, <br /> Im planning to do CISSP in 2013, Can anyone pls tell me what is the official text book for CISSP? <br /> Name of the book, Author and the Edition <br /> Thanks GuysSaturday, December 15, 2012 7:54 PM UTISC2 Student questions from VCE on exam - BUT - does cover the material and tests knowledge - do all practice questions fro Shon Harris book - if YOU can get 90% or better REGULARLY you should be able to pass the test<br /> By the way - ALL questions from previous tests are retired and reconstructed into newer onesWednesday, August 08, 2012 12:28 PM UTBill Gates agree with nunya, if you thought you could learn like a parrot and cram then you are an idiot,and should stick to cisco exams, by the way all you have proven is you are good at retaning the answers to maybe 100 questions, an interviewer will see straight past your paper qualifications, bullshit might get you the job, but it wont keep you there..<br /> the whole point of these files is to use as a prep aid, to see if you have understood the topics and principals, not for learning answers to questions.<br /> <br /> i start my cissp tomorrow, and hopefully should be exam ready for the exam in june all electronic rather than paperbased, oh and yes i have rlelvnat experieince in security so i consider this exam to be dotting the i's and crossing the t'sSunday, April 01, 2012 3:36 AM UTnunya - Don't be mad cause you tried to cheat and learn questions instead of the actual material.Sunday, April 01, 2012 1:53 AM UTSteefozo've studied for more than a year for this exam, and waiting for my second test exam results,,, I'd like to say that I've reviewed more than 5000 question where I could find and I did not see more than 3-4 questions out of the 250 exam questions similar to what I reviewed ,,,, In simple words this is the most time-effort consuming exam and I DON'T THINK ITS VALUE WORTH THESE EFFORTS comparing to others like CISCO , with that time I could reach close to CCIETuesday, January 10, 2012 6:52 PM UT