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Cisco Introduces Cybersecurity Specialist Certification

Last week, Cisco announced the launch of the new Cybersecurity Specialist Certification. It fits in with the latest trend of stepping up the security in the constantly changing and developing cyberspace. This is a Specialist-level certification that recognizes security professionals who have achieved in-depth expertise and proven knowledge in the essential areas of proactive cyber-threat… Read More »

The Redesigned CCNP Security, Retiring Exams, & More News From Cisco

A few days ago, Cisco became the first of the biggest certification vendors to announce the changes and updates to their IT certifications map – including CCNP Security certification changes and Cisco Cybersecurity Specialist certification launch. All in all, the changes support the latest trend of stepping up security certifications to respond to the fast-changing… Read More »

I Type Fast and Can Create A Fancy PowerPoint Presentation. Should I get a Microsoft Office Specialist Certification?

Do you remember thinking this way after a long day at work? And the next query is – can you/should you really go for the Microsoft Office Specialist certification? Let’s take a closer look, since, as you probably know, this certification requires knowledge somewhat deeper than typing in Microsoft Word. Let’s look at the basics… Read More »

Microsoft Gives 20% Off Some Exams!

If you plan to take a Microsoft exam this spring, you may be eligible for 20% off. Microsoft offers vouchers for a 20% discount off the following exams, the first try. We sure hope you pass, but if you don’t then Microsoft has an ongoing Free Second Shot offer. So, the 20% voucher is valid… Read More »

Top 5 Jobs IT Certifications Can Help You Get – And Where You Should Start

When it comes to mapping out your IT career, choosing a certification usually goes hand in hand to evaluating what your next career move would be. So, if you are both IT certification hunting and job hunting, take a look at the 5 jobs IT certifications are sure to help you get (and  yes, we… Read More »

Top 5 Certifications To Grab in 2014

  1.      PMI Risk Management Professional Project management has grown into an independent industry, with its own professional standards. For risk management professionals, the PMI Risk Management Professional certification is one of the most recognized. It “fills the need for a specialist role in project risk management,” according to the Project Management Institute. 2.      Information… Read More »

Welcome To The New Year

Happy 2014! As New Year is an ultimate time for new beginnings and improvements, we are introducing a new channel. Yes, we are (finally) on Twitter. Keep up with IT Certification Blog updates, certification tips, and more on Twitter. Follow us at @examcollection and spread the word! And yes, ultimately, stay tuned for the news… Read More »