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Coming Soon: GNFA, World’s First Network Forensics Certification

giac, gnfa, network forensics, it certification exams, global information assurance certification The incredible development of technology, which we have been witnessing for the past decade has brought a number of new professions and exciting career opportunities. From Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH)  to Digital Forensics, to many of these sound too cool to be true. Yet, they are true. And now digital forensics, more commonly known as Network Forensics, is getting an official certification program. Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC), a leading provider of security certifications, is releasing a brand new credential: GIAC Network Forensics Analyst, or GNFA.

What is Network Forensics?

With a number of cybercriminals and cyber crimes steadily growing (no surprise as more and more various operations are conducted online), there is little wonder that digital forensics is on the rise. From government and law enforcement agencies to private companies and international corporations, digital security and forensics professionals are highly in demand. If you’re eying this career,  you need to know that network forensics experts should be capable of blocking the majority of system attacks, as well as, more importantly, to implicate the aggressors who manage to penetrate the system, or commit a cybercrime.

Cybercriminals become harder and harder to identify as their get better at hiding their traces, so they are harder to identify. Network forensics collects data from network traffic and analyzes it for threats or intrusions. As a result, a good network forensics expert should have a very solid understanding of how the system is built, as well as possess great analytical skills and understand the trends of how traffic flows.

GNFA Certification

Previously, there has been no certification to validate the skills in network forensics. Recently,GAC has announced the very first credential of such kind, GNFA (GIAC Network Forensics Analyst), which will be available starting this Monday, November 3, 2014.

The GNFA certification was developed for professionals who want to validate their qualification to perform examinations employing network forensic artifact analysis. This requires 100% understanding of the fundamentals of network forensics, normal and abnormal conditions for common network protocols, the process and tools used to examine device and system logs, wireless communication and encrypted protocols.

GNFA Exam Will Cover the Following Topics/Objectives:

  • Common Network Protocols – understanding of the behavior, security risks and controls of common network protocols.
  • Encryption and Encoding – techniques and practices used to encode and encrypt common network traffic and common attacks on these controls.
  • NetFlow Analysis and Attack Visualization – the use of NetFlow data and information sources to identify network attacks.
  • Network Analysis Tools and Usage – open source packet analysis tools and their purpose to effectively filter and rebuild data streams for analysis.
  • Network Architecture – design and deployment of a network employing diverse transmission and collection technologies.
  • Network Protocol Reverse Engineering – the tools and techniques required to analyze diverse protocols and data traversing a network environment.
  • Open Source Network Security Proxies – the architecture, deployment, benefits and weaknesses of network security proxies, common log formats and flow of data in a network environment.
  • Security Event and Incident Logging – various log formats, protocols and the security impact of the event generating processes; configuration and deployment strategies to secure and position logging aggregators and collection devices throughout a network environment.
  • Wireless Network Analysis the process to identify and control the risks associated with wireless technologies, protocols and infrastructure.

GNFA exam and certification are available starting November 3, 2014.

Want to Become a Lawyer? Hack LSAT Easily!

lsat, law school admission test, exam preparation, vce filesSo you want to become a lawyer… And what’s the most intimidating thing about law school (besides those insanely high tuition fees)? It’s LSAT – the Law School Admission Test, which needs to be passed by all law school applicants in the US and Canada.

While LSAT is compulsory in North America, the exam is so challenging and reputable that more and more law schools worldwide accept it as an ultimate measure of success for their applicants. Administered only 4 times a year, LSAT measures and validates test taker’s reading comprehension, logical, and verbal reasoning proficiency.

Before you decide on your LSAT preparation tools and best study guides, let’s take a closer look at what you should expect.

LSAT: A Closer Look

The first thing to know is that LSAT is a long test which lasts three and a half hours. IT consists of five multiple choice sections (35 minutes each). Four of these sections are scored, and one is unscored, which means it does not contribute to your test score. This section is typically used to get the data on new test questions. There is also one unscored writing section administered at the end of the test.

ANALYTICAL REASONING: 1 section, approximately 23 questions.

In this section, you will read a passage of 130 words or less that describes a scenario and a set of rules that apply to that scenario. You will have to answer 5-7 questions about the scenario. The scenarios always involve various kinds of relationships, such as: above, next to, before, after, group membership.

LSAT Analytical Reasoning section will have 4 such sets of passages and corresponding questions.

LOGICAL REASONING: 2 sections, approximately 35 questions each.

Essentially, the Logical Reasoning section makes up to half of the exam. There are always two scored Logical Reasoning sections in each LSAT exam.

Each section consists of short argumentative passages on variety of topics, each 20-100 words long. Each passage will be followed by one question

READING COMPREHENSION: 1 section, approximately 27 questions

The Reading Comprehension section of the LSAT contains four sets of reading questions, each set consisting of a selection of reading material followed by five to eight questions. The reading selection in three of the four sets consists of a single reading passage; the other set contains two related shorter passages. Sets with two passages are a variant of Reading Comprehension called Comparative Reading, which was introduced in June 2007. Comparative Reading questions concern the relationships between the two passages, such as those of generalization/ instance, principle/application, or point/counterpoint. Law school work often requires reading two or more texts in conjunction with each other and understanding their relationships. For example, a law student may read a trial court decision together with an appellate court decision that overturns it, or identify the fact pattern from a hypothetical suit together with the potentially controlling case law.


These sections can appear in any order, and you will not be told which section is the additional unscored section. Unlike some other tests where points are deducted for incorrect answers, LSAT does not have any penalty for guessing, so it’s also an option.

In the end of the sections, you will have to provide a writing sample in response to a prompt. This prompt will describe some choice between two mutually exclusive alternatives, and you will have to write a short essay arguing for one alternative over the other. While this writing sample does not contribute to your LSAT score, it is still important. Unlike the unscored multiple choice section, your essay will be seen by law schools you apply to. You will be given 35 minutes to complete this writing task.

How Do I Prepare for LSAT?

Now, the key question so many candidates ask, is HOW DO I PREPARE FOR LSAT WITHOUT SPENDING A FORTUNE?

Well, given the price tag of a law school, the question is more than valid! As an efficient yet affordable alternative to LSAT courses, Avanset’s VCE software provides candidates with the option of interactive computer based exams. VCE software supports a number of question formats, including those used in LSAT. As VCE Mobile versions allow users practice a LSAT exam on the go, it is a good way to save time while studying during your daily commute, short breaks, etc. Moreover, as VCE files are so quick and convenient to share and spread the latest exam questions, you are highly likely to get your hands on real LSAT exam questions before you enter the testing center. Explore how you can benefit from VCE in your LSAT and law school preparation here.

Take New Microsoft Azure and Office 365 Exams For FREE!

microsoft azure, microsoft office, microsoft certified specialist in azure,  microsoft certified solutions associate in office 365 ,  it certification exam, free examWant to get certified in Microsoft Azure or Microsoft Office 365 without spending a dime? For a limited time only, Microsoft is offering FREE exams for Microsoft Certified Specialist in Azure and Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate in Office 365 credentials.

To earn Microsoft Certified Specialist in Azure, pass one or both of these exams:

  • 70-532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions (beta version exam)
  • 70-533: Implementing Azure Infrastructure Solutions

To earn Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate in Office 365, pass both of these exams:

  • 70-346: Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements
  • 70-347: Enabling Office 365 Services


To register for these free Microsoft exams, visit this page to request an exam voucher. Once you receive you voucher, schedule and take your exam by the end of the year, before December, 31, 2014.

Cloudera Certifications: Worth Your Attention

cloud technologies, cloudera, emc,  it certification exams, ccpWhen it comes to certification providers, Cloudera does not seem to be getting the attention it deserves. Yet, this is one of the names in Big Data and cloud technologies that should not be overlooked, especially if you’re serious about your career in the cloud. Let’s explore why Cloudera deserved your attention, and which credentials are worth pursuing.

From the News…

Yesterday, it appeared in the news that Cloudera and EMC had launched a joint data management platform designed to help businesses form a scale-out storage strategy, which the companies say is critical for managing big data.

The platform reportedly combines the Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub with EMC’s Isilon scale-out storage to make silos of application data available for business analytics.

Cloudera’s Enterprise Data Hub is an integrated system that brings application workloads to one pool of data on a common infrastructure, and touts perimeter security and data protection among its bevy of user benefits.

For Isilon customers, the joint platform will make it easier to run Cloudera Enterprise on their data without needing to offload it onto a separate DAS device. As for Cloudera, the Hadoop powerhouse can leverage the partnership to expand its reach in enterprise analytics deployments.

“This joint collaboration with EMC opens up tremendous new analytic capabilities for Isilon customers to analyze their data easily and effectively,” said Tim Stevens, VP of business and corporate development at Cloudera, in a statement. “The wealth of new components and capabilities now available to them will further hasten the use of Hadoop in enterprise environments.”

(in case you’re wondering – Hadoop® is an open source software project that enables the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of commodity servers).

Cloudera CCP and More

With the growing influence of Cloudera, pursing the credential of Cloudera Certified Professional (CCP) is popular with employers and IT job applicants alike as it represents a solid validation of hadoop skills and hands-on experience.

CCP is believed to be the most rigorous and reputable Big Data credential available on the market today. It validates the holders’ skills to execute at the highest level on both traditional exams and hands-on challenges with live data sets.

To help candidates achieve CCP, Cloudera provides comprehensive training for developers, administrators, and data analysts, CCP offers resources to prepare and practice for certification exams.

Cloudera also offers the following credentials:

  • Cloudera Certified Professional: Data Scientist (CCP:DS) – CCP: Data Scientists have demonstrated the skills of an elite group of specialists working with Big Data. Candidates must prove their abilities under real-world conditions, designing and developing a production-ready data science solution that is peer-evaluated for its accuracy, scalability, and robustness.
  • Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop (CCDH) – Individuals who achieve CCDH have demonstrated their technical knowledge, skill, and ability to write, maintain, and optimize Apache Hadoop development projects.
  • Cloudera Certified Administrator for Apache Hadoop (CCAH) – Individuals who earn CCAH have demonstrated the core systems administrator skills sought by companies and organizations deploying Apache Hadoop.
  • Cloudera Certified Specialist in Apache HBase (CCSHB) – Individuals who pass CCSHB have demonstrated a comprehensive knowledge of the technology and skills required by companies using Apache HBase.

So, if you are considering a career in cloud technologies and hadoop, Cloudera credentials are sure to help you boost your profile and set you apart from the crowd.

Passing DAT: There is an Easier Way

dat, dental administration test, exam preparation, vce exam dumps, vce exam simulator, filesWant to become a dentist and plan to apply to an American or Canadian dental school? Then you have a number of learning challenges in front of you, with passing DAT (Dental Administration Test) being the first of many. DAT is a 4.5 hour long multiple choice exam, passing of which is required for all dental school applicants (DAT scores must be included in the application). One of the hardest things about DAT is the fact that it’s rather costly to take: candidates have to pay around USD400 for the test. Therefore, trying your luck and retaking it as many times as you need might be too expensive- and time consuming.

The best way to nail DAT is to study for it. First of all, let’s take a closer look at the exam sections, which will be your four main study areas:

  • The Survey of the Natural Sciences (Biology and Chemistry)

This section of DAT tests candidates’ knowledge in biology, general chemistry and organic chemistry covered in the relevant first-year college courses. The exam consists of 100 items: 40 in biology, 30 in general chemistry, and 30 in organic chemistry. Each section is graded separately, and you will receive separate subscores. A periodic table is available during the DAT exam.

  • Perceptual Ability Test

This part of DAT exam includes various types of nonverbal visual acuity items. There are six sections in the Perceptual Ability Test. One section covers two-dimensional perception, while other sections cover three-dimensional perception. It is important that candidates read and understand the instructions at the beginning of each section as they can be tricky. During the test, candidates are not permitted to use measuring devices (including pencils, fingers etc).

  • Reading Comprehension

DAT Reading Comprehension test consists of three reading passages, each followed by 16-17 questions. The passages are mostly scientific, and are likely to cover topics taught in dental school. While taking the test, you should read each passage carefully before rushing into answering the corresponding questions.

  • Quantitative Reasoning (Applied Mathematics).

The Quantitative Reasoning Test measures candidates’ ability to reason with numbers, to manipulate numerical relationships, and deal intelligently with quantitative materials. A basic calculator will be available during the actual DAT exam.


Key things to remember what you are preparing for DAT Exam:

Time management

In DAT, each exam section is allocated a certain amount of time – as opposed to giving candidates the timeframe of entire exam and letting them manage their time as they wish. In DAT, candidates have to finish each section in the given time. As each section and subsection is graded separately, you should avoid being stuck on one question for too long as it hampers your entire section score. This approach makes DAT different from many other exams, so do not neglect the concept of time management in your exam preparation.

DAT-specific preparation resources

When it comes to DAT, this exam covers a number of subjects and areas.  And while you can refresh your memory in biology or chemistry with a relevant college course book, neglecting DAT- specific preparation materials can be a huge mistake. Some DAT exam areas, like Perceptual Ability, are rather unique, so be sure to explore DAT-specific training materials to get used to them.

Finding the best DAT Preparation Solution

A number of factors make DAT a challenging exam. First of all, it’s the vast scope and serious complexity of the exam. Secondly, it has a number of DAT-specific question types and approaches candidates should be familiar with. Last but not least, time management. The exam is very dynamic, with each section being allocated the timeslot in which it has to be completed. As a result, it is nearly impossible to prepare for DAT by using a book or a DAT study guide. Almost all candidates who have passed the DAT admit to using interactive exam preparation solutions, like VCE software and VCE exam dumps.

VCE for DAT Preparation

VCE technology and software provide users with convenient practice tests that contain real exam questions. VCE practice exams let users allocate time slots to each exam sections, exactly the way it happens on the actual DAT exams. This interactive convenience, paired with the latest DAT questions, this is the ultimate tool for proven DAT success.

The best thing about VCE practice exams is that besides helping you keep track of time as you move through exam questions and providing you with interactive exam experience, VCE software actually helps you learn. VCE practice exams cover huge amounts of information that would be hard to get through in a PDF or a text file. VCE exams both help students test their knowledge and memorize information they need for their exam. Here’s how it works: as you review the questions you had given wrong answers to, your brain automatically memorizes the correct answer. We tend to learn best from our mistakes, don’t we?

VCE Dumps for DAT are usually based on real DAT questions – either the recent ones, or those from a few months back. Explore how you can pass DAT exam with VCE technology.


VCEs For ANY Exam Preparation, from DAT to GMAT & More: Learn While Saving Money

ExamCollection users are known to thrive on their certification exams thanks to VCE files and VCE exam dumps they use in their exam preparation process. At the moment, our website mostly hosts VCE materials for IT Certification exams. But of course this does not mean that VCE files and VCE software can only be used for IT exams.

VCE technology has its fans in various fields and industries, and its users include everyone from language learners to visual arts professionals.

vce, exam preparation, vce exam dumps, vce exam simulator, vce files, examcollection news, pdf to vce, it certification examsVCE format can be used for any exam preparation, from high school quizzes to graduate admission exams and any kind of standardized tests or professional certifications. The format is especially convenient when it comes to college and graduate admission exams, career tests, teaching certification exams, health and fitness, as well as other professional credential exams. VCE technology is irreplaceable when it comes to exams associated with medical schools and law schools.

Why are VCE files so good for students? When the costs of a degree a creeping up and you can feel the burden of student loans well before you graduate, finding an affordable learning tool becomes even more crucial. VCE Software comes with flexible subscription options, where students can opt of the duration that best meets their needs. And whatever option they choose, the cost of this exam prep will still be a lot more affordable than those overpriced ‘official’ publications, courses and online training.

Compared to official certification exam study guides that blindly follow lengthy blueprints, VCE exam dumps have a huge advantage: information selection. If a VCE file comes from a reliable source and has positive recent reviews and feedback, you are likely to get the exact questions that appear on your exam. Hence, you learn exactly what you need to learn and avoid overloading yourself with unnecessary details that you won’t be asked on the exam.

At ExamCollection, we plan to expand the portfolio of vendors and VCE exams soon, so our IT certification community will exceed the scope of IT. We’re excited and are looking forward to welcoming new members.

If you’re new to VCE file format and VCE technology, you can learn more about it here.

These are some features of the VCE Software:

  • Create your own VCE files or open the files created by someone else.
  • Various question types to suit your needs / specific exam/ practice approach, including: multiple choice questions, fill in the blank questions, select and place / drag-n-drop questions, point and shoot questions (picking a point on the image), hot area questions (picking an area out of the few options given), create a tree questions, build list and reorder, drop and connect questions.
  • Print option – you can either print out the entire exam, or select the parts you need printed.
  • Importing questions from various file formats, including txt, rtf, PDF (PDF file conversion can be done with Exam Formatter, a free tool that allows for an easy file conversion. A tutorial on how to convert PDF into VCE files, which also includes some other tips and tricks, is available here).
  • Embedding images. The option to embed images in jpg, gif and png formats.
  • Maximized convenience. The VCE software gives the option of saving the current testing session and coming back to it later. You can also save and review the testing history, go back to the questions that hadn’t been answered correctly and more.
  • Versatility. The VCE software can be useful to anyone and everyone in need to test their knowledge and skills through an interactive exam platform – from middle school students and their parents to language learners to seasoned IT professionals.
  • Support of foreign characters. The latest version of the VCE Software supports non-English characters, so it can be used by non-English speakers, as well as by language learners to test their foreign language skills. From Spanish to Chinese, VCE enables the support of foreign characters.
  • Various platforms. VCE software is available for Windows, Mac OS, as well as Android and iOS phones and tablets.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting overviews of various certification and admission exams, the candidates for which can benefit from VCE software and VCE exam dumps.

In The Spotlight: Big Data Concept & Latest Certifications

big data, hp, it certification, it certification exam, hp atp data protector v9, hp ase records manager administrator v8 HP has just introduced two new big data certifications you might find useful. But before we get to them, let’s look into the concept of big data. What exactly is it?

Besides being another tech buzzword we keep hearing, what is big data really about? And will this concept be around long enough for you to build a career?

What is Big Data

According to SAS definition, the term big data describes the exponential growth and availability of data, both structured and unstructured. And big data may be as important to business – and society – as the Internet has become – because larger volumes of data may lead to more accurate analyses.

Basically, big data is a comprehensive term for any collection of data sets that are too large and complex to be processed with traditional data processing applications. The concept of big data, as well as the need for in-depth analysis, detailed capture, curation, search, sharing, storage, transfer, visualization of larger data sets has recently become increasingly popular due to the need for additional information, such as correlations and business trends that can only be seen in the larger data sets. Analyzing larger amounts of data is beneficial to a number of fields and industries. As a result, big data technologies allow businesses and governments to spot business trends, prevent diseases, decrease crime rate and etc.

Big data is difficult to work with using most relational database management systems and desktop statistics and visualization packages, requiring instead massively parallel software running on tens, hundreds, or even thousands of servers” – this software is referred to as big data solutions that encompass data management and analytics. Big data has boosted the demand for information management specialists specializing in data management and analytics.

As more and more companies offer advanced off-the-shelf solutions for big data, it is natural that a number of big data certifications becomes available, too. Like with other tech certification programs, big data certification focus on various aspects, some of them are vendor- specific, while the others aren’t. Here you can see some of the most prominent big data certifications if you consider pursuing a credential in this field.

At the moment, Hewlett Packard seems to have become one of big data top influencers, with HP solutions leading the market. The most prominent big data solutions include HP Records Manager Administrator and HP Data Protector. The company has recently launched two related certifications:

  • Learn more about the HP ASE – Records Manager Administrator v8 certification (Expert level certification)
  • Learn more about the HP ATP – Data Protector v9 certification (Professional level certification)

HP ATP – Data Protector v9

This professional level credential validates the candidates’ capabilities of configuring and managing HP Data Protector software. It assesses in-depth understanding of backup and recovery concepts as implemented by the HP Data Protector software. It also verifies in-depth knowledge of the functionality of the software as well as its application to typical storage implementations.

Is this certification right for me?

HP ATP – Data Protector v9 credential is right for you if you want to…

  • … help organizations make the decision on how and where to protect data, whether it is on-premise, in the cloud, or with a hybrid strategy
  • … bring to the IT storage team the ability to refine recovery point and time objectives based on the importance of the information being protected
  • … jump-start your career as a storage administrator with a leading vendor certification
  • … complement and enhance your recognized storage administration skills and role with vendor-specific subject matter expertise

HP ATP – Data Protector v9 is a good match for candidates who are storage and systems administrators with a thorough understanding of backup and recovery concepts, who are already using or looking into adopting HP Data Protector software to help organizations more effectively address the challenges of protecting their information.

HP ASE – Records Manager Administrator v8

HP ASE – Records Manager Administrator v8 is an expert level credential that validates the candidates’ skills to configure and maintain an HP Records Manager dataset. Moreover, HP ASE – Records Manager Administrator v8 certification holders have a working knowledge of all core functions, including security, Retention Schedules, Classifications, Thesaurus, Locations, and Record Types. They are also confident using other features, such as Alerts, Document Queues, User Labels, Dropzones, and Reporting.

HP ASE – Records Manager Administrator v8 certification targets Records Managers and any staff responsible for the initial configuration and/or ongoing maintenance of HP Records Manager. It validates the holders’ understanding of HP Records Manager’s document management and record management features, as well as thorough understanding of how to use and configure security, Retention Schedules, Classifications, Thesaurus, Locations, and Record Types. The credential shows that its holders have no trouble creating and maintaining other HP Records Manager objects, the knowledge of configuring user-based tools/features (Alerts, Document Queues, Reporting, and Workflow), as well as understanding of the principles of physical records management.

Summing up

Big data is likely to become among the biggest technology trends for the coming years, so pursing a reputable certification in this field looks like a great career path.

The New Windows Is On Its Way: Have You Heard of Windows 10?

Last week, Microsoft gave the first presentation of Windows 10, the new version of the operating system, which is due to come out next year. Although the presentation wasn’t accompanied by the hype and PR characteristic of Apple and some other products, the news is huge.

With Windows 10, Microsoft seems to go out of its way to win back the users the company lost with Windows 8 (if you hate the 8, know that you’re not the only one!). Therefore, the new OS will get a bunch for great features – both new and returning (yes, the Start menu is coming back!). Windows 10 will also feature an updated Notifications Center and the Cortana voice assistant  which Windows Phone users are already familiar with. Windows 10 will also enable users to run multiple virtual desktops simultaneously.

To give developers a better idea of what to expect, Microsoft has released a very early built version of the operating system which they call Windows 10 Technical Preview. So if you’re a tech enthusiast who wouldn’t mind spending time playing with Microsoft’s work-in-progress buggy product, you are welcome to download it, test it, and share your feedback, which Microsoft will supposedly take into consideration as they work on the operating system. This is called Microsoft Insider Program, and it’s open to anyone.

Watch this video for a quick Windows 10 preview and learn how you can try it out for yourself:

Here’s a quick recap of Windows 10 features. There are definitely more to come, and, according to Microsoft, even the design isn’t finalized yet. What we’ll get next year should be even more exciting.

Guess who’s back… Good to see you again, Start Menu! Bigger and better than before, Start Menu will feature live tile section, which users can customize according to their liking and app preferences:

windows 10

More windows for Windows 10. Now everything runs in a window. Apps from the Windows Store now open in the same format as desktop apps, so the windows can be moved around, resized etc.

windows 10

Snap enhancements: Windows 10 allows up to 4 apps and programs to be snapped on the same screen with a new quadrant layout. Additional screen space can be filled with other apps.

windows 10

NEW: task view button is being added to the taskbar to allow quick access and switching between the files and apps.

windows 10

Multiple virtual desktops with Task View. Windows 10 also adds the ability to run multiple desktops on the same PC via a feature called Task View. After opening Task View, all you have to do to open a new desktop is click a black rectangle with a plus sign over it. Once you have more desktops open, they’ll appear as individual tiles at the bottom of your screen, oriented in horizontal fashion. You can also pull apps that are open in one virtual desktop over to other ones, which is called “Snap Assist.

Summing up…

As soon as the presentation was over in San Francisco, users started pointing out the similarities the new operating system has to various Mac OS versions and the Ubuntu. While these comments are fair enough and it seems like while the new Microsoft OS is likely to be ‘the best Windows yet’, it sure won’t be revolutionary or groundbreaking. The pricing and packages information isn’t available yet, so we’ll have to wait and see how much Windows 10 is going to cost us. Stay tunes for updates on Windows 10 as they come out.