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  • June 21, 2017
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The world of IT is very dynamic and it requires skilled people who can manage the latest equipment with more and more complicated network system. This is why IBM certified people are more experienced as they have been well-trained and pass the international standard examinations for the most advanced IT subjects.

This summer IBM gives an opportunity to mature specialists and future professionals to become more experienced and interesting for employers.

Recently IBM presented new C2150-630: IBM BigFix Inventory V9.5 and Licence Metric Tool V9.2 Administration exam.

The C2150-630 exam is associated with the IBM Certified Administrator – BigFix Inventory V9.5 and Licence Metric Tool V9.2 certification.

This intermediate level certification is intended for administrators who are familiar with product functionality and have extensive hands-on experience with IBM BigFix Inventory V9.5 and License Metric Tool V9.2. The typical candidate can plan, install, configure, deploy, maintain, troubleshoot and support it.

The key areas of competency are:

  • Describe BigFix architecture and Console.
  • Design, install, configure, troubleshoot, maintain and optimize the IBM BigFix Inventory V9.5 and License Metric Tool V9.2 software and components.
  • Perform problem determination and performance tuning for IBM BigFix Inventory V9.5 and License Metric Tool V9.2.
  • Customize various components of IBM BigFix Inventory V9.5 and License Metric Tool V9.2 to support customer requirements.

The C2150-630: IBM BigFix Inventory V9.5 and Licence Metric Tool V9.2 Administration exam represents 60 questions requiring single and multiple answers. It lasts 105 minutes and requires passing score of 56%.

The test consists of 5 sections: Section 1 – Plan and Install; Section 2 – Configure; Section 3 – Deploy; Section 4 – Maintain; Section 5 – Troubleshoot.

To pass the C2150-630 exam, candidates must have working knowledge of TCP/IP, network topology and troubleshooting, current Microsoft SQL and IBM DB2 Server, Linux and Windows operating systems and software installation.

To prepare for this test, it is recommended the following options:

Make your portfolio better with the IBM C2150-630 exam!

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