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New Exams for CompTIA A+ Certification being released in December

On December 15th CompTIA has released two new exams for its CompTIA A+ certification track: CompTIA A+ 220-901 and 220-902. By implementing new exams within it’s A+ Credential CompTIA keeps up with the latest technology trends and verifies all the up-to-dated skills required for qualified IT Technical Support Professional. The 900 A+ Series are designed… Read More »

CompTIA IT Fundamentals: Newest IT Certification for Non-IT Professionals

CompTIA has recently launched a new certification. If you work in IT, most likely it’s not for you. This credential is rather for your non-IT colleagues and friends who have to call you every time their computer contracts a virus, when their operating system starts acting up and so on – we all know these… Read More »

CompTIA A+ 200-801 and 200-802: Now Available in Arabic

To better target the needs of IT professionals in the Middle East and other Arabic speaking countries, CompTIA has made the latest version of its A+ certification exams (220-801 and 220-802) available in Arabic. This has been officially announced today through the press release available on the company’s website. Although the change has apparently been… Read More »

CompTIA A+ Certification: Your First Step Into the Big IT World

Being at the very first stage of any journey is exciting. You get to choose your way, experience the successes and learn from some … not so successful moments. If you want your IT career journey to go smoothly, CompTIA’s A+ certification is the bullet-proof starting point for it. It validates the knowledge and skills… Read More »