Oracle Offers Savings on Java SE 8 OCP Cert. Register for 1Z1-809 Beta Exam!

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  • May 5, 2015
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The Java SE 8 Programmer II upgrade exam, 1Z1-809, to advance programmers from Oracle Certified Associate status to the Oracle Certified Professional designation, is now available in beta. As is usually the case with Oracle, the beta stage of a new exam is a fine time to certify. If you’re confident of your Java prowess and ready to challenge the exam, then you can make the leap from OCA to OCP for just USD 50! Visit to register today.

What You Need to Know About Java 8

Launched in March last year, Java 8 has quickly become the default version of Oracle’s popular programming language. Despite security vulnerabilities, Java remains heavily used and widely deployed.

Now you have a great opportunity to move to Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 8 Programmer by passing Java SE 8 Programmer II (1Z1-809) now.
This certification exam introduces you to the most significantly updated version of Java yet. This credential will validate that you can use lambdas in your day-to-day programming – thus reducing your development time and allowing for greater flexibility in your programming.

Oracle does not require candidates to take any formalized training before they attempt the 1Z1-809 exam. However, the company recommends that you complete the training course Java SE 8 Programming. This instructor-led training takes what you learn from reading the materials and teaches you to use the concepts effectively in real-world scenarios. Yet, you still have great chances of preparing for the exam on your own, and becoming a certified Java SE 8 certified programmer by solely learning on your own. Remember that you can always join our IT certification community for free Oracle exam preparation materials.

As Java remains more popular than ever before, stepping up your Oracle certification will make you a better candidate for the hottest Java 8 programming jobs. This is a great opportunity, especially at just $50!

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