and Exams Review

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  • October 11, 2016
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android, exams, it certificationsAndroid™ ATC gives IT professionals an opportunity to pass online exams for its courses by means of its partners and Pearson VUE testing center. Candidates who are expected to earn any Android certification can take Android ATC exams only at authorized training centers or any Pearson VUE authorized testing center throughout the world.

Below you may see a list of the exams:

  • Training Skills for Android ATC Certified Trainer (AND-400)
  • Android Application Development (AND-401)
  • Monetize Android Applications (AND-403)
  • Android Security Essentials (AND-402)

How can I prepare for an exam?

There are different ways of preparing for any of the Android exams to obtain a certification. First of all, you are suggested to make use of online self-study guides that are available at the following page. But one shouldn’t rely upon self-trainings only. Study for the exams with special Android training courses! To locate a training center near you, please use the following form.

In spite of the exams being complicated, you shouldn’t break your back to earn a certification. All you need is regular review of the material learned and a lot of practice. Now, let’s look at the exams themselves.

AND-400: Training Skills for Android ATC Certified Trainer Exam

It’s typical of such exams to verify candidates’ training and communication skills. If your immediate aim is to become a certified trainer, this exam is obviously for you.
The exam contains 45 multiple-choice questions with a 70 % passing score. Questions cover the content of the E-Book, in addition to some simple IQ questions (Multiple choices). It will be easy to pass this exam if you read the E-Book.

AND-401: Android Application Development Exam

According to Android ATC, questions of this exam are based on the content of “Android Application Development” course. To check the course’s outline, kindly visit this link: AND-401 course outline

In order to become an Android certified application developer (and to achieve this certificate and the Android certified application developer ID card), you have to pass the Android application development exam. The exam completed with a passing grade, you will earn the “Android Certified Application Developer” certificate by mail with the ID card no later than 4 weeks from the exam date.

AND-402: Android Security Essentials Exam

Don’t be out of the race when you start preparing for this exam. Its questions are based on the content of “Android Security Essentials” course. To check the course’s outline, you can use this link: AND-402 course outline.

AND-403: Monetize Android Applications

Questions of this exam are based on the content of “Monetize Android Applications” course. To check the course’s outline, refer to this link: AND-403 course outline.

As it was previously stated, there are four Android exams available. Choose any of them to make a step towards success. Nothing can hinder you from passing an exam if you work hard, pursuing your goals.

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