How Do I Create VCE Files?

By | September 3, 2014

vce files, vce exam dumps, vce exam simulator, pdf to vceOver the last few weeks, we’ve started getting a lot more registrations and comments. It clearly shows that autumn has started, so everyone is getting back to studying and career upgrade plans, and we’re excited to see you all! Welcome!!! Most of our new customers contact us with one single yet important question: HOW DO I CREATE VCE FILES?

So, yes… how?

While most of our long term customers know how the VCE system works,  it is very easy for ExamCollection newbies to get confused. So, for the next few posts we’ll be focusing on VCE files, technology, and how you can make the most of your VCE and ExamCollection experience.

To understand what VCE files are about, we recommend that you read this article. This is a nice intro to the subject.

In this post, we’ll focus on creating the VCE files. First of all, VCE files are created and played by the software called VCE Exam Simulator, created by some incredibly smart people in Avanset.

VCE software comes in two options: VCE Exam Simulator BASIC and VCE Exam Simulator PRO. The main difference between them is that VCE Exam Simulator BASIC only allows users to play premade VCE files while the PRO version also supports creation of new VCE files.

So, the short answer to your question is that you need VCE Exam Simulator PRO to create your own VCE files.

Another question: Where do people get content for those VCE dumps?

This question can have a multitude of answers, and most ExamCollection members avoid answering it honestly. Some people, for example, have amazing memory and manage to create accurate VCE files of exams they have taken they come back from the testing center. Many of our users upload exam practice materials that are sold online, like TestKing or Pass4sure. These companies sell training materials that contain a high percentage of actual exam questions. Others have friends or relatives working at the testing centers, so they are able to provide some useful information and etc. The possibilities are infinite!

Do also note that the VCE files you create do not have to be based around IT certification exams. The VCE software allows you to create any interactive tests, so it can be used for any audience or purpose. It is especially popular with IT professionals because it was originally created by IT people and for IT people, but it is currently used by non-IT users, too.

For example, many Avanset customers who buy the software for their IT certification exam practice eventually use it to create some spelling or math tests for their kids. In fact, Avanset has lots of younger customers, starting from middle school, who use VCE files to learn foreign languages, to prepare for school quizzes and simply memorize learning materials through this interactive practice, which many claim to be easier and more fun than traditional learning approaches. VCE software is also used by some companies for HR testing, proficiency reviews, performance appraisals, and other corporate purposes. Here’s an overview of how VCE exams technology can be used.

If I have a PDF file, can I import it into the VCE?

Imagine having a PDF file that you want to turn into an interactive test. You don’t need to retype it manually, since it can be easily imported into your VCE file through ExamFormatter. This is a free tool, specially developed to import PDF files into VCEs.

ExamFormatter is absolutely free, and can be downloaded and installed in less than a minute. The software automatically imports images from the PDF, supports protected PDF files (you don’t need to remove protection before importing these PDFs). The software also has the option of automatic question number format selection, customization of answer choice and correct answer signature, and supports smart line break removing feature. We have compiled a comprehensive ExamFormatter tutorial, which you can read here.

So, now you know the basics of creating your very own VCE files. The process is really easy and takes very little practice. Once you create your very first IT certification exam braindump, be sure to share it with our IT Certification community.

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