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Microsoft moves release of Skype for Business Exams again

microsoft, skype for business, exam, exams, solutions, microsoft certified solutions expertIf you are following our discussion on Microsoft communication solutions you likely to remember, that Microsoft is rebranding Lync into Skype for Business and is about to release new Skype for Business Exams this year. We were expecting that the new exams would have been already released by now and the old Lync 2013 exams retired on November 30th, as we wrote in July MSCE moves retirement of Lync exams.

However as for the moment, the release has been moved again, and this time Microsoft doesn’t announce certain date, just scheduling it for December this year or January 2016. Respectively Lync exams 335, 336, 337, and 338 will be retired at least eight weeks after the release of new Skype for Business exams.

There is no much information available regarding upcoming Skype for Business exams yet; apart they will count towards MCSE Communication Certification. Considering that Lync 2013 exams serve as the basis for Skype for Business you may consider get certified now, instead of waiting another two months.

The retirement of old Lync exams will not cancel your certification. It will remain valid during three years after you got certified, and then you can get recertified by passing new Skype for Business exams.  If you want to get more insights on Skype for Business, we recommend you to look into Microsoft training materials.

Overall Skype for Business is built on Lync technology, and has very similar features and functionality. So Lync 2013 exams still are the excellent basics to work with Skype for Business. Check out these comprehensive materials on what’s new in Skype for Business.

Speaking about Microsoft Partner Network and your competency as a communications certified solutions expert in case you hold certification based on Lync exam, there is no need to worry if you still would qualify. At least for the period of time, while your MCSE Communications Certificaiton is valid, you will be recognized as a fully competent professional by Microsoft Partner Network. However it is recommended to stay up-to-dated with the latest competency requirements of Microsoft Partner Network, where you can always find latest requirements on their official website.

So as for now, we all are awaiting for further updates from Microsoft on the Skype for Business and will be informing you on upcoming news straight away.

HP has released new HPE SAW Certification

hp, hpe, it certification, sawThis Fall HP launches brand HPE ATP – Service Anywhere V1 Certification. This Credential aims to evaluate candidates’ overall knowledge of HPE Service Anywhere (SAW) and ability to integrate it with HPE Solutions.

This certification is designed towards industry professionals (system administrators and IT consultants), dealing with SAW customers in order to showcase, compose, manage and customize solutions, which reflect shifts in IT industry and IT Service management within cloud, mobility, big data and social business. In order to pass the certification candidates should take the Configuring HPE Service Anywhere HPE0-M76 Exam.

HPE ATP – Service Anywhere V1 Certification allows candidates to get along with rapidly changing IT industry, get deep understanding of SAW technologies, and benefit your organization compare to competitors.

This certification validates that you can get started with HPE Service Anywhere (SAW); identify and describe how to use, configure, and administer it; and recognize how to integrate SAW with major HPE solutions.

By becoming SAW certified you verify that you are fully aware of SAW integration with recent IT Industry updates, have skills in key SAW processes and functionality of its modules, know SAW dashboards, records and reporting system, able to manage SAW bodies and integrate different technologies and options, deeply understand SAW architecture and capacities.

HPE0-M76 is proctored exam administered at Pearson VUE testing centers, and it can be scheduled and booked online on their official website. To complete registration for the test at Pearson VUE webpage candidate also required to provide his HPE Learner ID, which is available through online registration at HPE Learning Center. It is possible to reschedule or cancel the exam for additional fee.

The Exam is given in English, is 1 hour and 10 minutes long, includes 70 questions and the required passing score is 69%. It includes several types of questions such as matching, drag-n-drop, single and multiple-choice questions. After the Exam, results are available within two to five days via email, as well as your status in HPE learning center automatically changes to “acquired”.

The Exam includes five main parts:

Getting started with SAW (13%):

Here candidate should demonstrate his awareness of SAW regarding latest IT updates, knowledge of SAW key processes and support sources.

Using SAW (27%):

This part oversees candidates’ knowledge of general traits of user interface, SAW modules and their support and their performance, dashboards and reports.

Configuring SAW (29%):

This section checks exam-takes’ skills in SAW records, Service Catalog configuration, entitlement rules, customization of selfservice portal, and composition of surveys.

Administering SAW (17%):

Here candidates should demonstrate their competence in tenancy administration, data importing, service levels and time periods management.

Integrating SAW (14%):

Here you need to demonstrate your qualification in integration technologies and options, knowledge of SAW integration, interfaces and integration options.

Exam Preparation

There are no prior certification prerequisites, but for successful exam passing it is recommended that applicants have at least six months of prior SAW experience (use and configuration of SAW solutions) and have completed corresponding exam training course from HPE.

Configuring HPE Service Anywhere HPE0-M76 Exam Training

We also recommend you to have a look at FREE practice tests in VCE format available on the largest IT certification sharing platform ExamCollection. Just follow the links below and start your preparation!

HPE0-M76 FREE Practice Tests ExamCollection

New certification exams from Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard Enterprise certification exams HPE Sales Certified Enterprise Solutions HPE2-E64 Exam

On November 2nd Hewlett Packard has released two new HPE Partner Restricted Sales Certifications: HPE Sales Certified – SMB Solutions and Services [2016] and HPE Sales Certified – Enterprise Solutions [2016]. In order to get certified candidates need to pass either Selling HPE SMB Solutions and Services HPE2-E64 Exam or Selling HPE Enterprise Solutions HPE2-E65 Exam.

Both credentials target Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) sales professionals within HPE channel partner network and HPE employees.  New certifications measure candidates’ ability to recognize customers’ potential and selling opportunities, skills in representing HPE solutions and services versus competitors, overall knowledge of HPE products.

HPE2-E64 Exam focuses on SMB solutions and services for data centers including servers, storage and networking. While HPE2-E65 spans HPE enterprise products which enable transformations in four core IT areas: hybrid infrastructure, protection, empowering, and workplace productivity. By earning one of the HPE Partner Restricted Sales Certifications you will distinguish yourself from the competitors being a solution-focused expert and increase your sales levels by applying the best selling opportunities.

Both Exams are web-based and administered by Pearson VUE testing organization, they can be taken online with 24-hours access. You can take your exam directly on their official website after registration, however you will have to do the test 24 hours after the purchase, otherwise it will get expired. You will also require your HPE Learner ID to register for the test, which can be obtained through online registration at HPE Learner Center.

Each exam consists of 50 questions and is 1 hour 15 minutes long. HPE2-E64 test includes single and multiple-choice questions; HPE2-E65 also has matching and drag-n-drop questions. Both exams are conducted in English and the required passing score is 70%.

Selling HPE SMB Solutions and Services HPE2-E64 Exam Objectives:

The credential comprises of 4 main parts, where 10% of all questions cover HPFS and Transitional Areas; 35% are devoted to Servers, and the candidates should demonstrate his knowledge of different HPE servers’ series, server technologies and their selling skills. 30% of questions are within Storage types, technologies and selling techniques; and 20% are Network questions.

Selling HPE Enterprise Solutions HPE2-E65 Exam Objectives:

This Exam includes seven main sections: Introduction (10%), Understanding Customer Needs for Transforming to a Hybrid Infrastructure (20%); Validating the Opportunity for Transforming to a Hybrid Infrastructure (20%); Qualifying the Opportunity for Transforming to a Hybrid Infrastructure (20%); Understanding, Validating, and Qualifying the Opportunity for Protecting your Digital Enterprise (10%); Understanding, Validating, and Qualifying the Opportunity for Empowering the Data-driven Organization (10%); Understanding, Validating, and Qualifying the Opportunity for Enabling Workplace Productivity (10%).

As for the preparation for the exams, HPE offers to take following certification training online courses:

Selling HPE SMB Solutions and Services Training Course

Selling HPE Enterprise Solutions Training Course

FREE course study materials are available in the Resource section for each of the training courses after registration.