Monthly Archives: October 2016

Apple: IOS and MacOS Updates

It has come to our knowledge that Apple company has recently released the first important updates for both iOS and macOS. That’s what is worth being discussed! iOS 10.1 encloses a great number of enhancements and bug fixes, but the distinctive appendage is Portrait Camera, a feature formerly advertised by Apple for the iPhone 7… Read More »

New Emoji in the Android Nougat 7.1 Update

Meet the diversity of the world of emojis on Android 7.1, the options available in the Unicode 9 update completely embraced by Google! Now, if somebody asks you what you do for a living, you have every reason to send him a little man or woman demonstrating your profession. Examples include artist, astronaut, judge, firefighter,… Read More »

Microsoft: in 2016 the Graveyard Is Replenished

  Are you ready to hear about the products Microsoft has got rid of in 2016? Don’t be scared of this news! A lot of ingenious products has been created in 2016 within the walls of Microsoft Corporation. Let’s recall… There is the latest edition of Windows Server, additions to its Azure cloud platform and… Read More »

Apple and IBM: It Is Time to Transform Education with Watson Element!

Great news! This week Apple and IBM company launched their first iOS app for academia. It was an important step forward to set themselves the task of blending student data with curriculum and cognitive technology to improve and enhance personalized education for K-12 students. And the goal has been finally attained owing to IBM Watson… Read More »

IBM News: Mac Is $543 Cheaper to Work Than PC

IBM company shared experience adopting Apple Macs for its employees instead of Windows-machines. This process begun in mid-2015. Today IBM has about 90 000 Macs among which are desktop computers and laptops. An amazing fact is that these Macs are supported by five admins only. During a four-year period, IBM company is going to save… Read More »

Apple Shares Plans for Swift 4.0

Get ready to meet the forthcoming version of the language Swift 4.0 developed by Apple company. After releasing version 3.0, the next version 4.0 is expected to be released next year. The upgrade will range from resilience to memory ownership model to strings, with special focus on source stability for code and ABI stability for… Read More »

VMware Retires Its VCP5-DCV Exam and Certification

VMware is famous for its successful solutions in the area of virtualization and automation of compute, networking and storage resources from the desktop to the data center and to the cloud. The open standards supported by the technologies, as well as the technologies themselves, provide a powerful basis approved and chosen by over 500,000 customers… Read More »

VMware: 3 New Free Courses and 1 New on Demand Course

Last month, four new self-paced training courses were launched by the VMware Education Services team. These courses cover Horizon 7, vCloud Air, and VMware User Environment Manager. If you have any questions concerning the information about the courses, don’t be shy about asking the Education Specialist for your area. So what are the VMware courses… Read More »

Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in Seam Retired

The end is a new beginning. While Red Hat is retiring its old certification exams, other new exams are next in turn. Being the world’s most trusted provider of Linux® and open source technology, Red Hat delivers an exhaustive portfolio of secure products and services using open, collaborative business model and an affordable, predictable subscription… Read More »

A Few Interface Tweaks for the Google Play Store

Finally, there is a possibility for you to zoom in on screenshots, and the ‘Entertainment’ section has been renamed to ‘Movies, Music, Books’. Google Play Store is considered to be always under construction which means it adds and renews tweaks and overhauls. The latest round of changes isn’t so gripping, but they can help you… Read More »