Printer Types and associated imaging processes

It is common is see the usage of printers not only in the office and organizations, but the homes as well. The printers have become the need of everyone since now, no matter whether someone is a professional or someone is a student, they both need the printers. The printers have evolved a lot since the first printer that was introduced. The early printers made a lot of noise also, their printing process was really so slow. Now, one can see the laser printers which are not only fast, but the quality is really good as well. Here are some of the printers which are there and their imaging processes;


One would find that the Laser printers have pretty amazing high speed and also, they have a good high resolution. These printers are now the part of everyone's daily life and one can see them being used in the small and medium, both environments. Now, they have more trends to be used in the homes. Also, one should know that Laser printers are basically very complex and the ones we see at offices might be large as well. They contain some laser beams. These printers require a lot of power hence; they also make so much heat as well. So, that heat and some lot of pressure are also associated to the printers. It is somehow, a very complex machine that has some really complex printing method. There is an advantage which has been associated to these laserprinters and that if the high speed of output.

Imaging drum, fuser assembly, transfer belt, transfer roller, pickup rollers, Separate pads, duplexing assembly: One can find many of the parts in the printers. The most important part that one should know about is the imaging drum. That is the heart of the laser printer. It normally contains the cartridge. One would find it so rare being exposed to the light. The cover of the drum is somehow, pretty photosensitive. If the drum doesn't have the photosensitivity anymore, one may not find the printer with some good output. The heat and the pressure that we talk about, is basically coming out of the fuser assembly. When that heat comes into printer, then the paper comes out. The transfer belt here is responsible for fetching all the various colours from the toner batteries and then they are out of the belt. Then the transfer of colour from the belt to the printer happens. The paper tray has some rubber and if it gets dirty, it is hard topull the paper out so one might apply some pick up rollers here to replace the rubber and take out paper easily. Another replacement that one would find here is the separation pad. It is inside the paper tray and it gets the paper and brings it into printer. There is the duplexing assembly too which takes the paper and then turns it up so one cane easilyuse it for orienting at both sides.

Imaging process: processing, charging, exposing, developing, transferring, Fusing and cleaning: When the printer becomes ready to sue after it is connected, the page is processed. The things now start get rolling. The drum contains the charge and it is photosensitive. It rarely gets the exposure of the light. Then paperfirst gets the negative charge and then drum is charged with positive charge and hence the imaging is done. But, cleaning is very important because if there is so much dust inside, the paper won't work properly.


Ink jet printer is also known as the ink dispersion printers. They can be sued anywhere in any environment which doesn't like so much noisesince the printers can print with some low noise and hence can create good environment. They are less expensive than the laser printers. It doesn't have many moving parts inside. The output of the printer is really good and they can give some really good resolution.

Ink cartridge, print head, roller, feeder, duplexing assembly, carriage and belt: The problems which arise in the printer are those which are normally associated with the ink. These printers ink cartridge can be very costly and they are proprietary. The ink which is used is not the permanent one and after sometime, it gets faded away. So if one wants something which can be used to make something that can stay longer, then this printer isn't the right one. The printer might have different colours of cartridge. Normally, one can find the black, yellow, cyan and magenta coloured cartridge. There are the print heads too which are there in the inkjet printers. The main problem with the inject printers is associated to theseones as well. The print heads here are normally fixed to that ink cartridge and when someone wants to change it, he would have to change the both things. So should always have to have the new print head while filling the ink. The industries printers which arte inkjet, now don't have much problem since their print head is fixed. But most of the time one would find the inkjetprinters which would be connected to the cartridge. There are the rollers there as well which the feeders are too. The reason is that these rollers are mainly responsible for making the paper go into the machine and then when they are pritned, they come out. The duplexing technology is also there in the ink jet printer it means that the printer can get connected and then can print the paper at both side instead of printing it at a single side. So, one doesn't have to flip the paper himself since the technology can do this for him. The belt here helps the paper get printer by moving the cartridge back and also there is the carriage which contains the entirecartridge. The ink cartridge can also get locked there hence it becomes easy to use.

Calibration: If one is using the printer for the colour orienting of some photos and the pages, one hold ensure that the ink jet is calibrated properly. This is actually a program which is sued to run on the printer and the external applications can run it too. There would be some samples which would be found and they would help one doing so.


Thermal printer is the one which uses the heat so that the output can be created on the paper. When the paper comes out, one would find some of the black marks indicating that heat was produced there. That printer is pretty quiet and doesn't make much noise while printing something. May people can see it in the sale points and the receipts are pritned through it. Also the image is sensitive to the heat and one should put hose receipt in the light, if one does, then they would get vanished and it will fade away soon. Imagesontheseprintersarenormally designed for printing receipts and one might not find them do the print in so much use as the other ones are being used.

Feed assembly, heating element: The technologies used in these printers are kind of the same as those used in other printers. One of them is the feed assembly. The same feed which is used in the painters like laser and the ink jet printers is used here to so that the paper can get in easily. Also this feed is responsible for taking the paper out of the machine as well. Also, one would find the heating element in these printers. The printer is the thermal one which works on the heats one would also have to heat the printer up. The heating element is in the printer and it can heat many of the parts. There is the long strip located in it and hence some parts of that strips are heated up. When the paper is passed by, the heat strikes at that only specific part of the paper.

Special thermal paper: The thermal printing process has some very special kind of the paper that is used there. The normal paper which is used in ink jet or the laserprinter is used here. The reason is that heat generated is too high so the normalpapers cannot bear that heat. The paper which is capable of enduring this heat has some chemical on it. When we expose that chemical to the heat, then the colour of it is changed and hence one can get the ports shown by that device.

The printing done through thermal is much inexpensive and it is quite as well. Also, the usage is very simple. That's why it is very useful to use that printer for the printing of the receipts and the bills.


There is a specific impact of the paper that is very common to see. That is, the impact printer. This printer has another type named as the dot matrix printer. When we have to get the prints of some multiple pages, then this printer is very useful. There is one advantage associated to that printer, that is, this printer is very low costly. The in cartridge used is not so much and there re the tonercartridges which would be found by one. He ink which is sued inthoseprintersis so less expensive. There is some problem associated to these printers. They are the impact printer and one can find so much impact going on. One can find that the printerscreate so much noise when they are printing. That loud noise can be heardevery time when the printer is being heard. When compared to any other type of printer even including the thermal printers, they have too much loud noise. Also, the resolution isn't so good so the final output that the one can have is not too good. It is basically designed for the types of characters like we can see. One can get some good resolutions which come from the dot printers but when one has to compare with the other printers which are laser and inkjet, and thenthey are not so good.

Print head, ribbon, tractor feed: if one takes out the head of the printer and then sees the section which hits the page, then one would find something weird. That is the print head which is around that and it is big. There are some tiny pins which would be found in the middle and they would create some information out themselves. While zooming in, one would see some 23 pin printer too. Also one can find 9 pins matrix printers. The first one, which has 24 pins, is less expensive. One would also see some ribbon which is being used there and it comes and goes. The printer has much ribbon inside and that ribbon is filed with the ink. When the output is gained and it is light, it means it time to put some new ribbon inside.

Impact paper: Like thermal paper, the impact printers also cannot print on all types of the papers. One would find 3 feeds which would be there instead of one. Also there would be holes in the other side of that paper so that they can be pulled in and out effectively. Since the paper is being pulled this way, then the paper is really long. The printing is done this way, so if one finished the form, one can just tear it off from the end and then can start the other print on same form.

The types of printersgive person the choice, mostly it is seem that there is the trade-off between the printer price and the resolution it has. Like the laser printer has the highest resolution but it has the highest cost too. Also, one can know what the thermal printers are. As one can see, the thermalprinters are for the receipts only so one can avoid buying such printer. Also, if one is working in some quite environment then then ink jet printer is best option since it lets people work in peace but not making noise at all.


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