Account security: How to Install and configure security controls when performing account management

One must know that when someone is setting up some accounts controls, there are some issues which are encountered then. Like, one might have to do the configuration of the security and hence the controls which are related to it have to be changed as well. This thing is very important when someone is planning to do some accounts management. The reason behind is, that when someone has so many accounts, it might become difficult to manage me them all and one might have them used as the security breaching point as well. Here are some things which should be in the knowledge of someone who is going to have the many accounts;

Mitigate issues associated with users with multiple account/roles and/or shared accounts

The first thing is that when someone is thinking to have some accounts which he can use at several times, and then he should also think about the responsibilities which are associated to them. Like one of the factors that one might like to think is, that there can be so many things which can stop one from having so many accounts. And even if someone is forced to have it as it is some requirement for the work he is doing, or the number is users are many out there, and then he must make sure that the accounts are separated from each other. There are some default accounts as well which are made automatically when someone installs the windows. If someone is intended to use them, he can but if he won't be using them or the usage for the accounts is less frequent, the better thing is that he should avoid such accounts. The reason is that hackers always keep looking for some way through which they can break in the can steal the data which one is holding. While using the system, the most important thing one has in the computer is the data because it might contain some very important things like the credentials and the security numbers or even the details of one's credit cards. O there is some ways through which one cane ensure that the data is being secured while he is using the many accounts. He should keep the password on each of the account. The guest account specially, comes without password so on would have to set up up there manually. That is the account which can be under usage of everyone if someone doesn't want that everyone gets some administrative access there and hence that sole accounts can be sued for sending the commands for the painters too. When someone has the shared account, the problem can come here again. The reason this time would be that the fact that even tough one is careful enough about who is getting access to the network but the other person with whom he is sharing might not care and hence it can create some security issues there.

Account policy enforcement

When someone owns some account, he should know that there are some of the policies which are associated to it and he should make the good usage of it. These policies are purely med for the betterment of the users but they are often ignored by them since it takes some time to fit them into the mind. The account enforcement is not an easy task since there is another responsibility too which is included in it that is the enforcement of the security as well. These policies don't just guide the user about the securities policies but also tell them how they can improve the user experience more properly and when they should be taken advantage of. There are some policies which are used in the computers while managing the various accounts;

Credential management

There is something called as the credential management. This is the important part of the security which one should pay attention towards. Here are some credential managers in the e windows 7 too. They can allow someone to store some credentials which are the surnames and the passwords. They are used for logging into the networks or some other computers. Hence when someone has stored the credentials in that, the windows can automatically log him in and then websites which are involved also won't ask for any authentication anymore since the data would already be stored in there. The credentials which one saves are normally saved in some folder. That folder is given his name of the vaults. The programs which are run in the windows, for example the browser, can surely get these credentials getting secured and saved into some other computers and the websites as well. Hence one can be sure that he will take away all of his data wherever he goes to. But this might also lead to some problem, like if someone is able to get access to the windows, he would surely steal away all the credentials and then would enjoy the benefits of those credentials at some other working place that he might have.

Group policy

The group policy plays some very vital role when it comes to the groups. Here one might need a group when he knows there are many users which will be accessing the computer so he needs to categorize them. Like one shouldn't let anyone directly have the access to the administrative files and folder so he might make some groups there at another account. The group policy which is said to be here is the infrastructure which is designed for helping someone out in the implementation so some special configurations for his computers and the users using those computers. The group policies are basically contained in the GPOs. The GPOs stand for the group policy units. They are basically linked to the active directory and the other services contained, the domains, websites, other organizational units which are OU and etc. the settings which have been done in some GPOs are basically executed by some of the targets which ate affected. It is done with the help of the usage of active directory's hierarchal nature. As the consequence, the group policy that we see is now the one of the top reasons which is used for the deployment of some advice directories. The reason behind is, that they are allowed for letting the one manager all the users and the objectives of the computer.

Password complexity

Another important thing that one should be worried about is the password length or the password complexity. When someone has got so many users, he would also be under some pressure to set up some passwords for them. Hence he would have to arrange many passwords and they all need to be complex so that one can't use the brute force to guess the password. So making some complex password isn't an easy thing and remembering that password all the time can even be the worst thing one can do.


One can't just be happy that he has set up some passwords and now he has nothing to do. This is entirely wrong. Setting up the password isn't the only thing but remembering them is another art. It sometimes becomes more difficult when the password can be expired as well. That would be the aces when one would have to think of some new password which he can use for the future.


Here comes the problem which is related to the recovery. There are some policies which are made for the recovery like one would have to go under some tests like he might have to answer the security question which he set at his start or he might have to validate some email address and the link would be sent there.


Disablement means that he would not get any access to the certain program since he doesn't have the authority to do so. He would not be entertained anymore and he can't even enter the downs. It is done when someone does something wrong and violates some policy.


The lockouts can take place when someone has accidently or by intention has done something wrong and then he won't be allowed to have the access to the user login and the account would be locked out.

Password history

The passwords are saved in the vault folder in the one must ensure that the lie stays safes that no one can get access to it.

Password reuse

One common practice which is adopted by any people is that they normally keep changing the passwords and they keep using it. This technique is good but it might become problem if someone has some habit of forgetting the password's hence he will keep on putting the passwords while he won't remember and it might happen that he would be locked out.

Password length

This is basically the measurement through which it is determined how effective a password is and how much resistance it can provide while guessing it. It can be good and helpful while facing some brute force attacks. In its normal form, it can also help estimating that how many attempts are there going to be taken after which it would be finally guesses. The usage of some really strong passwords can help increasing the chances of defence against some security breach and they are strongly recommended by some designs as well.

Generic account prohibition

One must know that there can be some generic problem too which can be associate with the account. Like there can be some loop hole in the system. This is clearly rue in the case of guest accounts, as it has been mentioned before too that they can have some major host for the tracks and they are a good point of breaking through.

Group based privileges

There are some privileges which are assignment to some people and the groups. Many of the privileges which have been assigned to someone might be based on some group and they can be enjoyed by everyone who has access to it.

User assigned privileges

One can also assign some responsibilities and the privileges to the users as well. This can be done in windows through the mmc which is the default application give b the Microsoft. The assigning of the privilege would not affect any of the users token and there must be the log off done by the users and then he would have to again log in so that he can use the token.

User access reviews

There is something new too, which is the user access reviews. One must know which user is trying to access which file so that he can keep some check on them all.

Continuous monitoring

There isn't much to tell that one should also keep some check on the system and all of the things which are going on here. The reason is that if one doesn't do that, there are chances that he would be vulnerable to the problems as he might know which problem is going to happen when. If someone keeps some close eye to the computer, he would surely be able to know if there is something happening which is wrong and he can take some corrective measures. Like he can change the passwords or can install some new software's which can defend the system in some better way.

It is pretty clear that the account management isn't a piece of cake. There are many other worries which come with this. One should surely know about all the techniques and the policies which have been built for the user's protection since one might not be able to get as much information as he can if he doesn't know how to get the account secured at the first place. Another important thing is that he must stay active while plying some role on the management team since even during the sharing; many things can happen which can actually cause some serious damage to the data which is being held by the system or the server.


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