Comparing hardware: Tablets versus Laptop

Now when we talk about the modern technology, it is impossible that one doesn't know about the tablets. The tablets are the new present and now many can be seen using the tablets and now even the trends of the laptops is getting vanished with time. So for more mobility one can use the tablets which are coming with some more powerful options. But there are many of the other differences too, like the hardware of the both machines is very different. So, one should notice that before making any choice among the tablet and the laptops. Here are the hardware details about both types of machines;

No field serviceable parts

Tablets are now the significant platform for the computing and there exist many of the differences among the laptops and the tablets. In the tablets, upon examining, one would find that there are not so many screws which are embedded there. Also, one won't be able to find a way to open it up. Basically, one would not see anything inside which can get changed or one would like to change. It is something so different than a laptop. In the laptop, one can easily open it up and can get the hardware changed which can be changed. Also, there are some areas there which can get upgraded so easily as well. For example, one would find that there are many of the slots which are there and one can add some extra memory inside it. One can also make some changes and can move those expansion slots as well. Hence the various wireless technologies can be added into it. Also, one can put in some mass storage like the storage of the hard drive; can get it moved in and out. To do these things, one just need to do some things, like one just have to have some screws. Then one can open up those slots which are located at the bottom. Now, the changes can be made easily. It is something very easy and quick thing. The tablets are very change. They are mostly the self-contained machines. One cannot find any of the user serviceable parts which can get replaced by the sure. Also, these ones will not be located in the devices of the tablets. If someone wants to get them opened dup, one would be getting in need of some specific tools.

Also, one might need to get some special gun which is the heating gun. One can also search for some other various techniques which he can use. Like, the updating the battery. One would not be able to get any function performed on site, with a tablet. The laptop computer can get upgraded in many of the ways. The most common one is the memory upgrades which are very accessible and can be done on almost all laptops. At the space of storage, one would not just get the storage that is located within the tablet, but the one can have the storage which is built in and can be upgraded by someone and also, can have the devices which can get connected by the USB connection. Hence one can have much more storage. The external storage that one has can really give some big storage to the devices. It can add many of the terabytes of storage in the devices. There is one thing that the tablets do not have so much memory and the amount of memory they have is pretty much limited. So, one cannot upgrade it. Also, when does to some market, they don't buy the tablets only because they have some more storage but because of their performance. Also, the tablets come up with some space that is enough and the memory is pretty good for the storage of devices which have been developed by the developers who have written the applications for this specific platform.

Typically not upgradeable

As it has been mentioned before, one cannot really upgrade the tablets since there are no things here which can get upgraded. There are many things which can work quite well with the laptops but that thing won't work for the tablets. Like some tablets do contain some slots which can be used for the SD cards. SD cards can provide some of the important data storage solutions and the concerns which relate to the limited upgradable space of the tables. Even though there is some slot on the tablet, but sill, one might be in need of some extra storage for that specific tablet devices but that would not contain the same type of the functionality which one would have with the laptops. Another drawback that the tablets have is that one can simply plug in the USB device and then can get it upgraded with some storage which can help someone store more data on the machine. But, it is obvious that one might not be having that USB connection on the tablet device. But one won't be finding that USB connection on the tablets that we use these days.

Touch interface

The amazing thing about the tablets is that they have got some really nice design. They don't contain any keyboard but they contain touch screen. Hence, one doesn't need any keys to be pressed, they can simple touch the screen and the work is done for them. The important thing that one would have started observing very soon that there are some laptops too which now have this ability. It is something amazing, since the laptop already contain so Manu great specifications. At the start, these abilities were only in the laptops which were expensive now one can buy some laptop which falls in the price range of 300-400 dollars and there would be touch screen in it. They are known as the netbooks. They are now seem as some socialized feature of the laptops and there are also become very common now and the windows 8 specially, is making the industry drive through the touch screen laptops platforms.

Touch flow

The touch screen is kind of weird and different from the tablets. There are many sensors which are located there. Another great feature that one can find in these touch screen systems is that one cannot just use the fingers to touch the screen; one can use the pin as well. There are some pins which are available and one can use them as well since it makes clicking becomes easier. If one opens up some browsers and then tried to click at something which is too small, he might not be able to use fingers because fingers are big. Also, the touch sticks come with the rubber at the other end which gives the screen feelings as if it is human touch and hence one can use that stick. It is to be noted that not all material can be used here; only that stick with the rubber can be used. There is one thing which can be said for sure, that the touch flow of the laptops is better than the tablets since laptops might have some bigger screen which means bigger area to touch the screen. Fir the laptops, there are the sticks in the shape of then pen and one is given option to enable the touch, whether it can be the human touch or the pen that is given with the laptop.


Here comes another great invention. The multi touch is the capability of the surface to know the presence which can be more than one. In the old times, the touch screen devices could only recognized the other devices when they were touched once and if someone put second finger, it would not have got detected back then. Now the tables have turned and one can use both fingers at the same time as well. This ability is there in both laptops and the tablets. So, one can create more than one point of the contacts with the surface of device. Also, this point is used very often to make the implementation of the advanced functionalities which can be the pinch and the zoom. Pinch means, that when a big screen is opened, one can put two fingers there and can pinch then screen. The pinching isn't really like physical pinching about the movement of hands is done that way. Hence the screen becomes minimized. The zooming is another capability. One can put both fingers on it and can move them in opposite direction at same time, and hence the screen would get expanded. This ability is known as the zoom and hence the screen would be opened wide and one would be able to read the data more accurately. The two mentioned uses of the technology has got some very quick developments in the field and now many of the companies are using these techniques and have replaced the old technology which was called as the single touch. There were many other terms too which were called by the researchers and the companies. Normally, this is what provided a competitive edge to the device to another now one can see it frequent that the tablets and the laptops both can use these technologies.

Solid state drives

This stands for the SSD and it is the media which doesn't contain any of the moving part in it but the electrons which travel through this device when the electric current is passed. This device is pretty different from the hard drives which are traditional and have too many mechanical pieces inside then and those pieces can get failed quite often. There is the common observation that the laptops contain some traditional HDDs. But there are some manufactures which are now using the SSD technology in their laptops and hence they give options to the users for the replacement of the storage capability with something that is solid state in nature. The hard disk also has too much capacity and one can have many of the tetra bytes of data in them and they would cost same as the SSD with the 256 gigabytes would cost. The HDD is slower but it has some of the cost advantage as it is mentioned. But the thing is that the SSD is the solid state one so HDD can't beat it in speed.

The advantage is of movement. Since the SSD doesn't contain any of the hardware piece in it, so one can easily travel without having any worry that it might get damaged or would stop working. They are very normal for the tablets. Now that's the reason why the tablets have less storage since the companies do not send so much on the SSD and they install small ones. But this is what has added some great advantage to the movement of the tablets and now they can be easily moved without having any worry of getting broken or damaged in other ways. When the tablets are put up in the bag, the bags can hit many things at times and one might not like that for the HDDs. But with the help of the SDD it has become too easy for someone to worry about the storage and one can be ensured that it is not going to get damaged. Also, there would be some small amount of the capacity which would be on some tablet and one would not do the same functions with the laptop.

Hence, there exists May of the differences among the tablets and the laptops. So, one should go through the features of all to ensure that he makes best choice when it comes to choosing among them. Also, sometimes the prices of the laptops and the tablets might have some competition and someone might like ruling out tablets saying they have less storage, but the storage ability has some other benefits too like they not get damaged as easily as the laptop's storage does. So it's not actually about the storage, its more about the mobility and the ready to use technologies.


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