CompTIA Certification Program in 2022: Exam Updates and Key Changes

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  • November 12, 2021
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CompTIA is a company that promotes the growth of the industry, the development of a highly-skilled workforce, as well as a commitment to creating an environment with innovation, benefits, and opportunities that are available to everyone. This is a vendor-neutral and independent source, which covers a wide range of technology-related topics.
CompTIA offers its own certification program to help you gain a high level of expertise and get the needed skills that are relevant to the current reality. This portfolio covers various domains, each with certain paths and levels of difficulty. All in all, the vendor has 4 IT levels that validate different knowledge standards, from Entry to Expert. Each path is valid for three years, and after this period, the company provides the interested candidates with a new version of the qualification test. Thus, in 2022, some certificates are going to change due to the expiration of the validity of their exams.

Almost half of the whole program will be changed. The certifications that are affected by this transformation include the following:

1. CompTIA Network+

This is one of the most popular CompTIA certificates, and it is time for it to evolve in order to fit the reality of our world that is full of technologies. The certification shows that you have the technical skills that are required to be able to securely establish, troubleshoot, as well as maintain the essential networks that businesses rely on.
The previous version of the qualification exam is known as CompTIA N10-007 and its retirement date is scheduled for June 2022. You can still manage to take this option or go for the CompTIA N10-008 test that is newer and covers more relevant field areas. The new exam has the same structure and number of questions, but it is still only available in English.

2. CompTIA Cloud+

This certification is all about the Cloud-based infrastructure services, migration to Cloud, as well as deployment, optimization, and protection of mission critical applications and data storage. Nowadays, it is important to have the skills in operating multiCloud environments, which is why the IT specialists need to deal with many new challenges. Therefore, it is time for CompTIA to change this path as well.

CompTIA CV0-002 is an old exam of the path, which is going to retire on January 7, 2022. This means that almost from the very beginning of 2022, the individuals interested in this sector will need to take the CompTIA CV0-003 test. If you are a candidate who wants to recertify, you should also be ready for this new version. It has the same requirements and structure, but you have to check the topics to know what has been added or changed.

3. CompTIA Server+

This certification validates one’s hands-on skills in installing, managing, as well as troubleshooting servers in data centers, on-premise environments, and hybrid environments. It is not restricted to a single platform, which is why a successfully certified candidate will be able to do his/her job in any environment.

The vendor offered the CompTIA SK0-004 exam as the one you should pass, while it is now recommended that you go for the newer version because the old one will be withdrawn on January 7, 2022. CompTIA SK0-005, which is a qualification test relevant to the today’s IT field, demonstrates the multi-step knowledge of the candidates and proves that they know how to securely deploy, troubleshoot, and administer servers. Please note that the new version contains only 90 questions, instead of 100 in the previous option and is available in the English language.

4. CompTIA PenTest+

As for this certification, it is intended for those cybersecurity specialists who should be able to deal with the penetration testing and vulnerability management tasks. It is all about planning and scoping, attacks and exploits, as well as reporting and code analysis.

Until April 2022, the CompTIA PT0-001 exam will be active and you can still take it before the retirement date. However, the new version is already recommended for the potential candidates. CompTIA PT0-002 is what will occupy the minds of many individuals in 2022. The new test covers the details of all the penetration testing stages and the latest techniques against the expanded attack surfaces. The exam structure is exactly the same, but the topics are different.

5. CompTIA CASP+

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner is another certification that undergoes changes in 2022. This is a cybersecurity certificate of the Advanced level, which is developed for the security architects and senior security engineers who are charged with the tasks related to the improvement of an enterprise’s cybersecurity readiness.
The previous exam is known as CompTIA CAS-003 and its relevancy will end on April 5, 2022. After that, only the CompTIA CAS-004 test will be available for the potential applicants. It is recommended that you go for the new exam to be a valuable asset for any company. This test is also relevant for those individuals who want to recertify and update their certificate. It contains 90 questions, which should be cleared within 165 minutes. The exam is already available in English and will be available in Japanese at a later date.


Keeping your certification up to date means that your skillset and knowledge base stay relevant to the company you are working for. Thus, CompTIA helps the IT professionals by updating its program and providing them with new exams and topics. You need to understand that when the test changes, all its subject areas and preparation materials transform as well. Therefore, you should know when this transformation is scheduled in order to understand what to expect.

To stay updated, it is recommended that you subscribe to the newsletter and keep track of the news on the official website. CompTIA also has a blog and a newsroom where you can learn some interesting and useful details of the IT industry or changes in its certification program. There are also press releases and other options that you can utilize to know more and be ready for everything. So, choose the options you like and follow the trends without any issues.

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