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Why Do You Need These Top 5 Project Management Certifications to Build Your Career in 2020?

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  • June 4, 2020
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Success in any career requires in-depth skills and knowledge. For better results in their projects, the organizations also need to focus on employing the qualified personnel. This is because the success of any project depends on their talent. In fact, this PWC report indicates having the right talent in a given team as one of the factors leading to success in project execution. So, what does this mean for practicing the project managers or those aspiring to be part of the field? This means that gaining the right skills is the most important thing at this moment in their career. They need to consider earning an IT certification that will propel their project management career forward.

Are you ready to know more? Obtaining a certificate in project management is the best way to leverage your skills. And your skill level doesn’t matter. You can find the project management credentials targeted at all levels. They’re from Entry to Advanced. You’ll also come across some certifications from the specific vendors. We’d like to let you know about the top 5 project management certificates of 2020.


Globally, Project Management Professional (PMP) is an industry-standard credential that is designed for the project managers. It is a sought-after qualification by these specialists as well as the employers in most organizations across the world. When armed with it, there will be no limits on where you can get a job.


– A secondary-level degree, five years of experience in leading projects, as well as project management training of 35 hours, or
– A 4-year degree, only 3 years of leading projects, as well as 35 hours of project management training.


The Certified Associate in Project Management certification provided by the PMI can enhance your skills and knowledge in a big way. CAPM proves that you can manage large projects effectively. It also validates your mastery of terminology as well as methods in the world of project management. With this PMI certificate, your skills will be unique in the job market. And when you can prove your credibility and competency in handling the projects, you’ll be a project manager who can be trusted and relied on.


– A secondary degree;
– 23 hours of in-depth training in project management.

3. CompTIA Project+

A project manager is an entry-level position for those who manage small projects. This CompTIA credential covers crucial project management concepts and requirements even if it goes beyond the scope of a single methodology or framework. You’re going to master key areas, such as management of projects, ensuring proper communication, prudent management of resources and all those individuals involved, and management of project documentation.


Before sitting for the certification exam, the students should have at least 12 months of project management experience. It is also highly recommended that they get the necessary training.


GAQM (Global Association for Quality Management) offers the Professional in Project Management certificate that is also among the top PM certs of 2020. It was created due to the obvious need for project management skills for the public and private sectors. This is because the work of a project manager involves ensuring the achievement of the organization’s project goals. While preparing for your PPM, you’ll manage to learn critical details such as a project scope. You’ll also learn about a cost as well as a schedule. This credential is not only about best practices in project management, but also the complexities and requirements associated with the implementation of any project.


The candidates for the certification exam must complete a mandatory E-training course.


The Program Management Professional certification is provided by the PMI and promises to equip you with the right skills to successfully execute challenging projects. This credential is intended for those individuals who are responsible for running multiple as well as complex projects. If you’re looking for additional advantages when hiring or promoting your job, this is the right certificate for you.


– A secondary degree, 6,000 hours of project management, as well as 10,500 hours working as a program manager, or
– A 4-year degree, 6,000 hours of project management, as well as 6,000 hours working as a program manager.


If you were looking for the highest paid project management credentials, then you need to pay attention to this list. In any of them, you’re going to find a great platform to grow your career. These certificates are the most sought-after ones, and by earning them, the professionals can differentiate themselves from their colleagues who aren’t yet certified. Moving to another level in your profession requires that you obtain a credible certification. This involves gaining the required experience and passing the relevant exam(s). Make sure that you’re ready for it by taking the appropriate training courses as well as by studying with the proper PM books. And, eventually, you will get what you want.
It is important to note that the project management certificates can help you land a decent job. The certified specialists can work in positions, such as project managers, junior project managers, senior project managers, and project administrators. These are some of the highest paid jobs in the market. As PayScale reports, any of these job titles can give you from $62,000 to $132,000. The average salary is about $96,000 per year.

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