New IBM C9060-110 Exam Is Coming Soon!

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  • May 19, 2017
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Do you know IBM is one of the world’s top 15 largest companies in terms of number of employees? Do you know IBM comes in 38th worldwide in terms of market value? Do you know IBM will release new exam on 31 May, 2017?

The C9060-110: Foundations of IBM Spectrum Software Defined Infrastructure Solutions V5 exam is a new test which consists of 65 questions and lasts 90 minutes.

The main objectives (for detailed information, read Study Guide):

Section 1: Customer Requirements and Infrastructure

Section 2: IBM Spectrum Product Capabilities

Section 3: IBM Spectrum Product Value Propositions

Section 4: Benefits and Use Cases of IBM Spectrum Products

The C9060-110 exam is associated with the IBM Certified Solution Advisor – Spectrum Software Defined Infrastructure V5 certification.

An IBM Certified Solution Advisor – Spectrum Software Defined Infrastructure Solutions V5 is a person who identifies opportunities and influences direction for IBM Spectrum Software Defined Infrastructure storage solutions within the customer environment. This person develops high-level architectural solutions that are integrated with existing systems and aligned with business critical needs within a customer environment and is responsible for performing storage solutions analysis and communicating high-level design scenarios to the customer.

Prerequisite Knowledge to obtain the certification:

Knowledge of:

  • big data file systems (HADOOP, IBM Spectrum Scale);
  • object storage offerings (IBM Cloud Object Storage, IBM Bluemix, OpenStack Swift, Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Google, Microsoft Azure);
  • IT storage standards (government and civil), regulations, and certifications (SNIA etc.).

Familiarity with:

  • Rocket Device Adapter for IBM Spectrum Protect Snapshot;
  • aspects of key IBM products (WebSphere, DB2, JazzSM and Tivoli Common Reporting);
  • IBM Spectrum storage education offerings.

Skills with:

  • the aspects of network, storage, SAN hardware, SAN fundamentals and cloud;
  • networking environments, SAN environments, operating systems, and relational databases.

Sample Test, Assessment Test and Free IBM exam preparation materials are your best assistants in the successful passing of the exam.

Many employers will not even look at a person’s job application unless they have the IBM Certification. Even experience is not as important as the IBM Certification due to the way technology is changing every day. So don’t waste your time and quickly become certified specialist!

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