How to destruct or dispose sensitive data

One might have some tone of the data in the computer. There are so many possibilities that the data that is there is of some really sensitive nature. Like, someone might have put some usernames and the passwords of the websites he has been the member of. Or maybe, he is storing his financials there and has stored the bank account information as well. So before dumping or replacing the hardware, one should ensure that each and every bit of that sensitive data has been removed from there. If this thing is not ensured, one can never be sure that his information if fully protected and he can trust someone. One can do it by following some following steps;

Low level format vs. standard format

One should be finding some of the best solutions for some wastage of the digital details. In the early days of the PCs, one could find some computer and buy it. Also one could but some of the hard drive from various manufacturers and the information's from the previous hard drive was removed while upgrading it to new one. Here when one is going to install it into the computer, then the clean format would be done here. It is known as the low level format. Now, one can find that these low level formats are being done at the hard drive at the manufacturer's place. Also, one should not be wasting some time on this format since it's already done for us. Also, one cannot find and have the access to some low level format now days. There is something that we can observe and we can use it as week it is known as the high level format. When we are installing some of the OS or we update it, there becomes an option where one is asked whether one wants to get it cleaned install to nor. Also, one would know that there are many of the options for formations. The questions that come up, they ask whether one would like having some NTYFS formatting or the FAT 32 formatting. Also which of the file system can work for one, is one's own choice and it is asked there. Also, here the boot sector is put up on the device. One might also be provided with some options of having the quick formatting of the drive. The formatting done here is very fast and it is done in a few seconds. There too, one doesn't have to get involved and do anything since this is called as the high level formatting. These high levels of the formats are so good and they are very quick as well. They do not erase the things. So, there is some big part of the drive which is still there, and it can be re-written again, one might also not be able to over write the some of the parts, but one can at least start using that thing. So if the format is performed so well, it is still available for some recovery. So one can still recover some data from it or also can format it here. There are some of the software'stoo which are of the third party and they can help a lot getting back what was lost. This software can help someone recover the data which has not already been over written there. There are some of the other methods too which are available and using them can help someone retrieve the data which has been formatted before. There was a study conducted at some university in the UK for that, there, a round 300 of the hard drives were bought from some computer fair. They were formatted. Also, they bought some of them form the eBay to check that how much information and what kind of the information can be gained from it. One might get shocked by knowing, that there were almost around 35 present of the data which was gained. That data was very sensitive since it was the one's own data. Like some of the family data, photos, the companies information's, the credential details etc. That data, as mentionedbefore, was so sensitive and no one should have got access to that data. One amazing thing was that they were able to find the way that how someone can launch the military missile which can be launched form the ground and can be fired to the air. There was so much information like this. If someone is really so much interested in deleting such things, then they should simply be following some of the third party software's. There is the example of the SDelete. It is known as the windows Sysinternals. This thing can help someone deleting some of the files in some secure way. If someone is thinking about giving up on the drives, and also of the computer, then one should make sure that weather is on the drive, has been flushed out properly. Also, there is some of the other software's which is named as the DBAN. This software's stands for the Derik Boot and Nuke.

Hard drive sanitation and sanitation methods:

There are some of the other methods as well which can be used for the hard drive sanitation. This way, the previous data cannot be retrieved and if it is, it won't be use full to anyone anymore. The hard drive sanitation means that the hard drive is removed and the data is deleting in some way that the data cannot be retrieved back. Here are the two methods used for such purpose;

Overwrite: This thing can help one if there are some of the data whichhas to be protected. Over writing means that when a drive already has some data written there, then the data if formatted and some data is written there. The software's mentioned above, they have some specific purpose. It may happen that those hard drives can have some information. Thissoftware's do some magic and help writing down some data on the hard disk. So, if hard drive is formatted then one would see the act data only which is over written by the software. If the drive is ever recovered for the information only that data would be shown. Hence there is no way the second last written information can ever be retrieved form the hard disk.

Drive wipe: Another thing that is here, is known as the drive wipe. It means the whole drive is wiped, means is cleaned. Which is actually referred towards the formatting of the files and the data which is available on that specific drive?The drive wipe doesn't just delete the data but then also allows the user to add some new data there. But there is one thing, just after the drive wipe, one should throw the drive away since there can be some experts out there who can retrieved data fromalready wiped drive too. So this thing is not so useless, but one can in fact get benefit from it by adding some of the ore dataand then can format again.

Physical destruction:

Here comes theability of the humans which can help preventing their personal data. If the HDDs are actually destroyed physically, then there is no chance that the hard drive's data can ever be recovered since one won't even be able to get them connected.

Shredder: One another way which can be used is the physical destruction. This can be done by some shredder. There is some good way and the secure way which can be used for this thing. There is some big machine which is very sharp. It is known as the shredder. It is almost the same as the paper shredder but that machine is heavy and is used for shredding of the metals as well. This can take the HDD and can then break it into some really small pieces. This machine can be bought through China. This machine is totally amazing and the companies, specially, should own these machines so that the drives can be shredded to the small pieces.

Drill: There is some another option here as well. That is of the drill. If the HDD is damaged, then one won't be able to use it since it will not get connected with the computer at all. One can simply drill the HDD and can get some drill press for this purpose. One can put the drill into the drive and then can let it come out from the other side of the drive. Hence, is become easy. But while doing so, one should make sure that the drill is done specially through the plates. That is especially responsible for storing the data. If someone uses the drill in some way that all the latest get some hole, then it is sure that it cannot be repaired and no matter what other person can do, they an never have access to one's personal data which is on some hard disk. These platescan't get repaired ever.

Electromagnetic: Another amazing thing that one can have is the electro magnetizing the hard disk. The hard dish is digital, so it is obvious that if it is damaged, then it cannot be worked upon again. If someone has some good specialities with the technology then he can use this technique. One can use some tool which can help creating some very good magnetic field around the drive; hence the drive would be damaged from the depth. This way, one wont not only be able to get rid of the data that has been written on the plates, but can also help getting away for all the information's which can be found on the chips too. So, the drive becomes so useless then.

Degaussing tool: This means that there are some of the utilities which can create some destruction of the hard risk. This tool is specifically designed to entrust the magnetic field that the HDD itself has. The hard disk can be done with this to make sure that one can use it again from clean beginning or can dump it after removing all data. This way, one would ensure that the data he has doesn't get in some wrong hands. Also, it should be the part of some computer's policy that one can degauss the hard drives and then he should be returning the hard drives to the manufacturer for repairing, since then too, one can lose some data or someone else can steal the important data from the hard disk. But one should be making sure that the hard drive cannot be used ever after the degaussing is done. The reason is, that all of the data is removed and it neither is nor like any other format. There is some information which is present in some of the magnetic patterns. The degaussing removes all of the patterns hence since the important part of the hard drive gets missing, there is now say it can work ever again.

This is the advantage and both the disadvantage. Like, someone can easily remove the day for ever. But the disadvantage is that the hard disk cannot be used again and can't get repaired.

Hence, it is very clear that there are so any ways through which the data can be removed from the hard drive that one has been using since long time. The removal of the data has some very important role. The reason is that if someone cannot remove the data, then there are so many chances that someone else can retrieve the data, asit is mentioned above, a university found the data about how a ground missile can be fired in the sky. Similarly many people like storing their personal data like their usernames and the passwords in the files, so there is just one thing, that one should ensure all of the data is removed before one can actually even think of giving away or selling the computer to someone else.


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