Overview of Latest Certification Exam Releases from Oracle, April Edition

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  • April 12, 2016
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Overview of Latest Certification Exam Releases from Oracle, April Edition 

  1. Oracle Argus Enterprise Edition 8 Implementation Essentials 1Z0-328
  2. Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud 2016 Implementation Essentials 1Z0-332
  3. Oracle RightNow Cloud Service 2016 Technical Implementation Essentials 1Z0-326

All of the above are written multiple-choice question exams given in English. The duration of the exams varies from 120 minutes as for 1Z0-328 and 1Z0-332 exams up to 150 minutes as for the 1Z0-326 exam. Speaking about exams composition, 1Z0-328 credential consists of 76 questions with passing threshold of 71%; there are 76 questions in 1Z0-332 exam with passing score of 76% and 80 questions in 1Z0-326 exam with 70% passing score. All of the exams are administered in the Pearson VUE Testing centers worldwide and can be scheduled official website. Each exam has standard price of 212 euro, which either can be paid directly to the Pearson VUE center or by purchasing Oracle University voucher in local currency. If you want to retake the exam, you can do it after 14 days since you got the results and there are maximum 4 attempts given within 12 months period. Let’s have more detailed look on each of the exams and associated exams certifications.

1. Oracle Argus Enterprise Edition 8 Implementation Essentials 1Z0-328

This exam is required for those individuals who are working with selling and implementing Oracle Argus Enterprise Edition 8 software solution being mandatory requirement for Oracle Argus Enterprise Edition 8 Implementation Specialist Certification. Given certification verifies candidates’ skills within overall product knowledge, its features and functions, architecture; the ability to install, configure and integrate Argus Enterprise Edition 8 solution. The certification is highly demanded on the market and allows its holders differentiate themselves on the market by demonstrating proven set of skills and expertise.  There are no prerequisites for Argus Enterprise Certification and everyone can obtain certification, though it is tailored for Oracle PartnerNetwork members, which will become validated OPN Certified Specialists after getting certified.

Oracle Argus Enterprise Edition 8 Implementation Essentials 1Z0-328 tests how well candidates are aware of:

Product Features and Functions, including its core modules, editions, safety, interchange, affiliate module, Argus unbinding, mart, insight, analytics etc; System Architecture, including settings of solution’s different modules and environments, insights, analytics, mart; Product Installation and post-installation; Argus 8 Upgrade Process and Data Migration; Argus 8 Configuration; Argus 8 Integration Overview; Argus 8 Product Testing & Debugging.

As for the 1Z0-328 exam preparation Oracle University offers training courses for ONP partners:

–       Oracle Argus Standard Edition 8 Fundamentals Implementation Boot Camp

–       Oracle Argus Enterprise Edition 8 Implementation Specialist

2. Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud 2016 Implementation Essentials 1Z0-332

This exam is bound to Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud Certification Specialist Path, oriented towards professionals who sell and deploy Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management Cloud Service Software. The certification verifies candidates’ skills in general project configuration, fusion project foundations, costing, billing, reporting, and resource management. There are no prerequisites to get certified, apart of the field training and prior experience recommendations. Certification gives to its holders recognition by OPN network and benefits compare to competitors on the market.

Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud 2016 Implementation Essentials 1Z0-332 Exam Objectives:

Fusion Project Portfolio Management incl. knowledge of Oracle Project Portfolio Management components; Navigation, User Experience and Personalization; Oracle Fusion Applications Security Overview; Fusion Functional Setup Manager; Ability to configure Fusion Common Applications; Common Project Configuration; Configuration of  Fusion Project Foundation, Costing, Control, Billing; Skills in Configuring Project Performance Reporting, Configuration of Project Management and Project Resource Management; Knowledge of Fusion Project Reporting.

To prepare for 1Z0-332 Exam Oracle University offering special course:

–       Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud Learning Subscription

3. Oracle RightNow Cloud Service 2016 Technical Implementation Essentials 1Z0-326

1Z0-326 Exam is linked to the Oracle RightNow Cloud Service 2016 Technical Implementation Specialist certification and is for those specialists who work with selling and managing Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service solutions software.  The exam doesn’t impose any prior prerequisites apart of the recent training and field experience recommendations. After obtaining certification OPN members have being recognized as OPN Certified specialists, which differentiate them from the competitors on the market.

Oracle RightNow Cloud Service 2016 Technical Implementation Essentials 1Z0-326 Exam validates candidates’ knowledge in the areas as:

Customer Portal (CP) Tools, Basic Customizations, Widgets and Scripting, Advanced Customizations; Integration & Customization – Agent Desktop, ROQL Queries, Skills to Connect Web Services for PHP\SOAP\REST, Desktop Integration and General Integration & Customization.

Oracle has not posted any information on 1Z0-326 exam preparation yet.

As an additional preparation source for Oracle certification exams we recommend you to check on ExamCollection website, the largest online database of FREE IT Certification exam braindumps.

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