Oracle Combo: Four New Exams

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  • October 19, 2017
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This news is too hot for this cold and wet autumn. But it certainly will not leave anyone indifferent. Oracle launched four new and promising exams at once. We think that no one will remain uncertified this fall. Every individual can find an appropriate way to become an Oracle certified specialist, especially when there are four ways to do it! Let’s be certified!

Oracle Database 12c R2

Exam # 1. Upgrade Oracle DBA 11g or 12c to 12c R2 (1Z0-074)

The 1Z0-074 exam consists of 75 multiple choice questions and lasts 2 hours. The passing score is 63%.

Exam topics include: Using CDBs and Application Containers; Managing Users and Users Access to Data in a Multitenant Environment; Creating Different Types of PDBs; Recovering and Flashing back CDBs and PDBs; Managing Performance in PDBs and CDBs; Upgrading Database from 11g or 12.1 to 12.2; Creating and Managing Profiles and Privileges; Performing Unified Auditing; Using Data Redaction; Using Data Encryption; Using TSPD policies with Auditing and Column Encryption; Creating and Managing backup and recovery catalog; Recovering a database; Transporting a tablespace; Using Oracle Data Pump, SQL*Loader and External Tables; Performing In Memory Column Store; Tuning SQL Statements; Memory and Other Performance Enhancements; Applying Different Types of Partitioning; Manageability; Using Diagnostic Enhancements; Managing Oracle Database Cloud Services; Using SQL Enhancements; Using Information Lifecycle Management and Storage Enhancements; Administrating Storage.

This exam is associated with the Oracle Database 12c R2 Administration Certified Professional certification. The first step to earn this cert is the availability of the Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Professional or the Oracle Database 12c Administrator Certified Professional certifications. The second step – pass the exam.

As for the exam preparation, complete one the following training courses: Oracle Database 12c R2: New Features for 12c R1 Administrators Ed 1 and Oracle Database 12c R1: New Features for Administrators Ed 2.

Database Cloud

Exam # 2. MySQL Cloud Service 2018 Implementation Essentials (1Z0-320)

The 1Z0-320 exam consists of 79 multiple choice questions and lasts 2 hours. The passing score is 60%.

Exam topics include: Oracle MySQL Enterprise Product Suite; Installation and Architecture; Database Design; MySQL Security; Leverage MySQL Enterprise Monitor; Leverage MySQL Backup; MySQL Overview of High Availability and Replication; MySQL Cloud Service.

This exam is associated with the MySQL Cloud Service 2018 Certified Implementation Specialist certification.

Oracle Manufacturing Cloud

Exam # 3. Oracle Manufacturing Cloud 2017 Implementation Essentials (1Z0-348)

The 1Z0-348 exam consists of 65 multiple choice questions and lasts 2 hours. The passing score is 60%.

Exam topics include: Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud Common Configuration; Manufacturing Set Up; Manage Items and Item Structures; Manage Work Definitions; Manage work orders; Execute Production; Manufacturing Integrations; Manufacturing Costing; Reporting and Analytics for Manufacturing.

This exam is associated with the Oracle Manufacturing Cloud 2017 Certified Implementation Specialist certification. An Oracle Manufacturing Cloud 2017 Certified Implementation Specialist has demonstrated the knowledge required to use Manufacturing Cloud on a project. Individuals who earn this certification are able to perform manufacturing set-up, manage items and item structures, and understand the complexities of manufacturing integration.


Exam # 4. Oracle Payroll Cloud 2017 Implementation Essentials (1Z0-969)

The 1Z0-969 exam consists of 74 multiple choice questions and lasts 2 hours. The passing score is 64%.

Exam topics include: Payroll Concepts; Payroll Definitions; Earnings and Deduction Definitions; Payroll Payment Details; Payroll Costing Rules; Employee Level Payroll Information; Payroll Flows; Calculate, Validate and Correct Payroll Processes.

This exam is associated with the Oracle Payroll Cloud 2017 Certified Implementation Specialist certification. An Oracle Payroll Cloud 2017 Certified Implementation Specialist has demonstrated the knowledge required to set up Oracle Payroll Cloud using Workforce Deployment tasks offered in the functional setup manager.  Individuals who earn this certification are able to identify the key concepts of Oracle Payroll Cloud and use Oracle Payroll Cloud Functional Setup Manager (FSM) to implement payroll.

Don’t forget to visit ExamCollection website to track free exam materials for these four Oracle novelties.

It’s only up to you to choose your best way to earn a well-respected credential to demonstrate IT expertise in the marketplace.

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