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  • October 26, 2015
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It is recommended that all candidates for MCSD certification should have at least one year of LOB apps development experience, the same goes for C# and XAML.

In order to earn the certification candidate should pass three exams:

Currently 354 and 355 Exams are available in Beta only and candidates can pass them for FREE, as MS has opened 300 beta seats for each exam. As for the regular price, including 483 exam, it costs 150$ to sit for it in USA, however prices vary in different locations. Beta exams can be taken either in Pearson VUE testing centres or through online proctored exam delivery, subject to availability in your country. To take the exams for FREE, simply use promo codes BETA354MCP and BETA355MCP for 354 and 355 exams respectively.

Note! Beta code is not valid in the following countries: Vietnam, Turkey, India, Pakistan, China. For these locations you will have to wait until full paid exam releases.

By passing the exam applicants will receive full credits towards their MCSD certifications. However score report will be available only within 8-12 weeks after exam, following the end of the beta period.

In short, 354 Exam assesses the following skills:

–        Creation of the specification’s design for a mobile (LOB) app

–        Prove the ability to perform application lifecycle management processes

–        Demonstrate skills in developing LOB app that supports windowing, adaptive layout, and in-app navigation

–        Program LOB app supporting user input and user interactions

–        Show skills in testing and deploying an LOB app

Here is the shortlist of the skills, measured in 355 Exam:

–        Identify and employ specific design pattern

–        Demonstrate the ability to develop app and business logic, code that interfaces with other line-of-business (LOB) apps, and LOB Server Services (AD, SP)

–        Show coding skills needed for resolving secure cloud data services and storage

–        Write code to  fulfil  authentication and business security requirements

–        Consolidate cloud services and Azure App Service services

–        Create code that is maintainable and that supports app versioning, compatibility, and coexistence

In order to prepare for beta exams, check out Microsoft detailed preparation guides on the exam official pages and practice the skills listed. Be aware that the exams questions might go beyond the topics mentioned on the website.

354 Exam Prep Guide: Universal Windows Platform – App Architecture and UX/UI (beta)

355 Exam Prep Guide: Universal Windows Platform – App Data, Services, and Coding Patterns (beta)

As for 483 Exam preparation, we recommend you to check out real practice tests available for FREE from the community of IT certification exam takers called ExamCollection. There you can find complete database of IT certification practice test with real exam questions and answer in the VCE format. All files are uploaded by community members, are rated and verified. In addition to FREE practice exam tests ExamCollection also offers inexpensive and reliable study materials and premium VCE files verified by industry experts.

Here is the link for downloading 70-483 Exam files: 70-483 Exam Free Practice Tests

So hurry up and register now, as the number of FREE Beta seats is limited and this is an excellent opportunity to move in your IT career and save 2/3 on MCSD Universal Windows Platform certification. We wish you good luck with your exams!

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