Do You Want to Show Your Competence as a Security Specialist? Here Are Some of the Best Certifications That Can Help You Succeed in 2022!

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  • November 12, 2021
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Security is among the most important aspects of the IT industry. It is a crucial point, which is why the companies often try to create strong and reliable security teams. Those who work in this domain and want to evaluate and highlight their professional skills can do it with the help of the security-related certifications. There are many certificates that focus on this area, but today we are going to take a quick look at the following options:

  • EC-Council Certified Network Defender

This certification is revolved around network attacks and defense strategies, administrative network security, network perimeter security, technical network security, data security, and administrative application security. The potential candidates need to know about enterprise wireless network security, enterprise Cloud network security, and enterprise virtual network security as well. Besides that, the certificate covers endpoint security along with Linux systems, Windows systems, IoT devices, and mobile devices. Additionally, it concentrates on network logs monitoring and analysis, network traffic monitoring and analysis, threat prediction with cyber threat intelligence, business continuity and disaster recovery, as well as incident response and forensic investigation. You should also know about threat assessment with attack surface analysis and risk anticipation with risk management. There is only one test that you need to pass, which consists of 100 questions and lasts for four hours.

  • (ISC)2 Certified Cloud Security Professional

As for this certification, it measures the skills of the individuals in six areas, including Cloud data security, Cloud concepts, architecture and design, Cloud security operations, Cloud application security, Cloud platform & infrastructure security, as well as legal, risk, and compliance. The certificate has some requirements that the interested applicants should meet. The specialists need to possess at least five years of cumulative, full-time work experience in Information Technology. Three years of them need to be in information security and one year of experience should be in one of the above-mentioned domains. Those who want to get certified need to pass one exam. It lasts three hours and contains 125 questions. The passing score is 700 out of 1000.

  • VMware Certified Professional – Security

This certification focuses on VMware security solutions. It measures the expertise of the applicants in deploying CB defense sensors to endpoints, deploying and configuring NSX-T, as well as installing and configuring the guest Introspection agent components in VMTools. It is also important to have the skills in configuring and managing security groups and security policies in NSX-T, configuring and managing firewalls rules for NSX-T, configuring and managing security groups and security policies in Carbon Black, configuring firewall rules to enable and secure Workspace ONE components, and connecting NSX-T manager to user directory for the user-based firewall rules. Besides that, the certificate evaluates your proficiency in troubleshooting common Carbon Black issues, common NSX component issues, connectivity issues, Workspace ONE issues around endpoint security, common physical infrastructure issues, and multi-cloud security issues. In addition, it covers the details of the management of the security policies for business continuity and disaster recovery, management of the access policies for Single Sign-On and third-party Identity Provider federation, as well as management of the firewall policies. Also, a potential candidate needs to have the expertise in performing the patch management in Workspace ONE and monitoring security for compliance and regulation assurance. Those who plan to earn this certification need to take one of the required training courses and deal with one test that comes with 70 questions and lasts for 130 minutes.

  • CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst

This certification pays attention to software & hardware assurance best practices and the importance of frameworks, policies, procedures, and controls. Furthermore, it evaluates your skills in applying security solutions for infrastructure management, analyzing data as a part of continuous security monitoring activities, as well as implementing the configuration changes to the existing controls to improve security. The certificate covers the details of the application of security concepts in support of organizational risk mitigation, utilization and application of proactive threat intelligence for the support of organizational security and performing vulnerability management activities. It requires a minimum of four years of practical information security experience. There is only one qualification exam, which lasts for 165 minutes and includes a maximum of 85 questions.

  • Cisco CCNP Security

This last certification in our list is all about common threats against the on-premises and Cloud environments, identity management and secure network access concepts, as well as deployment models of network security solutions and architectures, which provide intrusion prevention and firewall capabilities. Furthermore, it concentrates on implementing management options for network security solutions, implementing segmentation, AVC, access control policies, malware protection, and URL filtering. The potential candidates should have the skills in configuring and verifying site-to-site VPN and remote access VPN, setting secure network management of perimeter security and infrastructure devices, and configuring AAA for device and network access. In addition, the certificate measures the competence of the specialists in implementing the capture methods and traffic redirection, configuring and verifying the email and web security deployment methods to protect the on-premises and remote users, and configuring and verifying the features of email security. To get certified, the learners need to nail the core test that is known as Cisco 350-701 and pass one of several concentration exams.

Concluding Words

These were just five certificates that focus on the security domain. You may get to know them closer to realize whether they match your interests or not. On the other hand, there are many other security-related certifications that can fit your professional needs. Therefore, explore different options to find the most suitable option. Regardless of your choice, be sure to prepare for your challenge with great deliberation. Those individuals who prefer to study on their own can pay attention to self-paced learning tools. At the same time, the individuals who like to study with the help of a certified tutor can consider utilizing instructor-led training courses.

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