How to configure mobile network connectivity and configure email in mobile devices

When someone is using some mobile device, then it becomes very common for him to use the wireless internet all over the time and to take full control of it. For some mobile network, the ability to use the many kinds of the networks isn't something so unusual. Also, on the mobile phone one can have some cell providing company's dare that we use. Also one might like using the Wi-Fi. That is also available on the devices. This can be connected to some local network located at the home. When someone is present in some coffee shop or the hotel, then too one might use the internet by the Bluetooth networks. Also, one can easily manage and can control the things at the networks independently.

Wireless / cellular data network (enable/disable):

Sometimes when someone enables o disables the network, it depends on the location of that person. When there is the option of the mobile data only, then we use that but when someone finds some wireless connection nearby, normally that is sued then. When someone is located at some coffee shop or the hotel then one would also like to use the Bluetooth network. On the mobile device one can easily manage that whether which network would be used and if it should be used or not. In the android phones, one can easily find the section which is specially designed for the wireless networks. Also one can put the cell on some airplane mode. It can help someone getting disabled with everything. One can just turn on the Wi-Fi and can turn of the clue tooth network. Hence one can manage the radios which are being turned off and on. This is almost the same in the IOS. Here one can find the general settings and there the cellular information is given. At this spot one can simple turn it on and turn it off as well. Also one would find some very different ways of turning the Bluetooth on and off. Many people prefer to use the Wi-Fi for the data transfer. Normally, people use blue tooth whentest are the specific sets of the functions to be performed.


This thing is basically known as the PAN, which is the personal area network. It means that one can het counted and communicate only within the radius of the 10 meters. It can support many personal devices at a time, like the keyboards and the mouse. One can also have the wireless headphones. One can also get in the car and one can link the phone with the car and hence the music can be sent itself.

Enable Bluetooth: In the cell phones have the Android and the iOS as the operating system one can find some settings tab under the Bluetooth. One can simply turn this one on and can enable the functionality of the Bluetooth.

Enable pairing: The pairingmakes sore that the device is able to communicate to the blue tooth device and no one else's device is meddling here. One would have to go through these pairing prices which would ask someone to have the control of the device completely. But before using that, one should know about how to enable and disable the network.

Find device for pairing: Also, there is now something used in the devices which is known as the discoverable media. This is something that it can be done by the device automatically or one can be asked to make the device become visible manually. When the device which is being used, goes in the visible mode, then one would be seeing the poppingup at the mobile device. One would be able to see all networks which are using the Bluetooth and the devices name would be shown. If there are so many people around one who has also enabled the discovery then there would appear so many names of the phones. There is some reason why the exact device should be chosen that is, that one would be given someconfirming at this time.

Enter appropriate pin code: When the personal confirmation is given, it is most probably in the format of some password and that password would ask for some numbers. There might be some pin which is already located in the Bluetooth device. It can show someone that how the one can make the pairing in the right way with some right device. If there is something like the Bluetooth keyboard, then one might be asked to write some series of the numbers and the letter for the conformation that one has got some control over the keyboard and the device which is being paired with, is the right one. Once the pairing has been completed, then one should be able to have the control of the mobile phone with that Bluetooth network. There is something, that the pairing which is done is just aonetime thing. Once the device gets paired, they don't need to ask about passwords and they would be able to understand the features among them anytime whenever they are close to each other. So, one won have to pair them again and again. So, when someone does it with the car, the next time when one sits in the car, the mobile device would be recognized very easily since it has already been paired.

Test connectivity: Only having the connectivity sent matter. There are some other things too. Like, one should be having the testing as well. For this purpose, one can simply send some file which is small on the size to the other network and if it is successful, then the setup has been completed.

Email configuration

Using the mobile data is now so common these days. When one travels, one makes sure that he is bringing his inbox with him everywhere he goes so that he can always stay connected to what's happening and can get connected to the friends easily. Even though now is the era of the Facebook, the twitter and the instant messages software like what's app and viber, but the email is still something which has been there since a long time and one cannot deny the importance of it. So, one should have the email configurations done of the mobile devices and it can be done in various ways since the companies are different.

Server address

POP3: When someone uses the email using some email service provider, then it is mostly the method which is used here for both sending and receiving the emails. The very common and most easily used method which is used these days is known as the POP. The POP can also be called at the POP3, which stands for the post office version 3. The POP has been being since a very long time. The main purpose that this connection has is that one can download all the emails from the internet providing services and then one can delete them up as well one they have been downloaded easily. Not all of the people take help of the POP 3 on their devices, the reason is that if all the email isdownloading using the POP, then when someone goes o the desktop, one won't be able to find the email. Since it would be downloaded to the phone, so the ISPcould get it deleted.

IMAP: so it is confirmed that POP is something which is not that common. Now instead of this one, there is some new protocol which is being used now. It is named as the IMAP it means the internet message across protocol. This means, that the emails which have been downloaded on the cell, still get to be on the server. This way, one can go to some desktop and it can be located at some other location and there can even be many desktops and one can get access to the emails from all the desktops to the one centralized mailbox. For the configuration of the POP and the I Map, one would need to have some talk with serviceprovider. Then they would inform one with the information that what the host's names on the devices are. Also, would inform which of the usernames should be used here to log into this? What kind of the passwords should be usedhere?Also, there would be the list of some network ports numbers. The various versions use some various port number and they all; are different from each other. But one would have to get them configured on some single mobile device.

Port and SSL settings: One can also be provided with the option of getting the data encrypted when the emails are being transferred. The reason is, that since someone is on some mobiledevice, it can be very good ad useful on some wireless networks. Also when the wireless network can be found in some cafes and the hotels it is more useful. This thing is referred as the SSL. It is something like an encryption process. So if someone has to enable the process, then this is the good option and one should make sure that one is taking the advantage of it.

Exchange: There are some of the email accounts that are used at the home using the ISP. Also, one can have some of the email accounts which are used at some work. One of the very common working based emails is the Microsoft's. It is known as the exchange. The mobile devices which are used by one have got some special configuration set ups which one can use when there is a need to communicate to the exchange servers. The MS exchange is not just likerail, it is like the centralized calendar too and all of those contacts list are present there. Also, one can make and keep some nits inside it. Also the synchronization ND the downloading can be done with the help of MS configuration. One can just tell the mobile devices that when and why one wants to use the exchange. This helps creating some good things like one can make some business and can have the calendar for it. One can get the various email addresses attached to the calendar entries. Also then the messages are sent automatically to inform someone that the new meeting has even taken in place and there is a new schedule for that. Hence, this all can be done through one mobile phone only. One might be using the specific number Os the configuration optionsfor this MS exchange. One might get to configure the email that is sued in the exchange.

Gmail: There is a very popular mailing service which is known as the Gmail. The Gmail is made by Google. Androids use the Gmail so frequently since android is also used by the Gmail. There are some of the integrations which are among the androids and the Gmail. One can get access to the Gmail #. There is something else too which is the Gmail calendar. It is somehow, similar to the exchange if integration. That time, the calendars and the emails can work together hand in hand. So, one have put some same type of the integration among the Gmail and the android.

The configuration is done the same way as it is done through the MS exchange.

Hence, the mobile internet is very vital for the one since it can help someone to get on the go. There are many ways through it can be configured and there is something important too that one should know about, that is the setting up of the email addresses. One can setup many email addresses in a single device. For the business solutions, there are the exchange and the Gmail calendar. They can give some good business scheduling solutions so one can get the benefits of it by simple doing some of the configuration manually which then can help one a lot in the time management.


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