Environmental impacts and the purpose of environmental controls

The environment in which the one works, matters a low since the good environment can bring some really good results while the bad environment can create some problems for both he computer and the user. The computers get hot really soon specially, if they are laptops. So if the environment is not good and it is pretty hot, the external and the internal heat factors can reduce the performance of the machine. Also, if there is dust, it can go into the fans and fans can stop working and can get damaged. The proper air flow and the humidity control are also important so that the machine doesn't get affected. Here are some ways how one can protect himself by taking these measures to control the possible hazardous situations;

MSDS documentation for handling and disposal:

If someone is working with some latest technology then he would have the very fast computer and some best of the printers. But one should realize that these things are not going to last long sine there would be the newer technology and then, these machines would be disposed ofsince one would have to make some room for the new machines. In the USA and many other countries now, there is a document which is named as MSDS. It stands for the Material Safety data Sheet. This document contains all the proper and relevant information about not only how one can use this technology, but also about the safety of it and how one can stay safe and can also dispose them off safely. In the USA, that thing is managed by the Labor Department. Also OSHA is responsible for that, which is named as the occupational Safety and the Health Administration. One can find some good security techniques using the MSDS and then one can go to the osha.gov for the more search of these documents. One might think why all of this safety so so important and why people talk about it. The answer to this question is that there are the various parts of the technology and there are some various components and the chemicals which we are working with every day. All of them contain some very different method of being disposed of. One would find some batteries with which they work. The laserjet toners and even some of the solvents that everyone sues every day to help getting some troubleshooting guides and the cleaning of those devices. To perform all of these actions, there are some various techniques for disposing them off and for this; one would have to refer to the MSDS since it would tell very properly about disposing those devices off. Also, that thing it's just limited to the US only, one would be concerned about it no matter in which corner of the world they are. It is pretty obvious since no one wants some chemicals lying around there. Many of the countries can contain their own versions of those data sheets. So, one should be keeping some check with the government to look up for that who is handling this department. Also, from where one can go and get this version of the MSDS and the data safety sheets for all the devices that one owns. The MSDS becomes so much important if one if there in the organization and there are many computers and the batteries which are lying around. There would also be many of the ink cartridge and the toner cartridge which would be there if one uses the printer'ss well. So, one should know or eventually, would think about knowing that what would be done with those machines. So if one didn't really question about what happens to them, now they should. One can go to the manufacturer wed site and there are probabilities that one would find about the instruction to destroy those machines there too.

Temperature, humidity level awareness and proper ventilation: whenever the environment where the computers are being operated thought of, we certainly have to keep in mind about the temperature that exists around. The computers and the servers that we use, contain too much heat. So one should always make sure that they have some good cooling system which can cool up the environment and hence the machines do not get too much over heated due to the particular machines. Oe should make sure that the cooling systems he sues are in the place and that the manufacturer's documents sholld be checked up so that the environment in which one is dealing is, is located at some good temperature.

The second thing that becomes a problem for users is the humidity. Many of the computers are pretty sensitive to the humidity. Only because of this reson, one would wish that the humidity level is not too high there, Also, if this happens that the humidity level becomes too much low, then one would have to face some really potential threat for the electrocstatic discharge. So, one would be wanting to find up some mifddle ground for this humidity. That is normally a half of the good gt get started. Also, one should be checking the manufactuere's dociments as ell to check that what that have recommended for the humidity, also, where the computes are placed, what have manufacturer told us to do about it. Doing so, one can ensure that the devices he is running would be run at some optimum levels. The ventilation of the computer has now become some really big concern for the today's society. Sometimes, one would be working in some office where they would need to keep some server. One might be in need of putting some of the networking equipment's. So, they can find some closet and they would surely put all of the machines in that closed. It is very obvious that this method is not the maximum usage of the batteries and hence, that's not the very good environment if the battery that a UPS has to the computing system. One should make sure to check the manufacturer's documents to see that what is the maximum temperature that the machine can endure and it can work properly under it; also, putting something in the closer actually ruins the ventilation system since the air gets trapped within that box. The closer here that's being talked about, is not that special closet which is designed for the computers and the machineskeeping. it means, the real closet that one can have at offices and the homes. That is the type of closet which can work on the ventilationand hence when the door is opened. One would find some heattrappedinside. It means that closet can never be the good place for one to keep that UPS or the computer machine. The reason is the heat from side and outside damages the machine at double rate.

Power surges, brownouts, blackouts: The power that we use for empowering up the computer is very important.Here are the few ways by which one canavoid the power failure and the performance can be maintained to maximum level;

Battery backup: It is very important for one to work on the portable computers since one cannot sit at one place all the time. It might happen that one would have to move from one place to another. Also, if there is some load management problem at some place, one should be holding enough batteries so that they can come in handy. Those batteries need some additional care too. The batteries are of different types. Like UPS can have some different batteries and those batteries are used most commonly. The batteries have two types. One is the dry battery and another is the battery that needs water. One has to protect those batteries since the humidity can damage the connector and carbon can get accumulated there. Also, the heat can damage the performance of the batteries so they should be placed in some area where the air can hit them properly.

Surge suppressor: One would obviously like to make sure that the power that is going in the computer is the cleanest. Also, one would like to make sure that they have some surgesuppresser that can endure some good surges and those surges come out of the system and then the computer is not actually so subject to them. If one is having some cooling system or the heatingsystem and any of the devices which are actually plugged in to the power, then one would know that it is the place where the surges can happen. If one gets some of the power hikes, then these suppressors are specially designed for this purpose and they can surely help someone getting rid of them.

Therebrownout means when the power is low, the computer gets very low power and functions very limited. In that case, the machines should be shut own very imemdiately since it is obvious that the light may come again with some high power which can burn the circuit breakers. The blackout means, when the light totally vanishes.

Protection from airborne particles

It is really important to someone to protect the commuter from the dust particles that can be playing around. The reason is that those dust particles can get close to the fans and one they are stuck there will not let fans move properly and the fans would get damaged. Also, the particles can travel all the way to the motherboard as Ewell and since it contains many circuits, the flow of the current can get damaged. So one should keep the machine away from dust and keep cleaning it, after some weeks.

Enclosures: It may happen that when we bring the cell phone near the computers, then the screen used to get vibrating. Now it doesn't happen that way but still, one should avoid bringing some other devices close to the computers since it may interfere with the signals. Also for the hard disk, it is recommended that one should not bring the heavy metal near the computer specially some heavy magnets, the reason behind is that it contains some very power full magnetic force and it can get attracted to it.

Air filters: These filters are available for the help of the consumer, if someone installs these air filters, the problem is the dust particles whichcan damage the machines can be reduced a lot.

Dust and debris:

There are so much dust and the debris which can gather around. One can use the following methods to get rid of them;

Compressed air: The compressed air can help reducing the chances of the bad particles which can get stuck into system and can get the machine damaged.

Vacuums: there are some low level vacuumsavailable in the market which an actually help someone get the dust out, they can suck up the dust. But one should not use the vacuum with some high power since it can damage the delicate parts of the machine.

Component handling and protection:

The components of the machine can contain some charge. It often happens that when someone touches the desktop's CPU, one can feel so light current. Here is the way how someone can reduce the risk of getting electrocuted.

Antistatic bags: These bags are specially designed to keep the current within the bag. They contain some good plastic which can help someone not getting electric charge from the specific machine. One can easily use it, by putting this bag on hands can out it on the machine.

Compliance to local government regulations:

The local government where the one is operating also might have some restrictions. They can impose those restrictions and these restrictions can be about the work place's security, the environment which is provided. Also they have the document like the MSDS which contains the methods regarding how to dispose the machines.

So, one should know, that what are the problems that can be faced in the good working environment and how can he remove them by attending to many of the details. Also, there are some departments of the government which can help one disposing off the materials of the computers which can contain some hazardous chemicals etc. So, one should surely look for such instruction so that their working environment can become a safe place.


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