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VMware Certification Exams in 2022: What Updates and Changes Are Expected for IT Specialists?

Technology is advancing rapidly, so the market with the available job roles and the vendors with their certification programs always try to match the current changes. The old exams are withdrawn, while the new ones are released in order to address the new requirements of the field. Thus, VMware, which offers a variety of tests… Read More »

Explore Main Changes to Oracle Certification Program to Rush into 2022 as a Winner

The exam retirement process is an important point in any certification program lifecycle. The old tests go away and new ones come to replace them, which is why some vendors notify their candidates about any changes happening in their programs. The same rule applies to the Oracle portfolio and the paths it has. The notification… Read More »

What Certifications Does Microsoft Plan to Withdraw in 2022 and Why?

The world is transforming rapidly, which is why various technologies and job roles associated with them change every year. To keep the certification programs relevant, the vendors continually review their qualification exams and certificates to be sure that they reflect the latest skills you should have. The same goes for Microsoft. The company keeps track… Read More »

CompTIA Certification Program in 2022: Exam Updates and Key Changes

CompTIA is a company that promotes the growth of the industry, the development of a highly-skilled workforce, as well as a commitment to creating an environment with innovation, benefits, and opportunities that are available to everyone. This is a vendor-neutral and independent source, which covers a wide range of technology-related topics. CompTIA offers its own… Read More »

What’s New in Cisco Certification Program and How Can Its Changes Affect Your Career in 2022?

Cisco is one of the popular companies that help transform business through technology. It knows everything about networking, security, Cloud, collaboration, and data center. Thus, its certification program is one of the best options for the individuals interested in enhancing their skills in these areas. Each year, various technologies change because of how many new… Read More »

What Data-Related Certifications Are Available to IT Professionals in 2022?

The individuals who work in the domains of data science and data analytics can measure and highlight their skills using the special certifications. There are many certificates that focus on this knowledge area. In this article, we are going to take a look at three of them: Dell EMC Specialist – Data Scientist, Advanced Analytics,… Read More »

Do You Want to Show Your Competence as a Security Specialist? Here Are Some of the Best Certifications That Can Help You Succeed in 2022!

Security is among the most important aspects of the IT industry. It is a crucial point, which is why the companies often try to create strong and reliable security teams. Those who work in this domain and want to evaluate and highlight their professional skills can do it with the help of the security-related certifications.… Read More »

Amazon, Cisco, CompTIA and Their Best Security Certifications to Consider in 2022

Security is a crucial point for any IT company because it all depends on how secure is the system this organization is using. To keep the system safe from the current and new cyber threats, the companies should be ready to face them with dignity. For this purpose, many organizations try to create reliable security… Read More »

Top 5 IT Certifications Considered Game-Changers for Your IT Career in 2022

Understanding the industry you are in is an important part of improving your career. If you know the ins and outs of the sector and explore various platforms in search of news and upcoming changes, this means that you are an individual who wants to keep up with the pace of this fast-changing world. The… Read More »

5 IT Certifications to Get You a High-Paying Job in 2022

The certification vendors make some changes to their programs every year so that the individuals who are interested in their services can gain the latest skills needed in the IT industry. Thus, new changes are coming in 2022. To boost your current IT career or have a good start in the IT field, you can… Read More »