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ISACA COBIT 5 – Measure (BOK V) Part 16

52. Process performance vs. specification (BOK V.F.6) In this section we will be talking about process performance matrix. What are the metrics which can help us in finding out how our process or a set of processes are doing? That’s where we need process process performance Matrix the simplest example of that is percent defective.… Read More »

ISACA COBIT 5 – Measure (BOK V) Part 15

50. Process capability for non-normal data – Transformation of Data (BOK V.F.5) So earlier when we plotted the probability plot, by looking at that, we could say that our data is not normal and which was something like this. So this was our probability plot, which was supposed to be in state line, but the… Read More »

ISACA COBIT 5 – Measure (BOK V) Part 14

46. Process performance indices (BOK V.F.2) So earlier we talked about process capability indices and we talked about CP and CPK. Now let’s talk about process performance indices and these are PP and PPK. We did talk a little bit about these earlier as well. Let’s go into a little bit more details here. So,… Read More »

ISACA COBIT 5 – Measure (BOK V) Part 13

43. Poisson Distribution Earlier we said that there are three main types of distribution normal distribution which was for the continuous data and binomial and poison for discrete data we talked about normal earlier, we talked about binomial distribution and we talked about other distributions which are related to binomial. Now coming to this poison… Read More »

ISACA COBIT 5 – Measure (BOK V) Part 12

39. Normal Distribution Calculations Using MS Excel So here I have my Microsoft Excel opened. And now I want to find out what is the probability greater than z is equal to one two. So for that, let’s click on any of these cells and put the formula. And for formula you start with equal… Read More »

ISACA COBIT 5 – Measure (BOK V) Part 11

35. Probability Basic concepts – Part 1(BOK V.E.1) Hey, welcome to this section on basic probability. Before we go into details of that, let’s understand two definitions of probability. Let’s go with classic model first. So the definition of probability is the number of outcomes in which the event occurs divided by the total number… Read More »

ISACA COBIT 5 – Measure (BOK V) Part 10

31. Graphical Methods – 3 Histograms (BOK V.D.4) The next graphical tool is histogram. Histogram graphically represents the distribution of numerical data. The values are assigned, bins and frequency of each bin is plotted. Let’s understand that with a simple example of students height. So you go to a school and you measure the height… Read More »

ISACA COBIT 5 – Measure (BOK V) Part 9

27. Descriptive statistics – Part 3(BOK V.D.3) So earlier we talked about central tendency in descriptive statistics. Now look at the measurement of variability. So in measurement of variability we have three approaches here. One is range. To find a range, to find interquartile range and to find standard deviation. So let’s look at each… Read More »

ISACA COBIT 5 – Measure (BOK V) Part 8

23. Basic statistical terms (BOK V.D.1) In the measurement phase of DMAC, which is M in DMAC. We need to understand basic statistics here. Before we do that, let’s understand some basic terms. You would have have seen this slide earlier when we talked about sampling. Let’s talk about the same thing here as well.… Read More »

ISACA COBIT 5 – Measure (BOK V) Part 7

19. Gage R&R – Number of Distinct Categories (NDC) (BOK V.C.1) Coming to another important aspect of measurement system, which is number of distinct categories. We did look at this number in ANOVA method. We did talk about that in that presentation in ANOVA method. Here let’s understand NDC or number of distinct categories in… Read More »