Using Penetration testing and vulnerability scanning

There are some systems which can help one understand about the testing's which are related to the penetration. One can carry out those tests and can be assure of the fact that he is safe. Also one can give with the option of some vulnerability scanning which can determine that how many chances are there that a system can get affected from some attack or the loophole. Here are the watts through which one can learn about all those things and can increase his knowledge level;

Penetration testing

This test has some short form too and is also known as the pen test. One must know that it is the attack which is done on the computer with the thinking of having some security weakness which can be found there and hence one might get access to that. So the data and the functionality of that security can be compromised greatly. The process here involves some identification of the target system den then the goals which are set here. Then the information which is available is reviewed. Hence the means which are available for the goal attaining are reviewed as well and the penetration test's target can be the white box. It can also b the black and the grey box too. The penetration can be most likely to be surveying some rabbit proofs fences. That is built up so that rabbits can stay out. Into hat survey the defences and the penetration testers might identify some holes which might be large so that the rabbit can get into them. Hence when the defence has even passed, then there are some further reviews which are occurred with the movement of the tester. Then comes the next security control and it would mean that there are going to be some really big holes and there would be many of them. All of those holds actually exist on the front line of that defence. Hence the tester would find the first one easily since it is the first successful exploit available. So that's the difference which exists between the penetration test and the assessment for the vulnerability.

Verify a threat exists: The first thing which is carried out in it is the verification that there is some threat which actually exists since without that, the whole idea of that test is rubbish.

Bypass security controls: For the tests, one would have to get passed through the security controls so he can go deep into the system and dig something out there.

Actively test security controls: the security controls which are responsible for the whole security systems, should also be tested accurately and actively to know they are updated all the time.

Exploiting vulnerabilities: if there are some vulnerability which are found there, they should be exploited so that the system can become much safer place for the data.

Vulnerability scanning

Instead of having the penetration testing, one can make use of this vulnerability testing's as well which can help a lot own knowing about the weaknesses each system contains. There are some methods for the vulnerability tastings;

Passively testing security controls: The security controls which are supposed to keep the back sectors out should be tested variously and regularly so their security can be ensured.

Identify vulnerability: as the name suggests, this test is all about the testing for the vulnerabilities so it should be ensured that there are some of them found here so that they can be taken care of easily.

Identify lack of security controls: if the security controls which are supposed to be there are less, then it should be pointed out too, hence one can take some measures to strengthen the current ones or they can also add new ones so that there are no further threats there.

Identify common misconfigurations: if there are some configurations which are done badly, then it should be identified too so that one can take measures for them and can correct them. Most of them which are found are normal in every system and they are common.

Intrusive vs. non-intrusive: one must check whether the problem is intrusive or not so that it can be depth with according to the type.

Credentialed vs. non-credentialed:

If the problem is that it can steal away some credential data, then it might be corrected so that one can stay safe and can keep the entire data safe with his identity.

False positive: there are some attacks too which are false positive. So they should be dealt with care and more time since they might create some problems in the future and one would surely like to not have them faced.

Black box

The black box is not the black box which we hear about that planes have, it is about the type of penetration testing to check whether there is some intrusion or not. The black box is the method for the software testing which can help examine the function of some application. That can be done with without erring with this internal structure it has and the working are not touched either. This kind of method can be used for applying some test of the virtual level which can be of any level. It normally consists of some higher level testing's. It might also be having some of the unit testing's as well. The procedure for the test is the simple. One must know about some specific knowledge about the code of applications and the internal structures. Hence the knowledge about the programming is not required here. But if it is, it might be a bad thing. But there is one thing that the tester should be aware of some things like how the software can work and how it reacts when being installed. Also he should know that what input would result into what and the knowledge of how the output would be preceded by the software is also something so important to learn about. There can be some specifications and requirements too which would be built around an application. Like they would help suggesting that what things should that application be doing. These cases are normally getting some descriptions which can be the external ones and they should include some design parameters, the requirements and the specifications. These tests are also the primary unction's and they have the nature of it. There can be some non-function tests too which can be applied there. The designer of the test can select the both invalid and the valid outputs and can determine some right output even though he might not have some knowledge about the internal structure of that object. The test contains many of the techniques and they can be the all of pair testing's, the country values testing's, error guessing, decision table test etc.

White box

This testing is also known as the clear/ glass or transparent box testing. Some people might also refer it to as the structural tastings. It is the method in which the software gets tested for the internal structures or some working which are done by the applications. They are different from the functionalities. This test also contains some of the internal perspective about the system. There might be some programming skills which can be required and they can be sued for designing the cases of tests. Also, the tester can help oneself choosing the paths which are external and he can do that through some code and hence can also determine some of the outputs which are appropriate. Also, this analogue can be used for testing u the notes in some circuit. This white box test can also be carried out on some system levels, the units and the integration systems of the software testing procedure and Even though the testing type which is external, can be done here. It can be used for some system testing and the integration so frequently. This method for the testing can also uncover many of the problems and errors which are there in the software and hence it has some potential too for missing the parts of the software specification which are unimplemented. Or the required, if they are missing as well. There are some techniques which are involved while one is applying this white box testing techniques and some of them are the control flow, data flow, decision coverage, statement coverage etc. there are many advantages which are associate to this testing. Like, this testing is the biggest method which is being used these days by many people and there are some advantages which help it get this position. Like there are the safe effects which are related to knowing about the source code but they become beneficial to the testing process. Also, the codes are optimized through the errors which are hidden are revealed and hence there are the abilities which can make possible to remove the defects which appear here. These tests are pretty easy to automate hence they are preferred by many people. Also, these tests give some pretty clear tests results which is engineering based and they can be used for stopping the testing too.

Gray box

This testing is actually the mixing up of the white and the black boss testing's. There is some objective which is related to it like the search for any defectors if there are any of the improper structure and the usage of the application. Hence it is made sure that the application which is being used is done in some good manner. The thing is that a white box tester would know about the internal structure of that application which the black box tester would not know about that internal structure. Hence the Gray box tester would know something about the structure and he won't be aware of something about it. So he would be partial and he would know about the documentations which is related to that internet structure of data and he might not know the algorithm usage and vice versa. He can even know about both. The Gray box testers are supposed to be having some really high level and the documents which are pretty detailed about the applications. They collect them al do that they can be used for defining the test cases. The gray box testing's can be used in since it is pretty beneficial when it comes to the straight techniques which are there in some black box testing's. It also combines that code with some tests in the white box testing's. This type of testing is basically catered on the requirements tests generation since it can help presenting all the conditions which are tested before by program through some assertion methods. There is some specification language too which is the requirement and it can make it become easy to understand the requirement which one should be having and can also verify the correctness. Also, there are some of the positive and the negative effects which one can find with these tastings. Like this system can offer some really communication of benefits like the advantages which arise from both the white and the black box testing's. Also this test is not intrusive one. Which means there it is based on some specification which is functional and there the architectural views are not on some source clues and the binaries which can make it become invasive. There the testing authority is pretty intelligent one; hence there are some communication protocol and the data types handling which are involved there. The testing which is done under this system is pretty un biased and one can go easy with it since the result won't be effected by any of the problem which one can think of would affect the testing system.

So there are many penetrations testing technique which can be used by one. They can help one determine whether the software's are good enough or not. So one should know about these testing's so he can make some better choices about the penetration testing's and can know which one should be applied to the system he is using.


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