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Attention App Developers! Get Certification Credits for Your Work With Microsoft AppToCert

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  • April 2, 2015
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microsoft, apptocert, microsoft app developer, windows phone, it certification examAre you a Windows Phone or Windows Store Apps developer? Microsoft has some great news for you: from now on, becoming a Certified Microsoft Developer has become easier. You can get credits for your apps instead of taking certification exams – and it’s NOT a belated April Fool’s joke.

The company has recently announced the changes to its AppToCert program for 2015 – and they are great. Microsoft has finally realized that app developers learn their craft by doing; they spend months developing and testing their apps in order to make them cool. As a result, these people have neither time, nor motivation or money to sit expensive Microsoft exams in order to get certified. As an answer to this challenge, Microsoft has came up with AppToCert Program.

AppToCert Program targets HTML5/JS or C#/XAML developers enabling them to get credit for up to two exams by showing the app development work they are doing. Isn’t it perfect – getting certified for what you actually do, not for what you have managed to cram by your caffeine-packed brain? With the new program, Microsoft will review the apps you’re working on and will provide you with tips on app design and implementation, and address common pitfalls and blockers to getting apps into the marketplace.

Earning credit towards certification through AppToCert can now be achieved simply by completing these three steps:

Pass either a Core or Intermediate technical review of your application by a Microsoft engineer

Publish or update your application in the Windows Phone Store or Windows Store

Take and pass one Microsoft developer certification exam from a list of Web, SharePoint, and Windows Store app exams.

Are you ready to submit your app for review? Click here to register for Microsoft AppToCert program.


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