Comparing and contrasting Network devices, their features and Functions

There are many network devices which are being used these days to get connected to the internet. Some of them are the switches, routers, firewall etc. One should know about all of them to get some good insights about the network devices. There devices are as follows;


Before the switches network came, people used to use the Hubs. It was one of the simplest and the easier way to connect everyone at some single centralized point over the internet. The twisted paired cables and the star based topologies were used, hence the connection to the centralized device was ensured. Also, it gave some good advantages on the old bus type connection which was coaxed based. But the disadvantage of the hub is that if more and more people get connected to it, then the performance of the networks starts declining every day for everyone who is connected there. Hence like the modern switches provide, there was no separation of the communication there for those who used this technology. Normally, the Hub gave the speed of 10 MB per second and the 100 MBs per second as well. There weren't any of the gigabyte hubs. But, it was the part of the gigabyte specification. No manufacturer there created any of the gigabyte hub technology and now, the hubs are very difficult to be found these days. It is an obsoleted technology and is not used in our era any longer. So normally, those who need to have that technology; they needed to tap into the 10 MB and the 100Mb network connections only. So normally, it was used by those people who were the network managers or those people who used to do the protocol analysis.


These days, one can get connected to the internet with the help of a port-switch is an effective bridge. All of those decisions which are related to the movement of the data inside of these switches are taken by the hardware. So, it is pretty fast when it comes to the operations. Switches work like the OSI layer 2. They are so intelligent and they know very well that where they are second the data. If the hub is recalled, when the traffic goes in the one port, then it is sent to all of the other ports which are there in the hub. But, that mechanism is not followed in the switch. Here when the traffic is received by the switch, it only examines it and then sends the traffic out to some destination ports which are associated with the traffic. So, one can think that there are many types of the conservations which are going in the switch. But the architecture of the switches is unique. Hence, the connectivity of the devices doesn't get affected with the entire network. Also, one can have some really specific parts which are set up among the one station and the stations. Also, here are some other paths which have been set up between the stations very well. Switches have the other advantages as well. One of them is, that there can be a central system of the switch, which might contain only one switch, and it and contain many hundreds of the ports. Since there is the intelligent system which checks that where the traffic is being forwarded to, hence one doesn't really have to face the slow speed of the switch. Hence the problem that is faced while using the hubs is not faced here. Also, these switches are capable of supporting some really heavy bandwidths. This bandwidth helps them have some really good connection speed ad users can use it with convenience and the problem of slow speed that as associated with hub is resolved as well. Users can have the connectivity of around 10 or 000 gigabytes. There can also be 10 gig links which can connect the one switch with the other switch. PoE: PoE standard for the power over Ethernet. It Is the technology that helps the network cables have the electric power. But, if the camera is said to be PoE enabled, then the network connection has to be made. Also, the electric power can be gained by it through the cables as well.


The router is basically a device which is used while sending the traffic among different IPs. These routers operate at the OS layer 3. Also, that's the reason why sometimes they are referred as the OS layer 3 switches. But, that is surely a bit misnomer. The reason is that the switches operate at the layer 2 while this router operates at the layer 3. Routers are normally pretty good when it comes to the connecting various devices. Using the router can enable someone to connect the LAN to a WAN, and even with the fiber cased network. Hence it can be connected to the copper based network as well. Here normally, one will find some different IP subnets. That's the reason why the router is able to connect them together.

Access Point:

There is another term too which is heard by one many times, It's the access point or a WAP. This one is different than that wireless router that might be present in the home or an office environment. It looks the same, but actually, they are very different and this router has nothing to do with the other router. It performs simple. It bridges up the network that has been previously wired into the network which is not wired. This activity normally occurs at the OSI layer 2. Hence, one doesn't really change the subnet Also there is nothing that is being routers. The thing that actually is done is that the wired Ethernet work is just converted into the wireless connection.


The bridging has a lot to do with eh switching and hence when one studies about the switches, he will study a lot about the bridges. Bridge is actually a device which is sued to connect two of the different networks all together by the layer 2. Also, it is sometimes used also to connect the various topologies all together. Hence this is the really old way throguht which those devices can communicate. This idea is really nice and hence it has been implemented to the switches as well. Just as it works in the switches, now one can communicate easily between the two of the networks using the MAC address. So, if one is following an OSI model, then it surely is the ISO layer 2. Now days, if one think about the bridged, one is bringing inside of some really huge switches. But it can also be thought of a method which is sued in the wireless access point to bridge up the wires Ethernet to the wireless network.


Here comes the type of the network device. This one is used in the organizations and the offices very often and almost everyone, one can find the modem. It is the short form of the modular. It is actually a process through which the digital signals of one's network are sent through using some audio across the type of a connection. Sometimes, that can be phone lines and sometimes that can be a leased line taken from the network provider. But, the modem has to be there are both sides so that it can actually work. It is pretty normal to see one using the really standard and fine phone lines. If someone is residing in some remote area, then he won't be able to find any high speed in that site and the connection would be, one just needs to send only the small amount of the data since the connection is pretty low and hence, one can make the modems accomplish this. So, one might have the chances to get some high speed these days. Also it is not very common to see some individuals using the modems. But if someone needs some utility function, then one would be in the need of sending a file at the end of the day. There one can find an automated method which is attached to it. So with that method, one can make it happen and can transfer that small data hence, one can easily use the modem for this purpose of sending the small data.


One can find some other poper device too which is in use these days. It is known as the network attached storage, aka, NAS. Those people, who do not have too much storage available for them on the network, can benefit from this services, also, it is on the internet which means, that it's not only a single person who can have access to it, instead, all those who are connected to it can have access to it. It is pretty common for people to use some really high speed connections since one can get too much data which goes in and comes out of this amazing device. Also, the benefit of this device is that it is not like USB, which is a slow connection. The NAT devices are specially designed to enhance the organizations. So if one is busy in sorting up lots of data and then realizes that the NAT is quite filled up, then one can replace this device or can get connected to some more NAT devices all together. There is some very unique capability associated to this network storage, that is, that I always get set up in some high availability mode. If one loses some of the drives in the connection, then it would not be a problem and it would continue operating. Also, when it has been maintained, then and drive can be pulled out and can be replaced with some exactly new device and during all this procedure, things will keep running smoothly. Also, it has the ability to build itself to the 100 percent operations.


When one gets connected to the internet from anyplace, there is one thing that stands between one and the whole world. That is, the firewall. The firewall helps one connect to the internet and then filter the information which is based in the port numbers. In the model of OSI, it is now the OSI layer 4. Some of the firewalls which are of new types can even check out the applications which are being run and can put some filter on them as well. That is the 7th layer of the OSI. Using the firewall for encrypting the data among the two sides is very common now. This ability is built in in many of the firewalls. Also, they can be used for the protection of proxy and the settings. Hence, one can make request to one's firewall and that fire wall would be sending the request to the Google. Then response is gained from Google and then firewall receives it and looks into it. After looking into it, then the secured data is given to the user. Another important characteristic which is attached to the firewall is that it can be operated as the router as well. So, one can now operate layer 3rd of the OSI. Also, it might be there sometimes, located at the edge of the network. It can help performing the OP routing among the network inside and the outside.

VoIP Phones:

In the past days, no one thought that phones would become the network devices as well. But these days, it is common for them to be. Now, there is the voice over IP which has made the phones becomes some existing network or some other network. They behave like normal phones but that device contains so many abilities. One can have the browsers, and it is the multimedia integrations. One can connect them to the computer and then can get access from the computer as well.

Internet Appliance:

Internet applications are the applications which are specifically designed to carry out some very complex business process on some server or the client. In the server based one, the internet protocol is basically used by the applications to receive requests from some client, which can typically be the web browser, then process the code associated with then and then the data is returned back to the browser.

Getting connected to the internet is something which is very important these days. There are so many network devices which help us doing so. So, it is important for one to know about the types and the workings of these devices so that one can make some good decisions when he wants to use one.


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