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New Oracle Beta Exams for its Talent Management Cloud

oracle, oracle project portfolio management cloud, talent management cloud, it certificationIn order to keep up with this year updates for its highly demanded Talent Management Cloud Solutions, Oracle releases two new exams: Oracle Taleo Recruiting Cloud Service 2016 Implementation Essentials 1Z1-324 and Oracle Fusion Talent Management Base Cloud Service 2016 Implementation Essentials 1Z1-331. These exams are essential for associated certifications: Oracle Taleo Recruiting Cloud Service 2016 Certified Implementation Specialist and Oracle Fusion Talent Management Base Cloud Service 2016 Certified Implementation Specialist.

Currently new exams are in Beta versions, and you can pass them at largely discounted price of 43 euro. 1Z1-324 Exam will remain in beta version until December 5th, 2015, while 1Z1-331 exam will go in production mode on December 19th. Both exams can be taken in specialized Pearson VUE centers, and you can register for them online on the official website.

These IT certification tests are 2.5-3 hours long and consist of 150-225 multiple-choice questions, the exams’ language is English. Beta exams’ scores will be available within eleven weeks after the closing of beta testing period. Regarding preparation it is recommended to take up-to-date training and prep courses from Oracle University. The courses’ curriculum is not available yet, so we advise you to check up the official exams’ pages later on.

Oracle Taleo Recruiting Cloud Service 2016 Implementation Essentials 1Z1-324 Exam

Oracle Fusion Talent Management Base Cloud Service 2016 Implementation Essentials 1Z1-331 Exam

Let’s have a closer look on each of the beta certification exams.

Oracle Taleo Recruiting Cloud Service 2016 Implementation Essentials 1Z1-324 Exam has been developed towards Oracle Taleo Recruiting Cloud Service, Release 15A. This IT Certification targets professionals, who already have strong background in implementation and selling of Oracle Talent management Cloud Service Solutions. The exam covers seven main topics: general software overview, data segmentation and security, recruiting process configuration, foundation data, career section configuration, prescreening and screening, onboarding.

Overview: knowledge of business processes and system settings;

Data Segmentation and Security: configuration and usage of SmartOrg, user types and groups, knowledge of configuration profiles;

Recruiting Process Configuration: ability to design candidates’ selection workflow, work with correspondence, advanced search, list formats and context;

Foundation Data – Fields Files and Forms: relationships between Fields, Files, and Forms; candidate and requisition forms and files, user defined fields;

Career Section Configuration: Application Flows, Career Sections, User Defined Forms; Internal, External, and Agency Career Portals; Mobile Career Section;

Prescreening and Screening: Screening options, prescreening questionnaire, disqualification questions, ACE Alerts, Screening services;

Onboarding (Transitions): Onboarding, Pre-hire, Offboarding, eOffer; Tasks, Steps, Transitions, and Conditions; Portal pages; processes’ building.

Oracle Fusion Talent Management Base Cloud Service 2016 Implementation Essentials Exam targets professionals with solid knowledge of Oracle HCM Cloud Service solutions including sales and implementation.  This certification exam evaluates test-takers knowledge within five main topics: goals of organization, designing questionnaires, performance management, work with succession plans and talent pools, talent review.

Goals: ability to setup organization and worker goals, configure goal setup options and goal plans, describe goal concepts, etc.

Questionnaires: design and implementation of questionnaires;

Performance Management: knowledge of performance documents, setting, evaluation and configuration of performance objectives, roles, performance template sections etc.;

Succession Plans and Talent Pools: succession management integrations, plans, talent pools;

Talent Review: configuration of talent review dashboards, management of talent review data, talent search and profile comparison, etc.

Oracle launches new Fusion Financials Cloud Service Exams

oracle, exams, exam, fusion financial cloud serviceDue to the recent update of its Fusion Financial Cloud Software version R10, on October 17th Oracle has released Beta versions of two new Fusion Financial Cloud Service Exams:  Payables 2016 Implementation Essentials 1Z1-334 and Receivables 2016 Implementation Essentials 1Z1-335.  Both tests are mandatory for related certifications: Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud Service: Payables 2016 Certified Implementation Specialist and Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud Service: Receivables 2016 Certified Implementation Specialist.

There is one more exam within Fusion Financial Cloud certification, which we were discussing earlier this October, General Ledger 2016 Implementation Essentials 1Z1-333.

By passing these certifications you will become Oracle certified Specialist with proven skills in implementing and selling Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud Service Solutions. The credential is recognized by Oracle Partner Network and after the test you will be placed in the superior position on the marketplace.

Both 1Z1-334 and 1Z1-335 exams will be offered in Beta version until January 9th, after that you will be able to take the production versions of the tests. Each exam costs 43 euro, and it is administered in the Pearson VUE centres around the world. You can register for the tests and find testing locations on their official website.

The duration of the exams is 2.5-3 hours long and it comprises of 150-225 multiple-choice questions, the certifications are conducted in English. The test passing score are stated as TBD on the official website, as for the results, they should be provided within 11 weeks after the end of the Beta period.

As for the preparation, Oracle hasn’t announced which courses from Oracle Academy are linked towards 1Z1-334 and 1Z1-335 exams yet, however as for the 1Z1-333 test you can find recommended training on the exam official page. Additionally it is mentioned that for successful test passing, prior job experience and practice is a must, since training materials will not cover all exams’ topics.

Now let’s have a closer look on the tests’ composition.

Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud Service: Payables 2016 Implementation Essentials 1Z1-334

The credential test consists of 6 main topics: General Set Up, Invoicing, Payments, Fusion Expenses, Reporting and Other Fusion Payable Topics.

General Set Up:  Composition of the Functional Setup Manager, knowledge of configuration packages, ability to create implementation project, skills in reporting and data validation, ability to set up users and roles.

Invoicing: knowledge of standard invoices, integrated imaging solutions, creating invoices using spread sheets, knowledge of iSupplier invoices, know how to approve invoices, ability to manage suppliers’ information.

Payments: know how to create single payments, execution of payment process requests, payments’ cancellation, knowledge of bank reconciliations, ability to customize payments’ formats, setting up fusion payments for remunerations.

Fusion Expenses: entering and approval of expense reports, processing of expense reimbursements, managing corporate cards, audit of expense reports, setting up fusion expenses.

Reporting: knowledge of reporting tools and Oracle transactional business intelligence, ability to use business intelligence publisher, knowledge of use of payables in reconciliation reporting, skills in processing of intercompany reconciliations.

Other Fusion Payables Topics: invoice and payment dashboards, income tax and tax calculations, creation of accounting entries, closing process, configuration of fusion payable setups and business units.

Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud Service: Receivables 2016 Implementation Essentials 1Z1-335

This test comprises of 8 main parts including General Set Up, Reporting, Overview of Receivables, Overview of Billing and Revenue Management, Collections, Receipt Management and Other Accounts Receivable topics.

General Set Up: knowledge of Functional Setup Manager, Configuration Packages, creation of implementation project, reporting and data validating, Users and Roles.

Reporting: reporting tools, Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI), Business Intelligence Publisher (BIP), Receivables for Reconciliation Reporting, intercompany reconciliations.

Overview of Receivables: managing customers with AR, Reference Data Sets, Troubleshoot FBDI (File Based Data Import).

Overview of Billing and Revenue Management: billing transactions, bill presentment, revenue, Billing Work Area, Income Tax calculations, Bills Receivables.

Collections: Delinquency process, customer correspondence, dispute handling, Collection Work Area, Collection Preferences, Collections Strategy.

Receipt Management: funds capture, receipt processing, customer refunds, Receivables Balances Work Area, Bills Receivable Remittances.

Other Accounts Receivable Topics: write offs, adjustments, and chargebacks, period close process, Subledger Accounting, late charges.

Pass new Microsoft Windows Universal Platform exams for FREE!

microsoft, exam, windows universal platform, free exam, microsoft azureOn October 13th, in connection with ongoing release of Windows 10, Microsoft has launched new path of its MCSD Certification called Universal Windows Platform. New credential focuses on UX/UI, C# coding skills and general coding patterns targeting developers working with enterprise LOB apps.

It is recommended that all candidates for MCSD certification should have at least one year of LOB apps development experience, the same goes for C# and XAML.

In order to earn the certification candidate should pass three exams:

Currently 354 and 355 Exams are available in Beta only and candidates can pass them for FREE, as MS has opened 300 beta seats for each exam. As for the regular price, including 483 exam, it costs 150$ to sit for it in USA, however prices vary in different locations. Beta exams can be taken either in Pearson VUE testing centres or through online proctored exam delivery, subject to availability in your country. To take the exams for FREE, simply use promo codes BETA354MCP and BETA355MCP for 354 and 355 exams respectively.

Note! Beta code is not valid in the following countries: Vietnam, Turkey, India, Pakistan, China. For these locations you will have to wait until full paid exam releases.

By passing the exam applicants will receive full credits towards their MCSD certifications. However score report will be available only within 8-12 weeks after exam, following the end of the beta period.

In short, 354 Exam assesses the following skills:

–        Creation of the specification’s design for a mobile (LOB) app

–        Prove the ability to perform application lifecycle management processes

–        Demonstrate skills in developing LOB app that supports windowing, adaptive layout, and in-app navigation

–        Program LOB app supporting user input and user interactions

–        Show skills in testing and deploying an LOB app

Here is the shortlist of the skills, measured in 355 Exam:

–        Identify and employ specific design pattern

–        Demonstrate the ability to develop app and business logic, code that interfaces with other line-of-business (LOB) apps, and LOB Server Services (AD, SP)

–        Show coding skills needed for resolving secure cloud data services and storage

–        Write code to  fulfil  authentication and business security requirements

–        Consolidate cloud services and Azure App Service services

–        Create code that is maintainable and that supports app versioning, compatibility, and coexistence

In order to prepare for beta exams, check out Microsoft detailed preparation guides on the exam official pages and practice the skills listed. Be aware that the exams questions might go beyond the topics mentioned on the website.

354 Exam Prep Guide: Universal Windows Platform – App Architecture and UX/UI (beta)

355 Exam Prep Guide: Universal Windows Platform – App Data, Services, and Coding Patterns (beta)

As for 483 Exam preparation, we recommend you to check out real practice tests available for FREE from the community of IT certification exam takers called ExamCollection. There you can find complete database of IT certification practice test with real exam questions and answer in the VCE format. All files are uploaded by community members, are rated and verified. In addition to FREE practice exam tests ExamCollection also offers inexpensive and reliable study materials and premium VCE files verified by industry experts.

Here is the link for downloading 70-483 Exam files: 70-483 Exam Free Practice Tests

So hurry up and register now, as the number of FREE Beta seats is limited and this is an excellent opportunity to move in your IT career and save 2/3 on MCSD Universal Windows Platform certification. We wish you good luck with your exams!

Just updated: new FileMaker 14 Platform Certification Testing!

filemaker, certification testing, filemaker 14 pro, exam updatesFileMaker Inc., Apple subsidiary, recently announced the release of its new Certification testing for the FileMaker 14 Platform. FileMaker 14 Credential is designed towards developers, working with FileMaker Pro 14 Software to create custom apps for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows.

FileMaker Certification is essential for those working with FileMaker Pro software, since it puts you in superior position compare to other developers, let you stay up-to-dated with the latest FileMaker technologies. Gaining FileMaker Certification lets you get higher earnings, use FileMaker Certification logo on your business cards and personal website, and become listed on the FileMaker partners’ website. The Certification will assure your clients and potential employers that you have expert knowledge and skills in developing FileMaker business solutions.

To become certified candidates should pass “Developer Essentials for FileMaker 14” Exam. The exam contains 61 multiple-choice questions, is 2 hours long and it costs 150$ in US and Canada (prices vary in other countries). Tests are administered in Pearson VUE testing centers around the world and can be booked on their website:

The Exam objectives are as the following:

–        Ability to describe FileMaker Pro14 and FileMaker Server 14 technical specs.

–        Knowledge of Database Schema: auto-entry, validation and storage options, defining results and relationships for given graphs and scenarios, integration of external data sources using ESS, schema design;

–        Layouts’ building skills: layouts and specific occurrences, portals and data relationships, modification of layout objects’ behaviours, types and attributes of script triggers, implications of specific trigger types, use of chart objects; themes’, object styles and states’ application, properties and capabilities; setup and behaviour of layout parts;

–        Working with calculations skills;

–        Ability to write scripts and secure FileMaker systems;

–        Ability to deploy Database Solutions via Server;

–        Knowledge of Data Integration and Publishing on the Web;

–        Skills in  Development tools and processes;

–        Knowledge of FileMaker Go – creation and deployment of databases for iPad and iPhone.

The complete FileMaker Exam overview is available here.

There are no prior requirements to take FileMaker exam. However, in order to prepare for FileMaker 14 Exam it is recommended to go through official prep materials called FileMaker Training Series: Advanced. The study guide contains nine modules with demo files, exercises and videos, comprehensively covering all exam topics. The guide can be purchased for 19.99$ from the website below, it also comes free when you get FileMaker annual subscription.

FileMaker Training Series: Advanced

There is also free version of FileMaker Training Series called basics, which highlights all of the features and updates in the new FileMaker 14 Software.

FileMaker Training Series: Basics

There are also additional useful materials in the form of product documentation, technical briefs and white papers, which will help you to get better prepared for the exam.

Latest product documentation can be found here and for the latest products’ updates check the FileMaker Knowledge Base website. Technical briefs and white papers are available for free when you become FileMaker community member.

In addition to the online resources the attendance of annual FileMaker Developer Conference 2016 could be of a great interest and help. This is the largest global gathering of FileMaker independent and corporate developers, trainers and users. It is held on July 28-31, 2016.

EMC releases new Exams this November: E20-368 and E20-568

emc, new exams, it certification, exam preparationEMC, one of the leading companies in corporate IT world, is also famous for its comprehensive certification and education program, called EMC ProvenTM Professional. This framework covers all topics related to EMC solutions including information storage technologies, cloud computing, virtualization, data science and big data analytics etc..

So on November 6th EMC launches two new certification exams in relation to this year update of its leading XtremIO v 4.0 storage systems. E20-568 XtremIO Solutions Specialist Exam will be a part of EMC Storage Administrator track (EMCSA), and E20-368 XtremIO Solutions Specialist Exam will be specific to EMC Implementation Engineer (EMCIE) track. Storage Administrator track includes 13 different specialties, while Implementation Engineer covers 14 of them. Every track is divided into Associate, Professional and Expert levels, crediting different degrees of candidates’ professionalism. Please have a closer look at the composition of both tracks on their official pages.



EMC certification program is one of the eldest and the most recognized in IT industry. Getting certified will let you prove your up-to-dated skills and expertise, will put you in the superior position compare to other professionals, increase your earning potential and give you access to additional benefits available for EMC certified proven professionals. Among those benefits is access to EMC knowledge sharing and maintenance platforms, ability to use EMC Proven Professional logos on your personal profiles, discounts for graduate education and EMC certification exams reimbursements. Detailed information on certification benefits can be found here.

Each of the new exams is 90 minutes long and includes 60 questions. Exams are held in \pearson VUE centres around the world and you can schedule you EMC test directly on their official website.

Here is the overview of the E20-568 Exam:

The exam measures candidates’ ability to manage XtremIO storage systems. It focuses on two main topics: XtremIO fundamentals and its Management and Peformance Monitoring. The test evaluates candidates’ awareness of XtremIO benefits and use cases, system features, architecture and functionality. Also assesses candidates’ knowledge of XMS operations, XtremIO Cluster, ability to configure owner access to storage; localization, performance management, performance monitoring and optimization skills, basic troubleshooting.

In order to prepare for the exam, EMC offers to follow suggested curriculum, which highlights all the EMC training courses needed to pass E20-568 exam.

Detailed E20-568 Exam overview and preparation guides can be found here.

As for the training courses, check out training page on EMC official education website.

EMC also offers FREE practice tests to check your exam readiness, which can be found here.

E20-368 Exam objectives:

E20-368 exam covers five main topics: XtremIO fundamentals, its hardware fundamentals, installation, initial configuration, management and performance monitoring. The exam evaluates candidates’ ability to implement XtremIO storage systems, including installation of cluster, basic configuration; implementation and configuration of host access to storage, local replication, performance monitoring and optimization, system troubleshooting.

Detailed Exam overview and study guides can be found here.

Training courses, needed to pass E20-368 Exam are available from the EMC official website on their training page.

FREE official EMC practice test you can find on this website.

It is good to remember that both exams’ content might be not limited to the aforementioned sections, also since the exams get updated regularly it is recommended to check the Proven Professionals website for the changes.

As for exams preparation, another useful E20-568 and E20-368 preparation options will be real exam practice tests from ExamCollection website, which can be downloaded for FREE and are verified by the community of former exam takers including certified professionals. Simply follow the links below and enjoy your free practice tests!

E20-568 FREE practice tests ExamCollection

E20-368 FREE practice tests ExamCollection

The Biggest Acquisition in Tech ever: Dell purchases EMC for $67 Billion

dell, emc, newsOn Monday Dell announced that it has agreed to buy the world’s largest provider of storage hardware EMC for $67 billion, making it the biggest deal in the Tech history. The purchase will be made by Dell in partnership with Silver Lake, the global leader in technology investing, and MSD partners.

The interesting fact about this deal is that Dell valued at around $25 billion is twice smaller than acquired giant. So for Dell it is a huge venture, caused it to find financial partners to let the deal take place. The truth is that this is the only Dell’s opportunity to grow big enough to compete in quickly growing Tech space.

This take-over will finalize Dell’s long-anticipated attempts to transform itself into a leading provider of Corporate IT Solutions and increase its share in the rapidly developing market of managing and storing corporate data. Acquisition of EMC supposes to accelerate Dell evolution towards most innovative IT areas, according Mr. Dell.

Dell’s shift from a stagnant consumer PC market started in 2009 with takeover of Perot Systems for $4 billion, and continued when company went private in 2013 at a price of $25 billion. Dell will acquire EMC for $33.15 a share, which is 27% higher of what EMC shares were valued before. The complex transaction will be made partially in cash and special kind of stock, and Dell will face enormous amount of debt, backed by big group of banks. However the loans will be acquired before the long-anticipated raise of interest rates by Federal Reserve. Also the executives, involved in the transaction, said that the main part of debt will be classified nearly risk-free, making interest payments significantly lower.

In its turn EMC, one of the largest providers of storage hardware in the world, known as a behemoth of a corporate IT, also operates businesses within information security, virtualization and cloud computing, holding innovative security company RSA and having 81% stake in leading virtualization cloud software company VMware worth $33 billion. At the moment VMware makes the biggest and the most profitable part of EMC, being a crown jewel of current buy out.

In recent years, due to the rapid expansion of cloud computing EMC’s main business was in decline, and company hasn’t managed to offset it’s loses by investments in similar cloud products. Its shares had dropped more than 12% before the deal was announced, and since last year there was significant pressure from its stakeholders due to company underperformance. EMC was looking for potential sale of itself even before Dell came with its offer, e.g. potential deal with HP which decayed. Current acquisition is possibly the best outcome EMC shareholders could think off. As for EMC going private under Dell management, will lead to more flexibility and room for faster business decisions.

Dell, world’s second server-producer, has been experiencing drops in its servers’ shipments in past years and missing out on cloud technologies, while companies have been moving their file storage to much cheaper Microsoft, Google and Amazon cloud servers. However Dell’s total market share of PC market remained stable at roughly 14%, mainly because the sales of its rivals declined even more. With this buy Dell full transformation into enterprise-service provider, where its business doesn’t heavily relies on PC Sales and server-business, yet to be finalized. Certainly it will take up to several years to restructure new organization, but new wider range of products and wider coverage of private cloud computing and data storage business will be a great  asset towards its main rivals as Cisco, IBM and Hewlett-Packard.

Analytics oversee the two companies could face problems while coming together as one entity, as most of the mergers ruin companies’ values and are extremely risky. The amount of debt involved also comes in play, affecting company upcoming decisions.

According to Forrester Research analysts, the transaction makes sense in the long term, but in the short run it is questionable how the debt will be paid off. Joining EMC to its business will lead to enormously high cash flow infusions, even though the core cash flow is declining, which is a really good thing for a privately-held company.

In contrary to the current acquisition, there is trend from big tech players to split their core business in separate divisions in order to have greater focus on particular market segments. So HP, one of the main Dell rivals going to split its business in two separate parts: consumer and corporate IT solutions. EBay also dropped PayPal this year in order to focus on its main e-commerce business.

Overall HP considers Dell and EMC merger as great opportunity for them. As HP representative underlined in his statement, such a big merger will cause reductions in Dell’s R&D costs, disruptions in company products portfolios, channel programs and leadership.

The Deal should be closed during mid of 2016. According to official statement of EMC the two merged companies will form the world largest private tech company. Michael Dell will become CEO of newly formed corporation, while Joe Tucci, current CEO of EMC will retire. The query whether Dell will keep or sell its stake in VMware in order to pay off the debts remains to be seen. Dell and EMC certainly complement one another, but upcoming massive layoffs are very likely.

Citrix updates CCPM exam

Citrix updates its Citrix Certified Professional – Mobility (CCPM) exam

citrix, exam updates, xenmobile, citrix xenapp, solutions, it certificationCitrix, leading software company widely known for its high standards’ products and certifications, just released the new version of its Citrix Certified Professional – Mobility (CCPM) Exam due to the launch of new version of its XenMobile software.

The old version of the Citrix Certified Professional – Mobility (CCPM) exam will be permanently discontinued on 15th of November 2015. Current 1Y0-370 exam will be replaced with the new 1Y0-371 exam version onwards. The new version of the exam is already available for passing, and it is possible to take either old or new exam until 15th of November, 2015. After this date the old version 1Y0-370 will be canceled.

The CCP-M certification verifies relevant skills needed to design, deploy and manage Citrix XenMobile 10 Enterprise solution software, including mobile device management, mobile application management and secure productivity. Today those skills are in high market demand, due to the top priority of Enterprise mobility management within organizations and growing complexity of security and compliance requirements of their IT departments.

The 1Y0-371 CCPM exam is oriented towards IT professionals like mobility architects, engineers, technical specialists, consultants and system administrators. It is conducted in English, covers four main topics and has 67-questions in total to be answered in 105 minutes timeframe. The required passing score is 66%, and the exam can be taken worldwide at Pearson VUE testing centers, while reservation can be made either online or by phone. If candidate want retake the test, he can do it 24 hours after the first attempt, and calendar 14 days for every other attempts.

The CCPM Exam consists of the following sections:

  • Designing a XenMobile 10 Enterprise Solution (22 % weight)
  • Installing the Components of a XenMobile 10 Enterprise Solution (10% weight)
  • Configuring and Integrating the Components of a XenMobile 10 Enterprise Solution (30% weight)
  • Managing and Maintaining the Components of a XenMobile 10 Enterprise Solution (38% weight)

Weight of each sections means the amount of questions out of total exam, for example if the exam has 60 questions, and section 1 is weighted 22%, then 13 questions of the exam will be on the topic of section 1.

Here are some examples of the skills every candidate should demonstrate within each section:

Section 1: Designing a XenMobile 10 Enterprise Solution

Determine the placement of components in a XenMobile deployment

Differentiate between mobile platforms and available options on each

Section 2: Installing the Components of a XenMobile 10 Enterprise Solution

Configure first-time user install of XenMobile Server through the command-line interface

Complete the install of XenMobile Server through the console

Section 3: Configuring and Integrating the Components of a XenMobile 10 Enterprise Solution

Configure policies to manage mobile devices

Configure Delivery Groups

Configure notifications

Section 4: Managing and Maintaining the Components of a XenMobile 10 Enterprise Solution

Wipe, lock, locate and disable devices

Designate device ownership (corporate vs personal)

Back up and restore XenMobile

More of the preparation guidelines and the details on skills required from the candidates can be found at the official Exam Prep Guide available here.

Citrix Mobility Certification is valid for three years obtaining the certification. If new exams are released within this period, it is required to take additional examination in order to keep the certification.

So if you are planning to level up your career and get CCPM certification, visit official Citrix Education website to get more insights and book for the exams.

New Oracle Fusion Financial Cloud Service Exam

Oracle releases Beta version of its Fusion Financials Cloud Service: General Ledger 2016 implementation specialist Certification Exam

oracle, new exam, fusion financial cloud service, beta exams, it certificationAre you aware that Oracle just released new version of its Fusion Financial Cloud Service Exam towards upcoming 2016 fiscal year?

On October,2 2015 Beta version of Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud Service: General Ledger 2016 Implementation Essentials Exam has been released. This exam has been validated against Oracle Fusion General Ledger, R10. The Beta version will run until 12-th of December 2015, and after that the production version of General Ledger 2016 Implementation Essentials Exam will be available.

General Ledger 2016 Implementation Essentials (1Z0-333) Exam targets professionals who want to become General Ledger 2016 Certified Implementation Specialist recognized by OPN (Oracle Partner Network) for sales and implementation of Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud Service Solutions.

The certification exam covers 8 following topics: General Set Up, Enterprise Structures, Journal Processing, Subledger Accounting, Intercompany Processing, Reporting & Dashboards, Period Close, and Budgetary Control & Encumbrance.

Within each section candidate should demonstrate following skills:

Section 1: General Set Up

  • Knowledge of Functional Setup Manager and the configuration packages
  • Ability to set up an implementation project and use reports to validate setup data
  • Skills in creating Users and Roles

Section 2: Enterprise Structures

  • Configuration of the Chart of Accounts, knowledge of Essbase
  • Set up of accounting hierarchies and accounting calendar
  • Set Up Data and Configuration of Chart of Accounts Security

Section 3: Journal Processing

  • Processing journal entries, including configuration of automated journal processing
  • Knowledge of journal approval set up, average daily balance processing
  • Configuration of allocations and periodic entries

Section 4: Subledger Accounting

  • Knowledge of the Fusion Accounting Hub
  • Deployment of integration with source systems
  • Creation and managing of accounting Rules, subledger accounting entries

Section 5: Intercompany Processing

  • Set up of the Chart of Accounts and segment level rules for intercompany
  • Design of Intercompany Accounting
  • Knowledge of intercompany balancing, transactions and periods, reconciliations

Section 6: Reporting & Dashboards

  • Knowledge of software reporting tools, General Accounting Dashboard and Work Areas, OTBI and GL Subject Areas
  • Set up of the Financial Reporting Studio
  • Expertise within Smart View accounting inquiries and analysis

Section 7: Period Close

  • Knowledge of the Close Process, revaluations, translations, multiple currencies, consolidations, reconciliations
  • Section 8: Budgetary Control and Encumbrance
  • Skills in configuring and processing Budgets, analysis and monitoring of Budget Consumption
  • Configuration of Encumbrance Accounting and Encumbrance Journals processing

The 1Z0-333 Exam held in English comprises 150-225 multiple-choice questions and is 2,5-3 hours long. The Exam Fee is 43 euro and it can be taken in any of accredited Pearson VUE test centers worldwide, with all the dates and centers locations available on the official website.

The Exam passing score is announced as TBD, it is also indicated that Beta exam score reports will be available in CertView within 11 weeks after the close of the Beta Exam. As for the moment not all information regarding the Exam is available on the official exam page, particularly “training recommendations” link is not working. So we are awaiting more information on the General Ledger 2016 Implementation Essentials (1Z0-333) Exam from Oracle University coming soon.

And as for now for all those working with Oracle Partner Network within its Fusion Financial Applications it is vital to know that the new updates are already on the market and it is time to get your hands on new products and get certified once again.