not a good dump.Friday, May 17, 2013 2:20 PM UTXaelian decrease the snapshot size, best answer is to stop the VM. Because a snapshot will also take the things that are in the RAM-memory. Decreasing RAM is also a good answer.Monday, May 13, 2013 12:28 PM UTMario guess there are a number of wrong answers in this dump. <br /> A lot about minimizing the amount of storage of a VM-snapshot. <br /> <br /> Some say change the .vhd to a dynamically expanding disk, other answers say stop the VM(?), other answers say decrease the Maximum RAM. <br /> <br /> what is the correct answer?Sunday, May 12, 2013 12:49 PM UTFrancesco,<br /> <br /> i'm sorry but some questions are incomplete..<br /> <br /> and could you suggest me which questions are wrong?<br /> <br /> Sorry for my english! eheh<br /> <br /> FrancescoSunday, May 12, 2013 9:11 AM UThendrik lot of answers are the same as the post of Bruce, some answers are wrong and i cannot drag answers when it is necessar. FAIL!!Friday, May 10, 2013 4:29 PM UTSte today using this and brucey's plus cbt and the book. This file has the new questions but research the answers yourself as a lot are wrong. 90% of the questions were from brucey's dump. Thanks to all involvedFriday, May 10, 2013 3:09 PM UTMark all,<br /> <br /> pass today with 960. Use bruce and you win!Friday, May 10, 2013 8:40 AM UTMurimi would have been the best file were it not for some wrong answers. It has all the questions.Thursday, May 09, 2013 10:54 AM UTMoustafa Borhan<br /> <br /> (BruceyB 116q.vce) is the best dump i got certified today, 85% of the questions was covered by that dump good luck allThursday, May 09, 2013 1:05 AM UTchris Ylli,<br /> Thanks for your response - I have studied the "BrucyB" so hopefully going to be ok (with luck !) just wanted some info on the new questions.<br /> Thanks again and good luck all.<br /> ChrisWednesday, May 08, 2013 1:32 PM UTYlli Chris,<br /> <br /> I sugest you to study "BruceyB 116q.vce posted 17-Apr-2013", because it is the best of all. really <br /> I am sorry, I do not know if new question were from "MadniTiger.230q.vce" I din't suty MadniTiger.230q,vce<br /> but I saw some comment some guy said in MadniTiger.230 are some answer wrong.<br /> Sorry my Englis is not good. I sugest you just this to study BruceyB 116q.vce you will have succes to get about 900 score.<br /> I wish you succes.<br /> Best regars<br /> YlliWednesday, May 08, 2013 1:11 PM UTchris Ylli,<br /> Can you please confirm if the new questions were induced in this dump at all ?<br /> many thanks ChrisWednesday, May 08, 2013 12:56 PM UTYlli all,<br /> <br /> Thanks HHariri, you too.<br /> Still valid, Passed exam today with 920 score, I used this BruceyB 116q.vce 42 7.92 MB I had just 8 new question.<br /> I wish everyone successWednesday, May 08, 2013 12:32 PM UTLabia, in this VCE file doesn't work the Drag and Drop you should try the Brucey Dump for the Drag and Drops!Wednesday, May 08, 2013 9:32 AM UTRizi any body guide me how i can work on VCE Drag and drops Questions i want upload latestWednesday, May 08, 2013 5:53 AM UTLuke,<br /> <br /> many doubt about this VCE.<br /> <br /> About "You need to prevent Server1 from attempting to resolve Internet host names for the client computers.What should you do on Server1?"<br /> <br /> Which the answer:<br /> <br /> create stub zone named "root"<br /> remove root hints<br /> create primary zone named "."<br /> <br /> ??Tuesday, May 07, 2013 9:53 PM UTToad file is NOT valid! BruceyB and Gambit are. Please use their VCE. Good luck!Tuesday, May 07, 2013 4:55 PM UTLabia, <br /> <br /> The HOTSPOT questions in this DUMP isn't the new additional question to Brucey Dump?, as tomorrow at 14:00 is my exam day, anybody can answer please!Tuesday, May 07, 2013 4:39 PM UTXaelian question 60 is wrong. And it was correct in the Brucey dumps. Like YAM said, learn the brucey dump + the new questions in this dump. But search it on the internet if you're not sure if it's correct.Tuesday, May 07, 2013 3:11 PM UTxaelian guess there are a number of wrong answers in this dump.<br /> A lot about minimizing the amount of storage of a VM-snapshot.<br /> <br /> Some say change the .vhd to a dynamically expanding disk, other answers say stop the VM(?), other answers say decrease the Maximum RAM.<br /> <br /> Also the question about the DHCP relay agent. Why do you need to add it to the static routes? you need to do it from the General node? Or am I incorrect?Tuesday, May 07, 2013 3:02 PM UTJAM passed today with 968. All questions were covered by this dump. But there are many mistakes in it! Try to repair this dump and it will be very helpful. <br /> I recomended to learn from previous dump and learn only new question from this one.<br /> But in general - thanks very very very much for it!!!Tuesday, May 07, 2013 2:41 PM UTHHariri I wish you successTuesday, May 07, 2013 2:06 PM UTPeter - new questions - fine - but same (5/34 . ) are wrongTuesday, May 07, 2013 2:00 PM UTissam hamad you all the bestTuesday, May 07, 2013 1:32 PM UTwaleed today 936/1000 5-10 new questions<br /> Excellent Dump :)Tuesday, May 07, 2013 12:31 PM UTYlli, tomorrow I will take the exam, I will write here to tell you. Don't worry for that, be happy.<br /> Greeting.Tuesday, May 07, 2013 12:05 PM UTPAul did you pass , do you suggest this ..Tuesday, May 07, 2013 11:44 AM UTYlli,<br /> I am gonna to get this exam tomorrow at 10 o clock, I will tell you if it is valid,<br /> best regards,<br /> YlliTuesday, May 07, 2013 11:15 AM UT