How to customize computer system configuration

One might get in need to find out the right parts of the PC that he wants to have. The PCs are normally the same but since the needs of the people change, the PC types change as well. One might be asked by the friends or the family to get a PC customized for them. The first thing that should be done first is to determine that what that PC would be used for. The customization mainly depend whether one wants to play some heavy games on it or they want to just use it for the internet browsing, the components required changes and as does the budget. Following are the types of system which are mostly used by people and this is how they should be customized;

Graphic/ CAD/ CAM Design Workstations:

If one is working in some business environment which is mainly involved in the graphic designing, then this PC is the thing that person wants to have. They would need a PC on what they can run the CAD. Following are the requirements of such PC;

Powerful Processor: Since using the CAD requires some really graphic extensive workings, hence the processor that is required for this job has to be powerful enough. For these professionals there is a lot of architecture work which has to be done on these PC and they are responsible for developing some really detailed designs which are related to engineering. For that, one should ensure that the processor they are using is the best one to handle some really heavy work load and hence the processor used should have extremely powerful. During the usage, the person would be doing so much 3D work and it would include so much modeling. So, it means there would be many calculations which would have to be performed by the processor. So, one should ensure that the CPU has what it takes to handle and bear such intense environment.

High End Video: Since the work would mostly be of 3D, also the person would be needing lots of heavy graphics and for this sake a good graphic card is needed which can handle this much load. So, one would have to spend much resources for the VG card. Also, one should acquire some specialized card where the memory is pretty much available. Also, the user should install some heavy GPU unit so that it can bear the heavy workload that would be put onto it by the 3D modeling.

Maximum RAM: Since the work load would be so heavy, its understood that one would be doing so much processing on the PC for this sake, the RAMs have to be fast enough so that they can help the PC make calculations in a better way by providing the memory in fast and short time period.

Audio/Video Editing Workstation:

These are the computers which are mainly used by those people who are involved in the heavy video and audio editing. They can be the ones who relate to the TC or the films field. Their requirements for the computer are as follows;

Specialized Audio and Video Cards: Since the first thing is to ensure that the audio and the video cards used here are the very powerful ones since there would be some huge work done on the video editing and the audio editing so the both things should be working perfectly fine.

Large Fast Hard Drive: when one works on the rendering of those videos and the audios, there is one thing they need the most. That is the hard drive with plenty of space so that so many video can be stored there and the hard disk never runs full too soon. During the work many of the temporary files get written and there is too much information that has to be in the writing and has to be read when one edits all those systems. So, the hard disk should be having much space and it should be fast enough. The hard drive if is big and fast, the work done would become much easier. Also, the usage of SSDs can be very useful here and sing these drives for the OS files and the temporary files can bring in some really good response time which would be really short and the editing would become easier.

Dual Monitors: The editing requires the person to do many things at a single time, so it's good to have the dual monitors which can show the works that are being done simultaneously. The benefit of it can be that one can edit something on one screen and can judge the results by showing them on the second screen. Hence the things won't get mixed up and the work would become easier and would be more effective. Also, the dual monitors can be used here in the sense that one can also run multiple operating systems on them. They can be run on same time on the same computer and they can be viewed on the both screens hence the work can be monitored time by time and this method is very effective.

Virtualization Workstation:

Those people who have to do much work about the visualization, need to run many windows at he very same commuter. It is quite possible. One can run the Linux and windows both at a single computer at the same time. But the main problems are the memory and the speed of computer, so one should make sure sure to have the following specifications of the computer before starting the visualization load over the computer;

Maximum RAM and CPU Cores: This is the most important thing for those who are working on some virtualization field. The operating systems can take some large chunk of the memory so one should make sure to install good RAM which is large as well, so that the work can be handled in some good way. Most of the CPU today is able to handle such level of virtualization but if the CPU has some more cores, the work becomes so fast and easy for the developer and he can work in peace without having any worries about the crashes of data. Also, many calculations can be run within a short time which would bring some great efficiency and improvement in the work.

Gaming PC:

Many people love playing games and for this sake, they require some really powerful PC which can enable them to play games without frying the hardware in the computer. Following are the best specifications for a good gaming pc;

Powerful Processor: gaming is the thing which can make all the computer work a lot since all the hardware and the software is busy when the game is on. They are used a lot and hence they require being more powerful so that they can bear the burden of the heavy load. So if someone wants to have some good gaming computer, he should make sure to have some biggest processor. Many of the games themselves require the PC to have the great processors and these days, the many good games require at least i3 for the great gaming experience.

High End Video/ Specialized CPU: the latest games have got some really advanced graphics and that's why they provide some amazing gaming experience to the users. But, this requires the video card to be very good so that the games can be played without any slow speed and the quality of the screen remains very high. The problem with the gaming video cards is, that they get hot very soon since they have to bear too much pressure and burden of work. These cards can cost a lot and sometimes, these cards are so expensive that one can buy a whole computer with that money. That's why having the CPU with the maximum cores and the great video card can make a gamer's life heaven.

Better Sound Card: Gaming experience isn't just about the speed, control and the video; it's about the sound as well. The sound cards now can create some big differences in the games. The better sound cards mean that there would be the better chip and the audio would be really clear. Also, the multiple audio tracks would be able to run at the same time. If these capabilities are not born by the audio card, then the gaming experience can't be enjoyed to the full extent.

High End Cooling: The gaming computers tend to get heated up really soon. The reason behind is that all the components of the computer work together and they hot very soon. So there has to be some really efficient cooling system which can cool down the PC soon as it gets hot.

Home Theatre PC:

Those people who love using the PC mainly for watching videos and the movies, should make sure to have the following components in it; Surrounding Sound Audio: The home theatre lovers don't just use the left and the right channels, they sue the central channel. They also require having a sub-woofer. The surrounding sounds create the atmosphere of a cinema and hence enhance the video watching experience. So the hardware installed inside the PC should be capable and compatible enough to accept thus audio input.

HDMI Output: Since the system would be using too much of the high definition video, so having the HDMI port is very important so it can get plougged in to the TV.

HTPC Compact from Factor: This factor allows the computer o have some small size which can get fit into the space of the room. The rooms might not be liked if there are big computers so this allows the user to have the small volume of computer.

TV Tuner: PC can be tuned into the TV so that users can use it as the TV as well.

Standard Thick Client:

Standard thick client is actually a normal computer that we know of. It has a big OS which is loaded into the HDD. It can launch the Windows 7, Linux and other OS. Here are the specifications of the thick client;

Desktop Applications: There should be the desktop applications which should be running there. There might also be the slide show program which would be run and there might be the word processing as well on these computers. So, all these applications should be installed.

Meeting Recommended Requirements for Running Windows: The thick client computers do not have heavy specifications. The work done is the spread sheets etc. so one should know what kind of CPU they need. It's the normal CPU with the good HDD like minimum of 40GB.

Thin Client:

Now the era has changed and many of the people are transferring from the thick client to thin one since it takes less space and looks sleek. Following are the requirements of this client;

Basic Applications: Just like thick client, this client should be able to run the basic applications which are used in day to day like, like antivirus, MS office etc. this PC doesn't require so much resource and one might see only a box connected to monitor.

Meeting Minimum Requirements for Running Windows: For these PC, the device is connected with the remote server which is somewhere else in the organization so there is no need to have some video card which is heavy or the good processor.

Home Server PC:

In some hi technology house hold one would need the Home server PC where he can stream all he videos and contents inside the house. These are the specs for the PC;

Media Streaming: Media streaming is very important art since many people love streaming a saving that content on the desktop after streaming.

File Sharing: The home server PCs normally has some hi-tech internet which helps them save the files and transfer them across the network.

Print Sharing: If one wants to get access to someone else's printer, the simplest thing is to connect the printer to the central home server and it's called as the network printer.

Gigabit NIC: The home server PCs have some really good internet speed and they are up to the Gigabit so that the user can download the data easily and in time.

RAID Array: For the homes server, the most important thing is that what is being stored, so this system might contain the hard drives in an array which is called as the RAID array.

So all the computers have got the different uses and according to them, there are some different specifications which a commuter is supposed to have. Hence, one should ensure that if one wants a customized PC, all the requirements are met so that the specified purpose PC can perform up to the mark.


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