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8 Reasons Why You Should Get Certified in 2020

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  • October 31, 2019
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If you are thinking of taking up a job role in the world of Information Technology or you are already in the industry and you want to increase your potential, earning a certification is the way to go. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider getting certified in 2020.

Get certified

  1. Self-Development

First and foremost, the reason why people seek to acquire more education is to develop their intellectual capacity. Earning a certification increases your level of knowledge and broadens your horizons. If you are already in the field of IT, you understand that this process requires a lot of study and dedication. There are the relevant exams to write and pass before you can be awarded the certificate. By going through this process, you unlearn and relearn some things, and you experience something completely new. With your knowledge, you can hold your own in any area you find yourself.

  1. Confidence

Irrespective of your career field, you need confidence to excel and face challenges. An IT certificate gives you the capacity to build confidence – a product of knowledge. When you know your onions, you will be entrusted with responsibilities and when you succeed in whatever is committed into your hands, your confidence naturally grows a notch higher. Additionally, earning a credential requires that you go through the required exams. By passing them, you demonstrate that you understand the objectives, which can be translated into hands-on skills. It also validates your expertise in your field, and being classified as an expert naturally boosts the level of your confidence.

  1. Awareness of the Latest Trends

The Information Technology realm is always evolving. The knowledge you gained last year may already be outdated this year. This is why you need to stay on your toes and stay updated with the latest trends in your field. The employers are looking for the innovative professionals to take up leadership roles. When you take up the challenge to pursue a certification, you have to study and this will definitely expose you to new trends and latest information in your field. This expands your knowledge base along with sets. It also equips you with the capacity to multitask, considering you have to juggle many responsibilities at the same time, such as a full-time job, family, and learning.

  1. Flexibility

There are many vendor-neutral certifications that offer you flexibility when it comes to choosing a career path. With such credentials, you can take up different job roles in the field of technology. For instance, Microsoft Azure qualifies you to take up job roles, such as a developer, a Cloud architect, or a solution architect. Apart from it, many certificates also offer flexibility in the types of industry you work in. You don’t have to work in the IT sphere with your certification as you can choose to explore other areas, such as entertainment, healthcare, finance, hospitality, and many others.

  1. Increased Earning Potential

If you want to earn more than you are currently earning, get certified. It has been widely proven by surveys that the individuals with a certification earn more than their non-certified colleagues. An IT credential significantly increases your worth in the job market. It shows the recruiters that you have invested in knowledge and you want to learn. It also enhances your value among your contemporaries. Above all, it enhances your earning potential. Sometimes, the difference in the salaries between a certified and a non-certified professional can be as much as an additional one-third of income.

  1. Career Growth

Over and beyond expanding your mental equipment, another key reason why you need to pursue a certification in 2020 is to increase your career potential. Any IT certificate validates that you have gained mastery of specific abilities in a specialized area. It shows your employer or recruiter that you have the skills required to function at a particular job role, thereby, increasing your employability. The credentials also increase your earning potential. Research has shown that the certified professionals earn more than those who are without a certification. The implication of this is that you can strive for a higher goal in your career. Additionally, if you want to work in one of the Fortune 500 companies, earning the IT certificate will significantly increase your chance.

  1. Leadership Roles

The employers commit high responsibilities to the employees they can trust. Those individuals who have demonstrated skills and experience in the course of their career and have a certification to validate the skills will technically be given more tasks by their employers. And by taking up more responsibilities, you are moving closer to the position of leadership. When there is a new position to be filled that requires your skills, there is a high chance that you will be the first to consider before a non-certified colleague, even if you have the same level of experience. If you really want to take up leadership roles in your career, it is highly recommended that you begin to pursue a desired certificate in 2020.

  1. Self-Fulfillment

In addition to the material things that the certifications can offer you, there is also a desire for self-fulfillment or accomplishment that comes with passing an exam and receiving a reward for it, in terms of a certificate. With the IT credentials, you can achieve this goal faster. The reason for this is that it speeds up your career growth and you can achieve your other goals sooner than you think. If there is a job role you are aiming at, earning any IT certificate will land you a job quicker and ultimately engender your personal fulfillment.


Earning a certification is without a doubt a great way to improve your overall potential. If you really want to grow your career in 2020, it is highly recommended that you pursue any IT certificate. There are many credentials out there that you can explore. Choose the best one for you and obtain it with ease!

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