Cisco: New Exam for New Certification

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  • October 16, 2017
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Cisco has not pleased us with news for a long time. But today we have news from this IT company and it is good!

On November 15, 2017, Cisco will release a new Mastering the Cisco Business Architecture Discipline (840-450 DTBAD) exam which is associated with a new Cisco Business Architecture Practitioner certification.

The Mastering the Cisco Business Architecture Discipline (840-450) exam is a 90-minute, 65–75 question assessment that verifies a candidate’s knowledge and skills that relate to:

  • Being able to design a customer journey map from the current state to the desired state
  • Mapping the customer, the technology, and the business journey of an engagement
  • Customer maturity and how that relates to a Business Architecture engagement
  • Tools and techniques of a Business Architecture engagement

The exam topics will include:

  • Business Acumen
  • Engagement Artifacts
  • Roadmap Creation
  • Engaging with the Customer
  • Advanced Tools and Techniques

The Mastering the Cisco Business Architecture Discipline (DTBAD) course is the recommended training for this exam. This course will give candidates the knowledge to formulate how investments in technology enable customers to achieve the required target state business opportunities.

From our side, we advise to join our IT certification community at ExamCollection website to track Cisco free exam materials.

The 840-450 exam is associated with the Cisco Business Architecture Practitioner certification. This new cert will build and extend the skills inherent in the Cisco Business Architect.

The Cisco Business Architecture Practitioner certification will help candidates to identify and implement strategies to transform businesses, create, refine, and document business cases, roadmaps, and other plan artifacts that deliver on the desired outcomes.

Those who achieve this level of expertise will be able to fully lead a business engagement, developing a comprehensive roadmap, managing engagement artifacts, and effortlessly participating at all levels within an organization to build rapport and credibility.

Take your strong position in business with new Cisco certification!

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