Retirement Again! Two IBM Certification Exams Will Be Withdrawn in the End of Fall

By | September 1, 2017


Hello, Autumn! Hello, the Day of Knowledge! Hello, pupils and students!

We hope this autumn will bring the rich harvest of new certifications and exams. Maybe, the fall of 2017 will make someone a certified specialist or improve one’s current knowledge. But today’s news is not so good as we would like.

IBM announced about the retirement of two certification exams. They will be withdrawn on September 30, 2017. So, you have enough time to pass the IBM WebSphere Business Modeler Advanced Edition V7.0, Business Analysis and Design (C9550-606) and the IBM Tivoli Level 1 Support Tools and Processes (C9560-940) exams. Naturally, we help you to earn your IBM certification!

C9550-606: IBM WebSphere Business Modeler Advanced Edition V7.0, Business Analysis and Design

This certification exam is a two-hours long test with 55 multiple-choice questions. It covers seven sections:

Section 1 – Business Process Management Concepts, and Business Process Modeling Methodologies and Frameworks

Section 2 – Business Process Modeling Concepts

Section 3 – Business Process Simulation, Analysis and Validation

Section 4 – Business Process Documentation, Queries and Reporting

Section 5 – Defining and Modeling Business Process Measures

Section 6 – Testing and Troubleshooting

Section 7 – Collaboration

The C9550-606 exam is associated with the IBM Certified Business Process Analyst – WebSphere Business Modeler Advanced Edition V7.0 certification.

Overview: This intermediate level certification verifies candidate’s knowledge in designing, analyzing, testing and validating business process models. Individual must be able to translate functional business requirements into business process models throughout the entire life cycle of the modeling project.

Target Audience: Business Process Analysts

Prerequisite skills:

  • understand business modeling terminology; Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN); the SOA/Business Process Management (BPM) life cycle and methodology
  • communicate with business users
  • apply analytical and statistical analysis
  • capture business requirements

C9560-940: IBM Tivoli Level 1 Support Tools and Processes

This certification exam is a one-hour long test with 40 multiple-choice questions. It covers six sections:

Section 1 – Initial contact with customer

Section 2 – Entitlement

Section 3 – Resolving PMR

Section 4 – Escalation of PMR

Section 5 – Metrics

Section 6 – Closure of PMR

The C9560-940 exam is associated with the IBM Certified Support Associate – Tivoli Tools and Processes certification.

Overview: This certification is responsible for addressing a variety of inquiries or requests for service from customers, IBM personnel or Business Partners utilizing a -One Team- approach to resolve customer problems.

Key areas of competency:

  • Assistant and Document Control Facility (DCF).
  • Demonstrate accurate PMR management and ownership.
  • Demonstrate proper front end to back end PMR transfer process.
  • Demonstrate proper PMR closure process.
  • Utilize on-line resources such as CAST, product manuals, Redbooks, whitepapers, support team websites, etc.
  • Utilize existing and emerging problem management tools and technologies such as RETAIN and CCWIN.

And, of course, we can’t leave you without exam preparation options. We gather the best options for your successful and guaranteed exam passing. Here they are:

  1. Test preparation (C9550-606 & C9560-940)
  2. Sample/Assessment Test (C9550-606 & C9560-940)
  3. ExamCollection (C9550-606 & C9560-940)

Go for it while the going is good!

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