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Are You Ready for CompTIA Mobility+ Certification?

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  • December 9, 2013
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it certification exams, comptia mobilityAs we mentioned earlier, CompTIA has been focusing on mobile technologies and mobile security this year, launching 2 certifications: CompTIA Mobile App Security+ and CompTIA Mobility+, with the latter one having been launched just a few weeks ago.

To help you figure out whether you are ready to take on the challenge of Mobility+ certification, CompTIA has released a quick quiz. Take a look at the questions below to see how many of them you can get. It does not mean that you have to know everything (and if you don’t, our IT community at is always there to help you out), but it helps you understand what the level of the certification exams is. Take a look and be sure to let us know what you think (you can find the answers at the very bottom of the post):

1. Which of the following frequencies is assigned to Wi-Fi?

A. 850 MHz
B. 900 MHz
C. 1.2 GHz
D. 2.4 GHz

2. A mobile engineer is conducting site surveys to determine which frequencies are available. Which of the following should she use?

A. Bluetooth device
B. GPS navigator
C. Spectrum analyzer
D. Multi-meter

3. Which of the following is the BEST option to disable application inventory and location information from executive mobile devices while obtaining the same information from the rest of the employee mobile devices?

A. Deploy different mobile operating systems to executives and employees.
B. Apply group-based policies on MDM server.
C. Use access control list on MDM server.
D. Deploy different MDM server for executives and employees.

4. Which of the following is the BEST configuration to improve the security of data on a mobile device?

A. Configure the remote lock feature so if the mobile device is stolen it can be unlocked after recovery.
B. Configure remote wipe so if the mobile device is stolen its content can be erased.
C. Configure remote reporting so that the mobile device can report when it is stolen.
D. Configure remote control on the mobile device so it can be remotely administered.

5. A network administrator notices an unusual volume of mobile device traffic going out over FTP to one particular unknown location. Which of the following ports should be blocked?

A. 21
B. 80
C. 143
D. 990

Complete exam objectives for CompTIA Mobility+ are available on the CompTIA Certification website.

Quiz Answers
1. 2.4 GHz
2. Spectrum analyzer
3. Apply group-based policies on MDM server
4. Configure remote wipe so if the mobile device is stolen its content can be erased.
5. 21.

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