How to perform Windows preventive maintenance procedures

The windows are the important part of the system because one cannot utilize all the facilities of the computer without some proper operating system. The OS can also have many types which are available in the market and they include the Linux, Mac OS, and Windows etc. Each of them further has some versions with some various characteristics. These OS can get damaged so some preventive measures should be taken so that one can keep enjoying the benefits. Here are some of the best practices which should have to get some good understanding of the windows.

Best practices

Any electronic gadget needs a proper maintenance to make it function at its best. Computer is the most complex as well as the most effective gadgets mong all the devices invented. More complex a system is more problems and threats it can face. Moreover a system which has the capacity to take and procure and even stores the responsibilities at its best, then why not to take a special care of that. At least an occasional maintenance can easily be provided to something which serves so much to all. Moreover computer is a system which is a store house of data, files and documents. So for the sake of protecting those documents at least, they must be maintained. A cupboard of books are also checked and cleaned, so that rats won't reach he books, termites may not cut the book pages. So why not the electronic multipurpose cupboard, named computer be maintained for making it run at its best speed and efficiency and keeping the files and documents in the safe custody. If agreed, then it is time by now to know, what exactly are the places in a computer to look at and maintained as prevention from its damage.

Computers run at its best if it is properly maintained. During this maintenance, many of the important files may be removed due to their nature. So backing up of data is a good practice for them who regularly maintain their computer. During this maintenance procedure, the temporary files and unwanted registration times are generally dumped. Backups of system data is a safety measure for computer users As a precautionary measure, for web servers, the checking of warning signs from hard disk is a must to do practice, for keeping the data and documents in safe custody. Through the Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology, which is popularly known as SMART statistics, the statistics and metrics of a drive can be tracked. This statistics changes every time and the changes can be seen by using third party software's at any point of time. Eve time it is show the errors. Thus one can easily get a warning sign and can identify the problem a hard disk is facing. Along with that, one can check physically about read and write functioning of the drives easily. The logical layout of the drive can be checked to watch that everything is in order or not. In windows, one is no required to have any third party software for that. In the tools, putting the chads command, the driver's property can easily be read. Windows generally split the system files and store the fragments at different locations. When one tries to access that file, the file is again put together to make it accessible to the operating system and the entire process is done by the spinning drive. Anyhow if one can arrange those fragments and turn around those things from drive then, the read or write becomes easier and quicker. One can easily run this from tools, or even can put the command in the command box as defrag to get those files or fragments at one place.

In updated windows like Windows 7 or Windows Vista or Windows 8, the weekly schedule is already created. One is just needed to activate those. The command is available as a tool and one can easily find that in Control Panel or Administrative tools in the Task Scheduler area. However for SSD, fragmentation effect doesn't affect the performance and so is not required to do anything there. But otherwise the defragmentation process is mandatory, and fact it's so mandatory at some times that window itself makes a notification asking defragmentation for a particular drive.

Schedules backups: If a file is by mistake named as similar to the registration files then that also will be removed from the system. So, one is suggested to make a regular or scheduled backup of their system. Back up of data will help to restore the files that are your need and have been removed by the maintenance procedure.

Scheduled check disks: I this ability mean that one would have to do some of the scheduled checking of the disks and hence any errors which can occur can be identified.

Scheduled defragmentation: The defragmentation is another important thing. It helps one maintaining get proper security checking and helps identifying the empty spaces so one should surely run this as well.

Windows updates: With change in time, the updates are changed as well and many of the new software's are introduced, hence the windows updates help updating the information that what new viruses are also there to infect the computers.

Patch management Driver/firmware updates: The drivers are important tools for running the computer so updating them ensures the system is going to work all fine.

Antivirus updates: Another important area to look at as a precautionary measure for computer maintenance is the antivirus and anti-malware segment. This segment makes the computers free of danger from external threats and thus helps to make the files and drivers out of danger to be lost or corrupted. Both the antivirus and anti-malware companies provides auto updates, by which new strings are attached for checking new dangers and threats, and the keeps the computer and the documents and files secured and protected. One may install updates manually also, but enabling auto updates makes the update stronger and the system remains less prone to threats from external agents. In fact the auto update for antivirus and anti-malware is absolutely important for the reason that new viruses and malware are being created every time and so without proper updates, the newly updated websites may hamper one's system by inputting external harmful agents. If the antivirus and anti-malware are not updated properly, then they cannot identify us harmful agents and those agents can easily make your system and files corrupt then.


Updating operating system is not only a process to make the operations smoother and faster, but it is also a measure to make the hard disks secured and prevented from a crash. So, one should choose the Automatic Update of Windows while installing the Operating system is recommended. However, one can easily do that after the installation also, by going to the Control Panel. By these windows will check for updates every time it can go online and whenever an update is available, it will download and install those updates, to make the background process strong enough to prevent the possibility of crashes. One can download that and opt for no installation. But that will be shown as notification at system tray and will often pop up to let you be aware of the fact, that the download has not been installed.

Sometimes this installation fixes many problems by fixing fragments. However one may find that many new problems arises out of it, which may be more confusing than the one that are fixed. So a test implementation process can be run at background to make the things simple. Otherwise in order to make things better, things may go more wrongly.

This window updates can make the hard disk work faster and the interaction with hard disk become easier. But regarding the fact that, driver update may cause the system to malfunction, then a backup or restoration point may help to get the old set up back. One may get those backups indirectly through windows update or even by direct update from the manufacturer's website.

Backup: Back helps ensure that the data is stored already so when someone happens, the previous point where it has been restored can be used. At large areas like corporates and job based environment, backups are generally prepared daily or weekly or monthly, depending upon the amount of computer works done there and the residual files developed there in their system. The backups are made not only for individual files but also of the entire drive or disk. One may think that this is a wastage of time, but the need of this backup can be understood by one who have lost an important data from his or her PC, since he or she has not made a backup for that file.

A full back up of the computer gives one a copy of the entire thing of his or her computer. Putting them at somewhere else or in some other devices makes one feel comfortable as he or she knows if any data is lost by accident as, then there is a copy of everything and so there remains no fear to lose a work. A full backup is obviously time consuming and so keeping that time factor at mind the backup process is day by day getting better for most of the works in today's scenario is done through computers and even data are not stored in papers for a go green concept of the industries. Among other options, one may like to add the files or data to the earlier back up and not to make fresh back up every week or month. This nay save a huge lot of time and the backup also remains regularly checked and refreshed, to give a relief of tension for loosing data to the computer user's ad operators. This is called the differential backup, as the backup making system only looks virtue data that are not included in the earlier back up and just adds the data that is not been found in the original back up.

There lies a problem in the differential backup, and that can be rectified also. In differential back up process, new files are added, but the existing files which have been updated are not taken into consideration for making a re-backup of those. There is the need of an incremental backup. Incremental backup looks for all the files and all the existing files also. It adds the new files to the backup content. Along with that, I also look for the changes made to the files that are already stored in its backup content. If any such differences or increments are observed then it again takes a backup of that file and replaces the earlier file and thus takes the completed and reliable backup to the entire system.

System restores: This terms stands for the restoring's of the system itself. Hence when system is damaged one doesn't have to panic and can use this utility.

Check disk: The disk can gather up some UN necessary information so cleaning it up helps removing some data and creating some space.

Recovery image: The recovery means that the windows are stored at some point an when the windows gets some rouble, one can load and begin from that point.

Defrag: Defragmentation is basically used to make space. When we put data and there are some spaces which are created among them. Defragmentation can eliminate it and hence more space is created this way.

Finally, it is worthy to note that a computer is a house and the peace of a house is the key thing to be maintained for all the members to function rightly. For maintaining the peace, three things are important. The first one is keeping a member ready to support another member, or one can say that making a backup ready to operation. The second thing is solving internal problems like ego settlements, empowerment etc. This can be referred as checking fragmentation of disks in computer terms. The last thing is to put out he external agents that are trying to give pain for the family. For that one has to know about those external agents, to identify them, and once identified they can be kept aside to maintain the peace of the house. This is the case for computers also. The antivirus and anti-malware is updated every time to identify and keep aside the harmful external threats that are go in to disrupt the peace prevailed in the computer system. Thus by maintaining all those things the computer system can be protected from any internal as well as external damage.


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