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Passing DAT: There is an Easier Way

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  • October 14, 2014
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dat, dental administration test, exam preparation, vce exam dumps, vce exam simulator, filesWant to become a dentist and plan to apply to an American or Canadian dental school? Then you have a number of learning challenges in front of you, with passing DAT (Dental Administration Test) being the first of many. DAT is a 4.5 hour long multiple choice exam, passing of which is required for all dental school applicants (DAT scores must be included in the application). One of the hardest things about DAT is the fact that it’s rather costly to take: candidates have to pay around USD400 for the test. Therefore, trying your luck and retaking it as many times as you need might be too expensive- and time consuming.

The best way to nail DAT is to study for it. First of all, let’s take a closer look at the exam sections, which will be your four main study areas:

  • The Survey of the Natural Sciences (Biology and Chemistry)

This section of DAT tests candidates’ knowledge in biology, general chemistry and organic chemistry covered in the relevant first-year college courses. The exam consists of 100 items: 40 in biology, 30 in general chemistry, and 30 in organic chemistry. Each section is graded separately, and you will receive separate subscores. A periodic table is available during the DAT exam.

  • Perceptual Ability Test

This part of DAT exam includes various types of nonverbal visual acuity items. There are six sections in the Perceptual Ability Test. One section covers two-dimensional perception, while other sections cover three-dimensional perception. It is important that candidates read and understand the instructions at the beginning of each section as they can be tricky. During the test, candidates are not permitted to use measuring devices (including pencils, fingers etc).

  • Reading Comprehension

DAT Reading Comprehension test consists of three reading passages, each followed by 16-17 questions. The passages are mostly scientific, and are likely to cover topics taught in dental school. While taking the test, you should read each passage carefully before rushing into answering the corresponding questions.

  • Quantitative Reasoning (Applied Mathematics).

The Quantitative Reasoning Test measures candidates’ ability to reason with numbers, to manipulate numerical relationships, and deal intelligently with quantitative materials. A basic calculator will be available during the actual DAT exam.


Key things to remember what you are preparing for DAT Exam:

Time management

In DAT, each exam section is allocated a certain amount of time – as opposed to giving candidates the timeframe of entire exam and letting them manage their time as they wish. In DAT, candidates have to finish each section in the given time. As each section and subsection is graded separately, you should avoid being stuck on one question for too long as it hampers your entire section score. This approach makes DAT different from many other exams, so do not neglect the concept of time management in your exam preparation.

DAT-specific preparation resources

When it comes to DAT, this exam covers a number of subjects and areas.  And while you can refresh your memory in biology or chemistry with a relevant college course book, neglecting DAT- specific preparation materials can be a huge mistake. Some DAT exam areas, like Perceptual Ability, are rather unique, so be sure to explore DAT-specific training materials to get used to them.

Finding the best DAT Preparation Solution

A number of factors make DAT a challenging exam. First of all, it’s the vast scope and serious complexity of the exam. Secondly, it has a number of DAT-specific question types and approaches candidates should be familiar with. Last but not least, time management. The exam is very dynamic, with each section being allocated the timeslot in which it has to be completed. As a result, it is nearly impossible to prepare for DAT by using a book or a DAT study guide. Almost all candidates who have passed the DAT admit to using interactive exam preparation solutions, like VCE software and VCE exam dumps.

VCE for DAT Preparation

VCE technology and software provide users with convenient practice tests that contain real exam questions. VCE practice exams let users allocate time slots to each exam sections, exactly the way it happens on the actual DAT exams. This interactive convenience, paired with the latest DAT questions, this is the ultimate tool for proven DAT success.

The best thing about VCE practice exams is that besides helping you keep track of time as you move through exam questions and providing you with interactive exam experience, VCE software actually helps you learn. VCE practice exams cover huge amounts of information that would be hard to get through in a PDF or a text file. VCE exams both help students test their knowledge and memorize information they need for their exam. Here’s how it works: as you review the questions you had given wrong answers to, your brain automatically memorizes the correct answer. We tend to learn best from our mistakes, don’t we?

VCE Dumps for DAT are usually based on real DAT questions – either the recent ones, or those from a few months back. Explore how you can pass DAT exam with VCE technology.


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