Printer Troubleshooting Tools by the Help of Maintenance Kit

Generally the people are relying on the printer for some important task and for the business purpose. Printer is giving the valuable and best service to the students with proper aid in educational matters. These mechanical devices will provide with numbers of potential hardware and software issues. If anyone is looking to work for printer repairing he should know about the perfect skills and right tools to be used for this job. Most of the experts can took the help from the internet videos that will give the proper guidance and will learn about the printer test, bad output, final print issue, paper jams and network connectivity issues. In this job the experts requires the right tools such as laser printer maintenance tools, tonner vacuums, proper managing of window Print Spooler, best use of the compressed air etc.

Common Symptoms:

Here are some common symptoms which show that printer has some errors;


If anyone is looking for troubleshooting a printer you have to attempt several tests that will properly guide you to get the perfect result. The first thing that you will commonly attempt is to print the test page, by using the printer configuration you can directly do this from a printer. If you will go through the properties of the printer in the general tab you will have the print test page just at the bottom of the printer and after using the window printing process outside an application you will able to get the print of this page directly from the printer itself. Streaks are the common symptoms in this process that will be visible with common black line or is the effects of flashes in the printer.

Faded Prints

There are large numbers of media and CD along with the online videos will deliver to people with perfect guidance with troubleshooting printer. Sometimes there are some printers having utility inside it that can be used to print the document without connecting or No Connectivity to the computer. In most of the cases the printer test page got little bit of color and you are the perfect idea about the printing process and how the printer output might look like when you don't have used any other application as input. If you get the perfect result from the output they you should definitely focus on the troubleshooting efforts how it works on printer. If you find that there are some texts are missing and does not giving right impression along with Faded Prints then you needs to concentrate on the printing process between window and printer itself.

If you want to produce some output in the printer you will find that there are some streaks on the printer and this will appear with excess ink that will fall accidentally in the printer and will produce blurring on the printer. Laser Printer is basically considered as the complex pieces of the machinery and is associated with lots of moving parts, this printer produces excess heat, and that is why this printer is promoted to the people with maintenance kits. If this is linked with laser printer you will find that the photosensitive drum printer that is attached inside the printer happens to get scratched.

In the laser printer the availability of the Photosensitive Drum usually gets scratched and you will get a line that will extend thoroughly throughout the printout. In that case the printouts will produce Faded Prints that is sometime become difficult to read the printed page and this generally cause due to the excess amount of toner remain inside the printer that will totally faded the page.

Ghost Images

There are some Laser Printers suffering from the problems of Ghost Images. This is generally happens when the image on your page may itself repeatedly slightly it will resembles like the ghost images. Generally the photosensitive drums are revolving several times in the print process; if this will not clean properly then the toner not fused to the paper and will revolve around and move back on to the page creating shadow. This is generally problems cause due to improper cleaning process inside the printer so the user should give proper maintenance with complete repairing and replacing the process. Sometime you can also printout some information from the printer as waste.

Creased paper

In this process of printing you will find bunch of nonsense printing along with creased paper. The user should aware about the kind printer driver that they are using. If the users are using laser printer for photo script the application itself sending the bad text to the printer itself. If you make a test with output from the laser printer you will notice some smudges and the paper not feeding and there is some issue with the toner not fused properly to the page. When the paper coming out from the printer you can feel the heat and warm of the page this will melts the toner directly on the page on permanent basis.

Paper jam is another problem that is basically caused due to the paper gets stuck inside the printer. This is great problem and the user should be very careful and finely need to remove the small parts of the paper getting fixed or trapped inside the printer and the user should handle this issue minutely as there are very delicate components that can damage the entire printer.

Garbled character on paper

Sometime you can also notice that the paper coming out from the printer is not as hot as normal printouts. This is because the fusion process between the printer and paper makes the paper warm, if it is not come with normal temperature then there will be definitely some problems in fuser that should be replaced to protect the device. If you wants to make color print out then you will notice that there is some problems and the particular color is stronger than the other colors and this will create Garbled character on paper and this is basically the ink problems and this issue can be solved by changing the ink cartridges in the printer.

Vertical lines on the page

In most of the cases the paper is not pulled into the printer at all and this is basically the problems related to the roller of the printer and this problem is responsible for grabbing the paper and pulling it all the way through the printer. There is some problems related to the vertical lines on the page and this is basically the error done by the laser printer prints the entire page one time and sometime the flash in the printer absorbs the ink crated a vertical lines throughout the printing page. These days general the printer are connecting to the computer and are connecting to the network or simply plugging with wireless network. The connection is important or the system will not show the status of the printer in the computer or the user will get no connectivity with the computer.

Backed up Print Queue

If the user will sent lots of printing jobs together to the printer it will not be able to print the page or anything from the printer. Then the user will notice the Backed up Print Queue will getting bigger in size and the user will face the problem with the services that are providing the spooling process to the printer. The user cannot limit the access of the printer with the help of operating system if someone will find that the printer is not working or the Print will Not Print the user is required to see the print settings in the access. You can limit the access of the printer with the help of operating system and if somebody will find Access Denied he or she wants to investigate in the security setting of the computer.

Most of the printer will allow to provide the display in the system so that the user can denote the error and to resolve the problem of troubleshooting, now the printers in these days offering to people with big LCD that will give the overall view of the problems along with lots of information along with the status of the printer and this will allow the user to get e specific information about what is happening inside the printer.

Low memory errors

Generally most of the laser printer will print the page at once and this page will provide will full complexity and error with several graphics problems along with the faded text. This is basically cause due to the low memory errors in this displays the user will get the message that there is no sufficient memory inside the printer. But now the printers are built with sufficient memory and can print entire page without any difficulties.

Color prints in wrong print colors

If someone is trying print out something for the 1st time need to install one driver for that particular printer to get perfect access. The installing printers will able to obey the commands provided by the user and will definitely prints according to the requirements of the user. In most of the cases will can also find that color prints in wrong print colors as there are different colors cartridges are there in the printer if some of them is getting low with particular color, the other color will become much stronger and will take the position on behalf of that color and will show with other print color different from the original prints. Drivers are playing important role in the operating system update and most of the users are using drivers for the particular requirements. In most of the cases it has been found that computer is not supporting the printer and is unable to install the printer in that case particular driver will make it easy to connect with the device.

There are some laser printer offers error codes generally due to the subsequent failures due to the change in the settings of the printer or the printer cannot read the memory properly.

Paper not feeding:

When the rollers of the printer stop working, then the printer won't take the paper inside since these rollers cannot push the paper inside the machine.

Access Denied:

If the account is step up in the way that the user can't get access to the printer, then one might not be able to open printer up or give some command.

No connectivity:

When this error shows up, one should check for the Ethernet cable or the wireless device to check whether they are working properly or are plugged in.

Printer will not print:

Whenever there is some error like feeders are not working, then paper won't get printed.

Unable to Install Printer:

One might face this error when the adequate drivers are not installed and hence one should update some drivers.

Error Codes:

Whenever an error appears, then it means there are many codes too which appear, one can open help to find out more about the codes.

Tools used in troubleshooting of printer:

Maintenance kit is the great necessity of the printer and is required in feeding process of the roller that will keep the laser printer working with full of accuracy along with efficient speed. Generally the user used this maintenance kit when there are several numbers of pages are printing in one time. Inside the printer the user will find the page counter that will help to keep the track of counting the pages and this will possible with the help of Maintenance kit will refresh the components and give best results.

Laser printer also made lots of mess during the printing process and the toner vacuum will give the perfect service along with the lots of paper dust inside the laser printer. For this pretty mess the user will look for the perfect cleaning strategy by using cold water or with the help of isopropyl alcohol that will definitely removes the error or erase it properly. This will facilitate the user to make the perfect use of the toner and will prevent in using the harsh chemicals that will harm the printer.

There is no space and tight spaces between the printers and is not easy to clean the inside the printer and the dust can mess the printer and also create the errors or lines in the page that will give odd looks. The compressed air is very essential that will remove all the dust from the printer and will is very much essential for removing those spot. Basically this hot compressed air is the hot fluorocarbon gas that is compressed into liquid form so that it can easily reach to the dust area and will clear the surface and the corners of the printer properly and with great ease. This hot compressed is very dangerous and should be used far away from the work place or else it may affect the toner.

Printer Spooler is the best process for the troubleshooting printer and it acts as the superb tool. This is basically the software send to all the printers and is responsible in printing the single print work directly from the printer.


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